Hugh Kincade

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Hugh Kincade

Hugh Kincade is oldest son and the oldest
child of David and Sarah " Sally" Kincade.
He was born in Tennessee in 1827.
And died in 1860 Butler County, Kentucky.
Of a gunshot would. He was assassinated.

David and Sally were married about 3 year's before Hugh
was born. I wonder if he had an older brother or sister.
As we go along you will notice the spelling of the Kincade
naming changing. It will be Kincade -Kinkade - Kincade -
Kinkead - Kinkade,and many other's that are perhaps not
named here.

Now we come to Hugh's marriage at the age of 22. He is
tall red headed young man and more than likely by now
ready to settle down.We have no pictures of Hugh but we
do of his son son Samuel.

Hugh Kinkade/Kincade married for the first time to
Seretha/Zenetha/Cinthina Suttle on March 1,1848
in Sumner County, Tennessee.
Her name may have been Cynthia,
I wonder if they called her Cindy as a nic-name.

Seretha/Zenetha was born in 1829 Tennesse.
Seretha/Zenetha died in Butler County, Kentucky.
on January 8, 1856.
Of Consumation.

They had one child , a son, George F. Kinkead.
George was born in 1849
in Sumner County, Tennesse.
He died at the age of 7 on August 11, 1856
in Butler County, Kentucky of Scarlet Fever.

Seretha/Zenetha's father was Jerimiah Suttle 1805- 1850 Tennessee.
Seretha/Zenetha's grandfather was Presley Suttle 1799 - 1843 Tennsesse.

Hugh married for the seconed time on
April 14, 1856 Butler County, Kentucky ,
To Louisa Jane Jones Levica

April in Kentucky is always one of the prettiest times
of the year here. Easter is in that month. And the flower's
are all beginning to bloome.

Louisa Jane Jones was born in or around 1835,
Kentucky ? Her mother's name was Rebecca Jones and
all we have her father is his last name xxx Jones.

Louisa brother was Jacob A. Jones. Jacob married on
Apri 14, 1846 to Nancy Jones, Butler County, Kentucky.
Nancy's parents are:
J.A. Jones born January 1, 1828 and died June 11,1897.
Butler County, Kentucky.
Nancy Jones born March 22, 1827 and died August 17, 1877.
Both are buried at Therlkeld Cemetery in Butler County, Kentucky.

Hugh and Louisa Jane Jones's children are:

( 1 ) Lycurgus Kinkade was born in 1857 Kentucky.
And died sometime before 1892.
Lycurgus married on March 22, 1883 in Warrick Co.
Indiana to : Anna / Fannie Kellum / Killem.
Anna was born in 1857 ? Anna's parents are Alfred H. and Sarah Jenkin Kellum / Killem.
Lycurgus appeared in the Evansville Indiana Directories in 1888 - 1900.

( 2 ) Samuel Preston Kinkade

Born on October 2,1856 in Butler County, Kentucky.
Samuel died on Novemeber 27, 1932 in Henderson, Kentucky.
He was buried on November 28,1932 at Fernwood Cemetery,
in Henderson, Kentucky.Cause of death was Cranial Hemmorage.
Note : On his Death Certificate his birth appears as October 2, 1856.
Butler County Records state he was born on October 4, 1856.
His occupation at that time was a farmer.

After the death of Hugh in 1860 his wife
Louisa Jane Jones ,
married James/Jim Morrison on November 7, 1862
in Butler County, Kentucky.

In the 1870 Ohio County Cenus , we find on page 394 and or
on page ( 70? ) in # 164.
James Morrison W. M. he is age 56 and he is a blacksmith.
James is from Pennsylvania.
Vica W. F. and is age 34.
Ellen W. F. age 16 and at home.
Lycurgas W. M. at this time Lycurgas is 14 years of age.
Samuel W. M. and Samuel is 12.
There is also Sally M. W. F. age 6.
James W. M. he is age 4.
Rebecca A. is W. F. and is age 2.

Ellen Morrison , James oldest daughter married for
the first time to, F.T. Smith on September 24, 1871.
and then married for the second time to,
George W. Hope on November 22, 1873.

Samuel Preston Kinkade
Married for the first time to Sarah Ann Hope
On January 1, 1880.
Sarah's first marriage was to ,
Sterling Clark who was born on June 30, 1878.
Sarah was born June 1852 in Butler County, Kentucky.
Her parents are George Washington Hope.
He was born in Kentucky ? January 1811 and died?
George was a farmer.
Sarah's mother was Martha H. "Patsy" Jenkins.
Patsy was born in Kentucky on or about 1815 Kentucky
and died ?

Samuel Preston Kinkade and Sarah Hope Kinkade
had six (6) children.

