Henry H. Kincade

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Henry H. Kincade

The seventh child and the fifth son of,
David Kincade and Sarah"Sally"McWhirter Kincade

Henry was born in Tennessee in 1842, in what is believed
to be or could have been Wilson County ,County, Tennesse.
Wilson County was formed from Sumner County,Tennessee
in 1799.I believe at this time and for several years the bounderies
changed often.The surrounding counties are Davidson, Sumner,
Trousdale, Smith,Dekalb, Cannon and Rutherford.

Henry was born on Friday October 7, 1842
and died Monday Febuary 8, 1915 in Boonville, Indiana.
Henry married for the first time on Thursday January 7,1864 in
Pike County , Indiana to Nancy Jane Marsee.
Nancy was born Wednesday October 20, 1847 , Kentucky.
And died Febuary 29 ?,1912 in Warrick County, Indiana.
Both are buried at Brown Chapel Cemetery in Warrick County, Indiana

Henry married for the second time in Warrick County, Indiana
on August 22, 1913 , to Margaret Hebner, who was born in 1943
and died on April 18, 1932.
Margaret died at the County Farm in Boonville, Indiana,
It was a home for the sick and the poor.

Futher information anout the Poor Farms is below.

Children of Henry and Nancy, who were according to the,
1880 Ohio County, Kentucky Census, are,
Mary Ann who was born 1866 Indiana.
Sarah E. b. Oct 1868 Ind,
Martha J. who was in 1870 , Kentucky.
Everett H. who was born in 1872 , Kentucky.
Virgil A. who was born May 1875 in Kentucky.
Hettie N. who was born August 1877 in Kentucky.
Wm T. who was born in 1887 in Kentucky also.

United States Federal Census

1870 Warren County Kentucky Census.
Henry Appears 1880 Tax List Ohio County , Kentucky.
and also the 1880 Ohio County, Kentucky Census.

Henry appears in 1900 Census Warrick County, Indiana.

Henry appears last appears in this census,
May 26,1910 New Madrid, Missouri Census.

Kinkade H H 61 Head KY VA WV
Nancy 60 wife

Martha J. Kinkade was born in 1870 Kentucky Indiana.
and died before 1915 in Arkansas.

Martha married for the first time on
September 16, 1888 in Warrick County, Indiana.
She married William F. Hopper who was born in 1870 in Indiana.
His parents were John Hopper and China Owens.
Thier Children are ,
( 1) Gilbert Monroe Hopper who was born in
Septembet 24, 1890 in Warrick County, Indiana.
And died September 24, 1960 in Arkansas.
Gilbert married Hazel Crenshaw who was born on,
July 21,1892 and died December 1985 in Arkansas.
They are both buried Forrest Park Cemetery ,St Francis County Missouri.
Thier son Robert Dale Hopper was born in about 1914.
and died in October 1984 , He is also buried at Forrest Park Cemetery.

( 2 ) Arville Hopper was born in October 1, 1893,
in Evansville , Indiana. and died April 27, 1969 in Orgeon.
Arvill married on May 6, 1917 to Mary Ellen Breen,
Mary was born on May 6,1897 in Boston Massachettes.
And died December 17, 1981 in Boston Massachettes.
They were divorced in 1933 in Arkansas.

Arvill married for the seconed time on
September 28 ,1933 Arkansas.
Catherine Schultz/ Schram .

( 3 ) Roy W. Hopper who was born ?
and living in Oklahoma City , Oklahoma by 1960.

( 4 )Earl C.Hopper was born on Febuary 4, 1906 New Madrid ,Missouri.
and died in April 1972 Columbus , Missouri.
Earl married Helene Bullock.
Helene Bullock was born on July 22 ,1913.
And died April 1974 at Columbus,Missouri.
Both buried at Forrest Park Cemetery.

( 5 ) Murel Hopper was born April 4, 1908
and died on January 18, 1971. St Louis Missouri.
She is buried at Laurel Hill Cemetery.
She married Daniel Roscoe Stulce who was born about 1906 in Missouri.
They were divorced after 1948.
Their children of who four are known.
( 1 ) Dorothy J. Stulce Thornsberry died November 10, 1981 St Louis Missouri.
She married Cecil Thornsberry.
Their Children are .
( 1 ) James Thornsberry
( 2 ) Carol Thornsberry Smith
( 3 ) Diane Thornsberry Lutz

( 2 ) Mary Stulce Stephens - deceased.
( 3 ) Danny Earl Stulce -deceased.
( 4 ) David Walter Stulce who was born in1948 Missouri.

to Edward Cusack about 1953.
Murel married for the third time Charles Laux ,January 1971, St. Louis Missouri.

