John T. Kincade

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John T. Kincade

My name is Connie D. Poole Hurley.
This will be about my part in the large Kincade/Kinkade/Kinkead Clan.
Where we are at today and where we were in yester year.

I must say it sure has been a trip and a half, and with out the help of
some of my cousins, I would not have arrived as quickly as I have or
what seems to be quickly, but it has taken us years to get where we
are and with what we have.Without the combination of one another
who has joined together in this journey which has no end.

We do it for Our Children, Our Grandchildren and for those who
come before us and after us and we hope for those who come
after us to"please"continue our effort in tracing our family roots.

To my cousins,Tamara,Darlene,Dyane,Elaine,
"Thank You " for all the help you have given me on
this wonderful trip into the past and I hope to the future.

John T. Kincade is the seconed son and the third child of:
David Kincade and Sarah "Sally McWhirter
Who was born in about 1802 Tennessee-perhaps Virgina,
perhaps North Carolinia(smile)A lot of states there, but as
yet we have not established where he was born at.
David is assumed to have died after 1860.

David Kincade married Wednesday Febuary 27th.1824 in Wilson County, Tennessee.
To Sarah"Sally" McWhirter,who was born in 1808 Tennessee and
assumed to have died in about 1860.There are no traces found for
them after 1860 Butler County, Kentucky Census.

John T. Kincade was born Friday ,October 29,1829 in Tennesse.
and he died in Cromwell Kentucky , Ohio County on Thursday
May 4, 1911.

John has eight sibling with a possiblity of one more,
But it is assumed the last child of his parents may be
one of his brother's child. Which then would be a nephew
of John T.'s.

In the 1850 Sumner County Tennesse Census
we find John T. with his parents and siblings.

District 12, Page 287
12 287 42 Kincade, David 48 M Farmer TN
12 287 Kincade, Sarah 42 F TN
12 287 Kincade, Hugh 25 M TN
12 287 Kincade, Elizabeth 21 F TN
12 287 Kincade, John 20 M Farmer TN
12 287 Kincade, Elias 16 M Farmer TN
12 287 Kincade, Mary 14 F TN
12 287 Kincade, William 12 M TN
12 287 Kincade, Henry 9 M TN
12 287 Kincade, Blackburn 8 M TN

1850 Sumner County, Tennessee Federal Census

District 12, Page 288
12 287 45 Carr, John S. 50 M Farmer 5000 TN
12 287 Carr, Martha 50 F TN
12 287 46 Carr, James C. 26 M TN
12 287 Carr, S. A. 18 F TN
12 287 Carr, L. D. 12 M TN
12 287 Carr, Martha 18 F TN
12 287 Kincade, Jackson 4 M

12 288 61 Crenshaw, Thos. 29 M Farmer 800 TN
12 288 Crenshaw, Mary 21 F TN
12 288 Crenshaw, Lucretia 3 F TN
12 288 Crenshaw, Sarah Jane 1 F TN
12 288 Kincade, William 10 M TN

1850 Sumner County, Tennessee Federal Census

Sometime after the 1850 Sumner County Tennessee the move to
another state must have been decided on,I don't evy anyone a move
like that, so many children in one household had to be difficult. Can't
you almost see this trip in a covered wagon,food,supplies,guns and
equipment,clothing, and that is not even counting the bedding.

"Oh" yes, we can not forget the children, "look" and make sure we
have them all.

1860 Butler County, Kentucky Census.
David Kingcade 57 M Farmer 200 Tennessee.
Sarah Kingcade 50 F Wife Tennessee.
Henry Kingcade 17 Son Farm Labor Tennessee.
David B Kingcade 15 Son Farm Labor Tennessee.
Andrew I Kingcade 12 Son Kentucky.
James F Kingcade 6 Son Kentucky-grandson?
John Owen 36 Miner Son in-law New York
Mary A Owen 25 Dau Tennessee.

Apparently one must not have moved as of yet, or have they,
and because John T. is not here with them in this household in
1860,I wonder where he is, Did he join up and go fight in the Civil War?
I wish I knew.