They are:
( 1 ) Pearly Perlie Kinkade Born on Decemeber 24, 1881, Butler County, Kentucky.
Died January 31, 1929 Butler County, Kentucky.
Cause Influenza
He is buried at Oak Grove Cemetery
in Butler County, Kentucky.
Pearly married on January 12, 1902 to ,
Laura Jane Arnold/Arendell
Laura was born in 1886 and died in 1945.
They had six ( 6 ) children.
( 1 ) Bessie Kinkade
Born November 27, 1911.
( 2 ) Raymond Kinkade
Born 1902.
( 3 ) Presley Kinkade
Born March 1919.
Died Feb 12 1999 in Zephyrhills Flordia.
( 4 ) Jesse Kinkade
Born 1904.
( 5 ) Vernie Kinkade
Born June 17,1904.
Died 1937 Butler County , Kentucky.
( 6 ) Era F. Kinkade
Born 1907.

Laura Jane Arndell Kinkade
Married for the second time on
April 29,1933.
To: Beauchamp M. Smith
Born October 24 ,1874.
And died on October 25, 1968.
Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.

( 2 ) Martha J. Kinkade.
Born on August 24, 1884.
Butler County, Kentucky.
And died May 10, 1928
Henderson , Kentucky.
Martha married first Aruther Greenfield.
Aruther was born October 31, 1923.
Christian County, Kentucky.
And died on October 31, 1984 in
Henderson , Kentucky.
Their Children:
( 1 ) Annie Belle Greenfield Graves
( 2 ) Mary Magnolia Greenfield Skaggs
( 3 ) Addie Electra Greenfield Hinton
( 4 ) Hughie A Greenfield married Gladys ?
( 5 ) Nora Mae Greenfield Buchanan
Married first time to :James A Skaggs
And married for the seconed time xxx Buchanan

Martha married for the seconed time to,
John T Graves .
After Martha's death John Graves married for the
seconed time to Sarah M Wilson Stone Kinkade
the widow of Martha's father Samuel Preston Kinkade.

( 3 ) Harrison Harry Kinkade
Born July 8, 1888 in Butler County, Kentucky.
He died on July 24, 1965 in Henderson , Kentucky.
Harry married first to Emma Cole on,
Febuary 27, 1908 in Butler County, Kentucky.
Emma Cole was born in 1890 Butler County, Kentucky.
And died January 22, 1911 in Butler County, Kentucky.

Harry married for the seconed time on,
November 10, 1913 to,
Ida E Brooks Born December 23, 1893 Grayson County, Kentucky.
Ida died on November 13, 1918 of child birth.
Their children are:
( 1 ) Harry Jr.
Born on November 12,1918 and died at Birth.
( 2 ) William H "Bill"
Born on April 4,1914 Butler County Kentucky.
And died Aug 15 1998 Henderson , Kentucky.
Burial was at Roselawn Cemetery in Henderson, Ky.

He married first Florence ?
William D. Kinkade seconed marriage was to,
Married Linda Richmond
November 16, 1974.
And his seconed marriage was to,
Inez Skaggs about 1956.
And married for the third time to :
Cora L Owens
Born on August 11, 1880
And died August 12 1953

Harry and Cora , Ida E and baby Harry are all buried
at Fernwood Cemetery in Henderson Kentucky.

( 4 ) Fanney M. Kinkade
Born May 8, 1891 in Butler County, Kentucky.
And died August 3, 1921 Butler County, Kentucky.
and is buried Oak Grove Cemetery , Butler County, Kentucky.
She died from Pulmonary Tuberculosis.
Fanny never Married

( 5 ) Hughie Westerfield Kinkade
Born September 1893.
And died March 28, 1980 in Butler County, Kentucky.
Hughie married on Febuary 5, 1917.
Bonnie Russ.
Bonnie was born on March 20,1896,
and died May 26,1971 Butler County, Kentucky.
Their children are :
( 1) Hazel Vera Kinkade
Born in Butler County, Kentucky.
(2 ) James Edward Kinkade
Born on May 22,1919 Butler County, Kentucky.
And died on October 26,1944 ~ Italy.
( 3 ) Gussie Edna Kinkade
Born on Febuary 12,1926 Butler County, Kentucky.
And died on December 6,1984 Butler County, Kentucky.
( 4 ) Herbert Theldred Kinkade
Was born in Butler County, Kentucky.
( 5 ) Dewey Glenn Kinkade
Was born in Butler County, Kentucky.
( 6 ) Denzel Dean Kinkade
( 7 ) Onie Belle Kinkade
Born on October 26,1928 Butler County, Kentucky.
And died on Febuary 18,1945 Butler County, Kentucky.

Hughie and Bonnie are buried at,
Riverview Cemetery, Butler County, Kentucky.

( 6 ) Preston Kinkade
Born on July 22, 1896 in Butler County, Kentucky.
And died on July 22, 1967 in Indianapolis , Indiana.
Preston died from a Stroke.
His occuaption was a Laborer .
Preston married on Febuary 13, 1917 to,
Lura B. Kirby .
Laura was born in 1885.
And died on September 17, 1975 in Butler County , Kentucky.
Both Buried Hill Haven Cemeter in Butler County , Kentucky.
They had seven ( 7 ) Daughters .
( 1 ) Anna Mildred
( 2 ) Flossie Kinkade
( 3 ) Lavenia Kinkade
( 4 ) Erdine Kinkade
( 5 ) Berthaline Kinkade
( 6 ) Marjorie Marie Kinkade
Born on September 27, 1919.
And died in 1977.
( 7 ) Daughter Kinkade
Born and died as a Stillbirth

