William I. Kincade - Civil War Files

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William I. Kincade - Civil War Files

On these pages you will find our
William I. Kincade Civil War Files.

William I. Kinkade/Kincade - 6th child and 4th son of:
David Kincade and Sarah McWhirter Kincade.

William I. Kinkade.
b - January 1840 TN.
d - Febuary 20,1908 Oklahoma.
Married: September 13, 1864 Warren Co. KY.
Nancy C. Smith.

Nancy J/C Smith Kinkade died pior to 1875.
Willian I. Kinkade married the 2nd. time to.
Zara Elizabeth xxxx..
William and his wife Zara/Sarah then moved to;
Hunt County, Texas. shortly before the 1880 Census.

In or about 1894 William I. Kinkade family appear in Oklahoma.
According to the 1900 Indian Territory Census which is now Oklahoma.

William I. Kinkade 60 born Jan. 1840 TN. VA. VA. married 25 yrs. Jail Guard
Zara E. Kinkade 47 born April 1853 KY. TN. KY. married 25 yrs.
Stella M. Kinkade 24 born Aug. 1875 KY. single
Fred V. Kinkade 22 born May 1878 KY. single
Efie Kinkade 19 born Aug. 1881 TX. single
Sheridan Kinkade 13 born May 1887 TX. single
Ida A. Simms 18 born March 1882 TX. single

1930 Ardmore County Census, Oklahoma

Zara L. Kinkade 77 Kentucky Head White
Carl S. Kinkade 41 Son La Eina I. Baggs 24 Arkansas Roomer White
Miss Baggs became the wife of Carl Sheridan Kinkade

By this census Zara is now 77 yrs. of age and as
we can see William I. Kinkade must be deceased.
In the following documents you will see that Zara had a very difficult time and without the
help of family and friends she would have never been able to draw a Widow's Penshion on
That's was a shame to, have to prove every word and including her marriage too.
In order to draw a pittance in order to survive.

William I . Kinkade

At enlistment he was described as
5 ft 10
Hazel eyes
Fair complexion
Dark hair
145 lbs

At pension age 64
5 ft 10
Hazel eyes
Grey hair
Fair complexion
185 lbs


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