But , look we find John T. in Butler County Kentucky in 1854
at the marriage of his friend John Haw/Hawes.He has also
sighned this marriage bond as a witness to their marriage.
I wonder where they met at,here in Kentucky, Tennesse or ?

This evidence proves that John T. Kincade/Kinkead was
in Butler County Kentucky by 1854. But yet we don't find
the other household members untill 1860.

John T. Kinkead and Sarah Jane Bingham Hawe/s Marriage Bond.

on Friday August 24 , 1854 in Butler Co.
Marriage Bond:
as Principial: George X Cave? and John T. Kinkead.
Sarah Jane BINGHAM-Sex: F
Spouse: John HAWS Marriage: Friday-25th.of August 1854, Butler, Kentucky
*Sunday, June 7 ,1857 HAWS, Green Berry -MAW - Butler- Co, KY.
HAWS, John BINGHAM, Sarah Butler Co, KY.

Sometime between 1854 and 1859 John Haw/Hawes died
and his wife, Sarah Jane Bingham Haws/Hawes once again
married on Sunday May 1, 1859 Butler Co Ky.

To : John T.Kincade/Kinkade
who was born Friday ,October 29 1829 in Tennessee.

Sarah Jane Haws born ? died before1860 Kentucky.

On this date they sold this proptery :

Saturday ,10 Dec 1859:
John T. KINKEAD and Sarah Jane KINKEAD,
his wife,to Daniel SMITH, for $300 paid and
$100 due in 12 months,the interest of Sarah Jane KINKEAD
to a tract of land In Butler County, being the land allotted to her
in dower in the lands of John HAWS, deceased, as his widow.

The land is a 105-acre tract on Green River.
The calls mention a corner to John H. HAWS' 40-acre tract.
The deed is signed by John T. KINKEAD and Sarah J. KINKEAD.
John acknowledged the deed on 30 Dec 1859, and Sarah acknowledged
on 4 Jan1860. The deed was recorded 20 Jan 1860 by F. M. Allison, clerk

Sarah Jane BINGHAM
Sex: F
Spouse: John HAWS
Marriage: Friday ,25th. August 1854 Butler County, Kentucky
Sarah Bingham Hawes Kinkade
Daughter of Rueben and Julia Bingham.

John Hawes is her neighbor in 1850 Census
before they married and then he died by 1859.

1850 Butler Co Ky. Census
dwelling #88
John Hawes age 45 M farmer $1000 b. Ky.
John H age 19 M farmer b. Ky.
William W age 18 M farmer b.Ky. Mary J age 16 F b. Ky.
Presley M age 14 M b. Ky.
Elisabeth age 13 F b. Ky.
Nancy M age 6 F b. Ky.
Washington age 5 M b. Ky.
Jannette L age 3 F b. Ky.

dwelling #89
Reuben Bingham age 32 M farmer $75 b. Ky.
Juliann age 36 F b.Va.
Sarah J age 15 F b. Ky.
Thomas age 13 M b. Ky.
David G age 11 M b. Ky.
Matilda age 10 F b.Ky.
John age 9 M b.Ky.
Presly age 4 M b.Ky.
James Robertson age 20 M farmer b. Ky.

Lurissa Cole McFarland Kincade/Kinkead/Kinkade.

John T. Kinkade and Lurissa Cole McFarland Marriage Bond, Front and Back.

2nd. wife of John T. Kinkade/Kinkead/Kincaid.

Shortly after the death of Sarah Bigham Haws Kinkade,
John T. Kincade/Kinkade married Friday July 9 1860
Butler County,Kentucky.
To :Lurissa Cole McFarland
Who born in 1835 Connecticut and or Indiana
And died Monday ,January 13 ,1913 Ohio County, Kentucky.
She was the widow of Robert M. McFarland
Who was born1833 Logan County Kentucky.
and died 1858 Butler County Kentucky ?
He was the son of Wm. McFarland
who died bef. 1850 Butler County Kentucky.

