Mary Kincade

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Mary Kincade

Mary Anne Kincade,
Is the fifth child of David Kincade and Sarah"SallyMcWhirter Kincade.

Mary A Kincade was born in Wilson County Tennessee on Monday ,Febuary 2, 1835.
And died Wednesday ,October 9, 1878 in Spencer County, Indiana.
She was 43 years of age.

Mary married John Owen on Saturday, October 23, 1858.
Hartford , Kentucky in Ohio County, Kentucky.
Mary was 23 years of age at the time of her marriage.
John was born in 1820 New York?
And died on Monday, Febuary 26, 1883 in Spencer County, Indiana.

Some time after the 1850 Cumner County , Tennessee Census, they all
decided to move, I wonder why the decision of the move and why they
decided to stay in Kentucky.And why the decision to move for some of them
to other states. Maybe the Civil War, or ?There are lots of things I do wonder about,
Don't you ?

Mary and John are in the household with David and Sally Kincade,
her parents,on the Butler Co Ky 1860 Census.
David Kingcade 57 M Farmer 200 Tennessee.
Sarah Kingcade 50 F Wife Tennessee.
Henry Kingcade 17 Son Farm Labor Tennessee.
David B Kingcade 15 Son Farm Labor Tennessee.
Andrew I Kingcade 12 Son Kentucky.
James F Kingcade 6 Son Kentucky-grandson?
John Owen 36 Miner Son inlaw New York
Mary A Owen 25 Dau Tennessee.

John and Mary are in 1870 Spencer County Indiana Census
with the following children.
John Owen 52 M New York
Mary A Owen 35 F
Sarah 9 F Ky b.1861
John 7 M Ky b.1863
Christin 5 F Ky b.1865
David 1 M Ky b.1869

More on the Children:

David Owen is living with his uncle
John T. and Lurissa Kinkade in 1880 Ohio County, Kentucky Census.
John T. is Mary A. Kinkade's brother.
David J. Owens married Minnie Tremper -Spencer County, Indiana.

1900 Spencer County Indiana Census.
David E. Owen 29 Born Feb 1879 IN WALES TN.
Minnie 25 Born Jan 1875 IN IN IN 3 Children.
Ernest 5 Born July 1894 IN.
Meler 4 Born May 1896 IN.
Agnes 2/12 Born April 1900 IN.

John H. Owen married on Tuesday ,June 26, 1894 in Gibson County, Indiana.
To : Maria George
His parents are listed on marriage bond.
Listed as ward living with Jacob and Ola Lang
in 1880 Spencer County Indiana Census.

Christina Owens was born on Monday March 9,1868 Indiana.
And died Friday July 7, 1943 in Spencer County, Indiana.
Adpoted by 1880 Spencer County, Indiana to ,
In the 1880 Census Christena was listed as the adopted daughter
with the John Miller family.

By 1900 Census she has married to Frank Seigel and John Miller lives
next door with his seconed wife.

Christena Owens. Married September 11, 186? in Spencer County, Indiana.
To: John Seigel,
Who was born on Saturday, Febuary 25, 1865 Spencer County, Indiana.
And died Jannuary 15, 1933.

( 1 ) Walter Vincent was born on July 30, 1887.
( 2 ) Pina Hazel was born on March 8,1890.
( 3 ) Helen Owen was born on October 7, 1892.
( 4 ) Edith I. was born on April 5,1895.
( 5 ) Jessie Esther was born on July 23, 1897.
( 6 ) Alpha Phebe was born on December 27.
( 7 ) Olga Emmett was born on April 6, 1902.
( 8 ) Felix Lockwood was born on December 24, 1904.
( 9 ) Mary Christena was born on July 7, 1908.

Ida B. Owen/Sarah Owen.

Ida B. Owen was born on July 25 1861 Ohio County Kentucky and
died September 27, 1924 Francisco Indiana , Gibson County Indiana.
She had been adopted by ,
Harmon Barkwell between 1870 -1880 Spencer County Indiana
and living with Harmon's daughter ,Minnie Barkwell and husband
Charles Garlinghouse.
Note: Harmmon Barkwell was a Judge.

She married twice to brothers names by the name of Lockwood,
They were the sons of George D. and Lydia Buchanan Lockwood.

First marriage for Ida B.Owen-Barkwell was to Wialliam A. Lockwood
on April 4, 1881 in Warrick County, Indiana.
William A. Lockwood was born on March 27, 1856 Wabash County Illinois
and died on October 19, 1894 Gibson County Indiana.
They had four children.

( 1 ) Harmon Barkwell Lockwood who was born on November 9, 1882
and died January 31, 1883.

( 2 ) Cuthbert Allen Lockwood who was born in 1884.
and died May 1956 Coshocton Ohio.
He was married twice and had no children.

( 3 ) Arthur Dow Lockwood was born in 1888
and died in 1964 Newark Ohio .
He was the Mayor there from 1942-43.
Aruthe married in 1909 to Nora Mae Johnson.
Nora Mae was born in 1892 in Kansas
and died in 1979 Newark Ohio.

They had four children

( 1 ) Will Lockwood who was born on July 1, 1918.
and died on July 2, 1918 in Newark Ohio.