Samuel Preston Kinkade
Samuel married for the seconed on,
October 20, 1897 Butler County, Kentucky.
Lillian D. Arendell
Born on October 14, 1869 Butler County, Kentucky.
And died on August 1924 Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.
Lillian died of Breast Cancer.
She was buried on August 3, 1925 at
Oak Grove Cemetery in Butler County , Kentucky.
Her father was Richard Lewis Arendell
Born in 1842 Kentucky.
Lillian's mother was Sarah Jane Adkins Arendell
Born in 1848 Missouri.
They had four Children

( 1 ) Otto Kinkade
Born on October 15, 1899 Butler County, Kentucky.
And died in Muhlenberg County , Kentucky on,
August 1932 in Muhlenber County, Kentucky.
Otto died of Typhoid Fever and his occupation was a Coal Miner.
Otto married on November 6,1923 Muhlenburgh County,Kentucky.
To: Hallie Gish
Born on June 22,1906 Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.
She died on Febuary 21,1980.
In Evansville,Indiana.
Both are bureid at.Mt. Pisgah Cemetery
in Muhleneberg County, Kentucky.
They had four children
( 1 ) Samuel Kincaide
Born on September 28,1924 Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.
And died on August 14, 1900 Indiana.
( 2 ) H.W. Kincaide
Was born on May 12,1927 Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.
And died on Nov 18,1974 .
Burial was at the Rose Hill Cemetery
in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.
( 3 ) James Courtland Kinkade
Was born in Muhleneberg County, Kentucky.
( 4 ) Mildred Kinkade
Hallie Gish Kinkade married for the seconed time
on June 30,1933 Muhlenberg County , Kentucky.
To : Marvin Stobaugh
Born in 1901 Muhleneberg County, Kentucky.
And died in Evansville , Indanna and died in
1969 Evansville Indanna and is buried at,
Cedar Grove Cemetery in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.
Rethel Stobaugh
Hallie's Parents are,
Ida Ann Vincent
Born on August 1, 1871 Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.
And died on January 16, 1957 in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.
Joseph Gish
Born on September 13, 1870 Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.
And died on April 13, 1943 in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.

( 2) Nellie Kinkade
Nellie was born on April 10,1901 in Butler County, Kentucky.
And died on September 20,1925 in Butler County, Kentucky.
Nellie married on Decemeber 27, 1921 in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.
To James Lee Hawkins
Who was born in 1883 and
died on November 11, 1964 in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.
Nellie was buried on September 21, 1925 at
Oak Grove Cemetery in Butler County, Kentucky.
She died from Tuberculosis.

(3 ) Lona Lonekia Kinkade
Leona was born on July 25, 1903 in Butler County, Kentucky.
And died on September 18, 1922 in Butler County, Kentucky.
Leona died form Tuberculosis and never married .
She is buried next to her mother Lillian.

( 4 ) Hallie Marie Kinkade
Was born in 1909 at Butler County, Kentucky.
She died on March 9, 1979 in Henderson , Kentucky.
Hallie married first on October 12, 1929 in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky.
to :Thom. Jefferson Morgan
He was born in 1888. And died in Muchlenberg County, Kentucky.
on December 5, 1933 in Muhleberg County, Kentucky.

Hallie married for the seconed time to:
Sam Porter
Who was born in 1913 and died on
September 28, 1984 in Henderson , Kentucky.
Both are buried at Fernwood Cemetery, Henderson , Kentucky.

Samuel Preston Kinkade
Married for the third time to:
Sarah Marie Wilson Stone
She died in August 19, 1962 in Henderson , Kentucky.
She is also buried at Fernwood Cemetery in Henderson, Kentucky.
Sarah was the daughter of
Virginia Grisham and Billy Wilson

Sarah married first about 1886 to,
Phil Henry Stone
Who was born on April 28,1865
And died on March 11, 1925.

Sarah married for the seconed time to,
Samuel Preston Kinkade.
Sarah married for the third time to,
John T. Graves the widow of Martha Kinkade Greenfield Graves.

Tamara has these Copies
1850 SUMNER County Tennessee Transcription Only.

1860 Mortalitly Record .

Transcription Death Record
~ Seretha Kinkade and George Kinkade.

Marriage Bonds for:
Hugh and Zenitha
Hugh and Levica
Guardianship of Levica to Hugh.

On Line Birth Record 1859 Samuel P. Kinkade
Sam P. Death Certificate
Sam P. 1870 -1880 - 1900 - and 1910 Census.
Sam P. Marriage Bond to Sarah Hope.
Sam P. Marriage Bond to Lillian Arndell.
Sam P. Marriage Bond to Sarah WIlson Stone

Sam P. information - Fernwood Cemetery, Henderson , Kentucky.
Death Certificate for Marth Kinkade Graves.
Daughter of Sam. P.
Burial for her and her children Fernwood Cemetery, Henderson, Kentucky.

Lycurgus on the 1870 Census.
Lycurgus Marriage Bond.

Otto Death Certificate.
Otto Marriage Bond to Hallie.