Lurissa and Robert McFarland had 2 sons.
(1) Wm. A. McFarland who was born Monday, September 5, 1852
and died Saturday,June 28 1913 (Butler Records b. December 25, 1852)
Nancy C. who was born in 1858 and died Thursday, January 12 ,1922
Their Children:
Bettie Edith born on Monday, March 2, 1885.
and died on Monday ,July 2, 1888.
Lori Bell born on Tuesday , October 25 ,1881.
and died Thursday Febuary 9,1882.
All buried Mosley Cem. Mclean County, Kentucky)
(2) George W McFarland
Born on Monday, November 16, 1857 Butler County, Kentucky.
and died Tuesday,June 18, 1940 Kentucky.

Birth Records Butler County.

1-43 16 Nov 1857 McFARLAND, G W MAW Butler Co, KY
McFARLAND, Robert COLE, Sunepa Butler Co, KY

2-42 25 Dec 1852 McFAREAND, Wm A F A W Butler Co
McFAREAND, Robt M COLE, Louisa Butler

Sex: M
Event(s):Birth: 18 Jul 1857 Kentucky
Father: Robert McFarland
Mother: Lurissa Cole
Gender: M Birth: 18 Jul 1857 Kentucky.

GEO who is living with Lurissa in 1860 Butler Conty Kentucky.
Census as FARLAND instead of MCFARLAND.
Note: Cenus taker spelled the name wrong.

Mother:LURISSA married JOHN Kinkade in July 1860
Birthdate in Butler Cuntyo Kentucky records;
Sex: M
Event(s):Birth: 18 Jul 1857 Kentucky
Father: Robert McFarland
Mother: Lurissa KINCAID
Gender: M Birth: 18 Jul 1857 Kentucky.

George W. McFarland
Mattie Austin.
They have Five (5)Children
(1) Lulor
(2) Frank
(4) Allie
(5) Mattie W. "Bessie"?

George W.McFarland -Died in Ohio County, Kentucky
on Monday,Febuary 25,1924
Mattie Austin McFarland - Died in Ohio County,Kentucky.
on Sunday,January 24,1932

Lurissa Parents:
Alva Cole
Born ,Wednesday April 28 1802
Died,Friday June 16 1854 Warrick County Indiana.
Eliza Cole
Born, Monday ,October 1 ,1804
and died Saturday, September 8 ,1866 Warrick County Indiana.
Both Buried Morrison Cemetery Warrick County,Indiana .

(1)Sister Mary E Cole
Died on Tuesday July 16 1850 Age 23 Yrs 3 Mths 11 Days.
Morrison Cem.Warrick County Indiana
(2) Her sister Ellen Cole
Married : Arnold Ingle on Thursday ,June 1 1865 Warrick Co Ind.
Wm H. Tooly to Betsy E. Cole"Betsy
on Thursday ,July 21 1853.
by Stephen J Stevens.
(3) Her sister Sarah E.Cole
Married - Joseph Emerson
On Thursday ,May 1, 1862 Warrick County Indiana.
(4) Her brother Alfred Cole
who was born in October 1824 in Conneticut.
and died on Friday ,October 23 ,1903 at the age 77 Yrs .
Warrick County Indiana.
Note: I have found no records to suggest he was ever married.
(5) Her brother Elisha Cole
who was born in June 1829 in Conneticut.
and died after 1900 Warrick County Indiana.
He married Louisa J. Christmas
Thursday December 16, 1852 in Warrick County Indiana.
Sarah C 1855.
James M 1857.
Shanklin 1860.
Eliza J 1863.
Elmina J 1864.
Lorenes male 1869.
Martha O 1871.
In 1884 Elisha Cole divorced Louisa J. and by
1900 he and brother Alfred were living together,
Alfred was still single.

John T. and Lurissa Kinkade Appear
1866 Will Of Eliza Cole In Warrick County Indiana.
It shows her siblings and son Wm. A. McFarland as heirs.

John T. and Lurissa Appear
1870 Spencer County Indiana Census
It lists their children and her sons.

Census- 1870 Spencer County Indiana.
Luce Township.

259 259 Kinkade, John T. 37 M W Farmer 200 Tenn.
Lurissa 33 F W Keeping house Ohio
McFarland, Wm. A. 17 M W Farm Laborer KY.
George 12 M W At home KY.
Kinkade, Eliza J. 8 F W At home KY.
Mary E. 6 F W At home IND.
Sarah A. 4 F W At home IND.
Garlena B. 2 F W At home IND.