( 2 ) Lilyan Ida Lockwood who was born on,
September 25, 1910 in Francisco Indiana.
Lilyan married George Schaub on November 14, 1931.

( 3 ) Eugenia "Jean" Lockwood was born in 1913 in Francisco Indiana.
Jean married twice.
The first time was to Herrel Midcikk on Decemeber 24, 1934.
And Jean's seconed marriage was to Millard McCloud

( 4 ) Wilma Lockwood was born on November 15, 1915 in
Choshocton Ohio and she married Ben Windle.

( 4 ) Will Newton Lockwood

was born on January 1, 1893 ,
and died on June 19, 1957 ,Francisco Indiana , Gibson County Indiana.
He married three times.
Will's first marriage was to Ruth Eva Lance.
Ruth was born ? and died on June 12,1917 of childbirth.
Their daughter,
Ruth Marie Lockwood was born on June 12 1917
and died in 1982 Tallahassee Flordia.
Ruth spent many years in and out of mental instutions
Her seconed marriage was to John Treadway.
They had four children.
( 1 ) Norma
( 2 ) Connie
( 3 ) Anita
( 4 ) William

William married Beatrice Dudgeon of Chillicothe Ohio.
Their children are,
(1) Will Allen Lockwood was born in 1921.
He was at Pearl Harbor on Decemeber 7, 1941 attack.
These notes are now property of the U.S. government
as they are the only notes taken during the actual attack.
Will Allen died. on the U.S.San Francisco on 13 Nov. 1943
during the battle of the Coral Sea.
He never married.

(2) Harold Richard Lockwood was born on April 26,1926.
And died in June 1990 Franklin North Carolinia.
He married Janice Doughty.
They did not have children.

Ida B Owen Barkwell Lockwood seconed marriage was to,
Newton Alvey Lockwood , who was born in 1850 in Wabash County, Illinois,
and died Febuary 22 , 1939 in Francisco Indania.

Newton first married Misouria Elizabeth Edwards.
Newton and Misouria 's Children
( 1 ) Jessie M. Lockwood was born in 1888
( 2 ) Guy Ona Lockwwod was born in 1887 and died in 1965
His Children are,
( 1 ) Daniel Lockwood
( 2 ) Elizabeth Lockwood

Ida B Owen is buried next to her seconed husband,
Newton Alvey Lockwood and his first wife Misouria E. Edwards Lockwood
at IOOF Cemetery sharing one large headstone in
Francisco Indiana, Gibson County Indaina.

Note/s :

Ida-Sarah gives on the 1910 Census her father was born in Scotland
and mother Tennessee.She has the same on the death certificate.

Christena gives on the 1900 Census for her father,
John Owen place of birth as Wales and mother Tennessee.

John in the 1860 Butler County, Kentucky Census
said that he was born in England.
By the 1870 Spencder County , Indiana Census, he
is blind and Mary ? gives his place of birth as New York.

Mary Kincade Owen, her death is recorded and transcribed, but no grave
has been found for her.They were very poor , John is found in a Insane
Ayslum and the children were adopted out. No marker and or place of burial
have ever been found for John and or Mary.

Please note , all who were in a Ayslum were not insane.
Some were placed there because they had no place to go or
money to pay their way.The elderly and the infirm were placed in places
like that. And from what I have read, childern who were orphaned were
also placed in them.

Death Certificate - Ida B. Owen Barkwell Lockwood.
Census - 1880- with Adopted daughter -Harmon Barwell.
Census - 1900 Gibson County Indiana.
Census - 1910 Gibson County Indiana.
100F Cemetery - Francisco in Cemetery Pictures.

Note:Daughter Sarah Owens is later adopted and
at that time her name becomes Ida B. Owen.
Ida was born in 1861.On her death certificate ,
it is noted her parents were Mary Kinkade and John Owen.

Family Pictures ~ Family Information for the David E. Owens Family

Beginning left to right:
The tall man is not named the lady next to him is
Minnie Dean who married Myler Lewis Owen
son of David and Winnie.
Next is Winnie then David E.-son of Minnie and Myler Owen
Mary Owen Becker-daughter of Minnie and Myler
the man holding the baby is Vernon Glass-husband of Maebelle Owen.
Daughter of Minnie and Myler.
The lady in front of Vernon is not identified.
The children in the picture are Adris and Darla Becker standing in front,
and Howard Becker is the baby held by Vernon.
Children of Mary Owen and Curly Becker.

Article from Perry County newspaper 1996.
Four generations.
Myler Owen is son of Myler and Minnie.
Grandson of David E and Winnie.

Second photo- Debbie wrote
I am 2nd from the right -listed as Debbie DeSmit
Pictures are all from Debbie

Thank You Debbie for sharing with us and giving us permission
to use these pictures on our web pages.

Myler Owen and Minnie Dean Owen Son of David E. and Winnie

David Emmett Owen

Curren Owen is the son of David E. Owen

David E. Owen and Myler Owen Son's of Myler Owen - grandsons of David E. Owen

Ernest and Myler Owen are sons of David E. Owen

Mary Owen
Daughter of Myler and Minnie Owen

Maebelle Owen
Daughter of Myler and Minnie

David Emmett Owen
Son of Myler and Minnie

Greenwood Cemetery, Tell City IN.

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