John and Lurissa appear 1880 Ohio County Kentucky Census
It lists their children and David Owen age 9 son of
His sister Mary A. Kinkade Owen.

John appears 1890 Tax List Ohio County Kentucky.
John And Lurissa Last appear 1910 Census Ohio County Kentucky.
Lurissa and John T Buried Liberty Graveyard Cromwell Ohio County Kentucky.

Together John and Lurissa have 8 children
acc. to 1880 Ohio County Ky Census and Ohio County Kentucky births.
(1) Eliza Jane b.1862 KY.
(2) Mary Ellen b.1863 Ind.
(3) Sarah Olie b.1866 Ind.
(4) Vilena B. b.1868 Ind.
(5) Malissa F b.1873 Ky.
(6) Lurissa E b.1875 Ky.
(7 )J B who was born on Monday July 1, 1878 Ohio County Kentucky twin male
(8 )L B who was born on Monday July 1, 1878 Ohio Co. Ky twin male
Note: No other record/documents have been found
on the twins. It is assumed they are deceased.

1920 Ohio County, Kentucky Census
#130--131 ( Mine)
Pool,Omar ( Homer ) Head On M W 23 M Ky Ky Ky F O
Pool, Pearl Wife F W 22 KY In In.
Pool, OB Son M W 1 11/12 S K Ky Ky.
Pool, Coni Dau. F W 2 1/2 S Ky Ky Ky.

#132--133 ( Mine )
Pool, George W. Head Rent M W 46 Ky Ky Ky FO
Pool,Vitula Wife F W 42 Ky K Ky( 2nd. wife)
Pool,Georgia Dau. F W 17 Ky Ky Ky
Pool, Willis Son M W 11 Ky Ky Ky
Pool, Elizabeth Dau. F W 9 Ky Ky Ky
Pool, Leonard Son M W 5 Ky Ky Ky
Pool, Jewell Son M W 3 9/2 Ky Ky Ky

Kinghead Rachel Head F 55 W In U.S.A. U.S.A. W W
Kinkade Christopher C Son M W 23 S Ky In In C M S

#128--129 Kinghead, Mary Head Own F W 56 S Tn Tn Oh
Kinghead, Bella, Sister F W 50 S In In Ohio (mine)

John and Lurissa's Daughter 1.
Vilena Belle Kinkade
who was born on Monday,April 27 1868 Indiana or Kentucky.
and died on Wednesday, October 29, 1941 Ohio County, Kentucky.
Vilena Belle Kinkade
married ? Kinkade abt 1886-1888
Vilena Belle Kinkade Has A least One Child
Pearl Beatrice Kinkade
who was born on Thursday ,Febuary 2, 1899 Kentucky or Indiana.
and died on Friday ,March 30 1923 Ohio County, Kentucky.

Pearl Beatrice Kinkade/Kinkead and Wm. Homer Poole Marriage Bond

Pearl Married
On Saturday,June 23,1917 Ohio County, Kentucky.
William Homer Pool.
He was 21 and she was 20.

Pearl and Homer's Children
Conie Elonie Poole
Infant Pearl B Poole(son)
Born on Wednesday ,March 14 1923
and died on Saturday, June 30 1923
Orville Cleatus Poole
Who was born on Thursday ,April 11 1918
And died on Wednesday ,October 2 ,1968
He married March 1945 to,
Virginia Dale Knight
who was born on Tuesday,October 23 ,1923
and died Wednesday,April 17 1991.
Note :
It has been found that the childrens names are found on KY.
Birth as the following names:
96 POOL ATTHA OHIO KINCADE PEARL 10 47634 30 1919 9 1919
59 POOLE ORYWIND C OHIO KINKADE PEARL 4 29381 11 1918 9 1918
27267 POOL HOMER J 03 09 1923 OHIO KINDADE PEARL 055 1923

John and Lurissa's Daughter 2.
Mary Ellen Kinkade who was born on Thursday, October, 8 1863 Indiana.
and died on Friday ,August 10, 1945 Ohio County Kentucky.
Mary Ellen Kinkade married
Shelby Rock on Monday, Febuary 2 ,1931 Ohio County Kentucky
Shelby Rock was born in1858 and died on Wednesday, June 27,
1945 Ohio County Kentucky.

Seated Left to Right:
Isacc Warren Fulton~Lulu Fulton~Lou Emma Kincade
Back Row:
Guy Iassc Fulton~Benjamin Beckman Fulton~Robert Lee Fulton~Charles Henry Fulton

Lou Emma Kinkade Fulton.

John and Lurissa's Daughter 3.
Lurissa E Kinkade "Lou Emma"
Born on Monday,January 18, 1875.
and died on Monday,Febuary 18, 1957 Ohio County, Kentucky.
They were married on Wednesday,March 18, 1896 in Ohio County, Kentucky.

Isaac Warren Fulton "Bud"
Who was born on Thursday,Febuary 25, 1855.
And he died on Thursday,March 16, 1922 Ohio County Kentucky
They are buried at Liberty Methodist Church
In Ohio County, Kentucky.
His Parents Thomas Fulton and Delilah Peckinpaugh
His Sister Barbara Ellen Fulton Johnson

Issac W "Bud" and Lurissa Kinkade Fulton"Lou Emma"
Their Children:
(1) Charley H. Fulton
Was born on Monday,Decemeber 21, 1896 and died on Saturday, April 8,1972.
Married : Naomi Willoughby.
They are buried at Liberty.
In Ohio County, Kentucky.
(2) Robert Lee Fulton
Who was born on Friday,January 13, 1899
And died on Monday,May 3, 1971
Nelson Creek Cemetary Central City Kentucky.
In the county of Muhlenberg County, Kentucky (3) Benjamin Beckham Fulton
Was born on Tuesday,October 23, 1900.
And died on Monday,April 28, 1975
Married1: Aretta Harris
Was born? and died June 17, 1940. They had two children a son, Alton Jerrel who was born
and a daughter Anna F. Fulton 0 OHIO 31 May 1940
who died at birth.

He Married 2: Vera Pearl Henderson
Twin daughters Annabell and Estelle.
Both wives died soon after their children were born
his mother helped raise them.
Beck and both his wives are buried at Liberty,
In Ohio County, Kentucky. (4) Guy Isaac Fulton born in 1905.
and died on Thursday,June 1, 1978. Married : Donna Douglass.
They are buried at Bald Knob Methodist Church
Cromwell, Ohio County ,Kentucky.
(5) Lula Emily Fulton
Was born in1909 and died in 1996.
Married:Vonley B Shield
Vonley was born in1904.
And died on Tuesday,November 20, 1984 Ohio County, Kentucky.

John and Lurrisa Kinkade daughter 4.
Eliza J. Kinkade
Born in 1862 Ohio County, Kentucky.
and died on Wednesday,
October 19, 1921 Ohio County , Kentucky.
And Eliza was married on Wednesday,
Febuary 13, 1895 Ohio County, Kentucky.
Walker N. Mauzy
Born in 1862 Ohio County, Kentucky.

Malissa Fannie Kinkade "Fannie"

Fannie Kinkead/Kinkade and Isacc F. Austin, Marriage Bond.

John and Lurissa Kinkade daughter 5. Malissa Fannie Kinkade"Fannie"
Born in 1873 Ohio County, Kentucky.
Fannie died on Thursday,July 20, 1950 Ohio Co. Ky.
Fannie married on Sunday, January 1, 1894 ,Ohio County, Kentucky.
To: Isaac F. Austin
Who was born in 1873 Ohio County, Kentucky.
And died on Saturday ,September 3, 1921 Ohio County, Kentucky.

~Tamara's Genealogy~
David Kincade b.1802 Tn.
m- Sally/Sarah McWhirter
Hugh Kinkade b.1827 Tn.
m- Louisa Jane Jones
Samuel Preston Kinkade- b.1859 Ky.
m- Lilian Arendell.
Otto Kinkade
b-1899 Ky.
m-Hallie Gish
Samuel Kincaide -b-1924 Ky.
m-Ruth Johnson
Charles Kincaide -b-1957
m-Tamara McDaniels

~Darlene's Genealogy~
David KINCADE b. 1802
m- Sally McWHIRTER
Hugh KINKADE b. 1827
m. Levica Jane JONES
Samuel Preston KINKADE, b- 1856.
m. Sarah Ann HOPE
Preston KINKADE.
b-1896 KY. m. Lura Bell KIRBY
Anna Mildred KINKADE
b- 1933 KY.
m. Paul Monroe MORAN
Louenda Darlene MORAN
b-1954, m. Kenneth Ray EMBRY
Darlene Embry

~Dyane's Genealogy~
b 1802 m Sarah Sally MCWHIRTER
b-1842 TN.
m. Nancy Jane MARSEE
Martha (Mattie) KINCAID.
b-1870 KY.
m. William F. HOPPER
Arvile C. HOPPER.
b-abt.1893 IN.
m. Mary BREEN 1917
Helen HOPPER .
b -1919
m Joseph RAFTERY

~Connie's Genealogy~ David KINCADE
b-1802 TN.
m. Sally/Sarah MCWHIRTER
Their son: John T. KINKADE, b.1829 TN.
m. Lurissa Cole MCFARLAND
Their daughter:
Vilena Belle KINCADE
b- 1868, m.(-?-)
Her daughter
Pearl Beatrice KINKADE
b-1897 KY-Indiana?
m William Homer POOLE
b -1896 KY
Their son
Orville C.POOLE
b-1917 KY
m. Virginia D.KNIGHT
b- 1923
and me :
Connie D. POOLE
m. Larry W.HURLEY
b- IN.

~Elain Ezell Genealogy~
David Blackburn Kinkade
b-1842/45 Tenn
d- March 18, 1881 Ky
m-October 10, 1870 -Sumner Co.Tenn
Martha "Mattie" C. Kimbel
b-December 27, 1855 -Ky
d-July 6, 1940 - Logan Co. Kentucky.
Their children:
1). Sallie Catherine Kinkade.
b- Oct 21, 1871.
2) James William Kinkade.
b- Dec 22, 1873.
3) Joseph H. Kinkade.
b- Oct. 1876.
d- Feb 7, 1966 in Logan Co., KY, 89 years of age.
4) Ollie Florence Kinkade.
b- March 1, 1879.

~Michael Kinkade's Genealogy~
David Blackburn Kincade
b.1843 Tn d.Aft 1880 Ky/Tn Appears 1850 Sumner Co.Tn
& 1860 Butler Co Ky
m- Oct 11 1870 Sumner Co. Tn.
Mattie C. Kimble(born in Ky)
Their son: James William Kinkade
b. Dec 22 1873
d.July 12 1948 Logan Co Ky.
Married: Carrie Hayes
b-Jan 30 1889 Ky
d-June 25 1945 Logan Co Ky
Her parents Will Hayes of Tennessee
and Fannie Hutchens of Tennessee.
Her occupation was listed as housekeeper,
she died of "carcinoma of labia, metastatic carcinoma".
James W & Carrie 's son Herman Blackburn Kinkade.
*James, Carrie and Herman all lived in Logan
*David B Kinkade Last appears 1880 Ohio Co Tax List

~Heather's Genealogy~
Henry Kincaid
Son of David Kinkcaid and Sarah"Sally"McWhitter
B. October-7-1842
P. Sumner County, TN
M. Jan-7-1864
P. Pike County, IN
D. Feb-8-1915
Nancy Jane Marsee
Hettie Kincaid/Kinkaid
B. 1876
P. Indiana
Married : Twice, dates unknown
P. Unknown, One believed to be New Madrid County, Missouri
D. ?
P. Missouri
Married Robert Relaford
All dates Unknown
Jewel Juanita Relaford
B. August-27-
Note: This is the date in her obituary,but in the 1920
Census she is listed as 4 and 1/2 months .
P. Fagus, Butler County, Missouri
George E. Callahan
B. June-17-
P. Bismark, St.Francois County, Missouri Child:
Robert J. Callahan
B. March-15-
P. Polar Bluff, Butler County, Missouri
Sharon Fairley
B. June-27-
P. Mexico, Audrain County, Missouri
Heather R. Callahan
Sherry L. Callahan

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