Henry and Nancy's son,
WM T KINKADE 1868 to May 31 1885

Wednesday 3 June 1885 page 3
William, son of Henry Kinkade, living on Bull Run Creek, was drowned
last Sunday morning. He and some other boys were riding on some
plank in the backwater, when he fell off, and drowned before
assistance could be rendered.

Henry and Nancy 's Son,
Virgil Kinkade was born in Kentucky on May 12, 1875,
and died December 23, 1952 in Naylor Missiouri.
Virgil married Mary Lutincy Hendrix
On October 10, 1899 in Evansville, Indiana.

Mary was born on July 3, 1883 in Harford , Ohio County, Kentucky.
She died on March 31,1969 in Naylor , Missiouri.
b.July 3 1883 Hartford,Ohio Co Ky d.Mar 31,1969 Naylor Missouri.
Mary's parents are Elisha Thompson Hendrix
who was born on October 18, 1843, in Ohio County, Kentucky.
He died on November 12, 1884 in Ohio County, Kentucky.
Elisha Hendrix married in April 4,1876 in Ohio County, Kentucky to,
Nancy Ann Lacer who was born October 16, 1860 ,
and died September 23, 1935 in Arkansas.
Her brother's are Hiram Estel Hendrix who was born about 1880 in Kentucky ,
and John William Vendador Hendrix who was born on May 9, 1876
and died December 13, 1966.

Virgil and Mary appear in the
1900 Boon Twp ,Warrick County Indiana Census.
They next appear May 26 1910 26 New Madrid, Missouri Census .

Virgl 35 Head KY KY KY
Mary 27 Wife KY KY IN
Noble 8 Son MO KY KY
Mamie 5 Dau MO KY KY

Virgil and Mary Hendrix Kinkade's Children
( 1 ) Noble Henry Kinkade was born on April the 16th.
( 2 ) Mamie Kinkade was born on December 29th.
( 3 ) Gladys Kinkade was born on April 5th.
( 4 ) Carl William Kinkade was born on September 27,
and died July 30th, 1988 in Naylor Missouri.
( 5 ) Henry Franklin Kinkade was born on Decemeber 9th.
( 6 ) Leonard H. Kinkade was born on Fabuary 2nd.
( 7 ) Stillborn female Kinkade August 13th.1923.

The children of Noble Henry Kinkade.
( 1 ) Loretta Jewell Kinkade-Brown was born on July 28.
( 2 ) Virgil Andrew David Kinkade was born on March 19.
( 3 ) Calvin Kenneth Kinkade was born and died Febuary 5th.

The children of Leonard H Kinkade
( 1 ) Charolotte Kinkade
( 2 ) Linda Kinkade White

Henry and Nancy's Daughter
Sarah Elizabeth was born on October 20th, 1868 in Indiana.
Sarah Elizabeth died on January 20th. 1917 in Warrick County, Indiana.
She was buried at Maple Grove in Warrick County, Indiana.

Sarah E. married for the first time to
Issac M. Wallace/Walton on April 30th. 1887
in Warrick County, Indiana.
Issac Wallace died before June 1900 in Warrick County Iniana.

Sarah E. married for the seconed time to Homer D. Goad
in Warrick County Indiana on March 20th, 1902.

Katie Elizabeth Goad was born in 1903/04 Warrick County , Indiana.
Ruth A Goad was born on Febuary 13th. 1905 in Warrick County, Indiana.
She died Febuary 13th., 1941 in Warrick County, Indiana.
Ruth married Thorton Miller on April 26th., 1920 to,
Thorton A Miller 1891-1950.

According to Ancestry.com,
Billy Goad Miller, male, was born November 26, 1920,
in Warrick Co. to Thornton and Ruth Miller.
Book Ch-1, page 90.

Homer Goad was apparently married pior to his marriage to Ruth Goad.
Sarah J. Bethell to Homer Goad May 26 1887.

Henry and Nancy's Daughter.
Hettie N. Kinkade was born in 1876 Kentucky,
Hettie married Robert Relaford.

They are then located on the 1910 New Madrid County Missouri Census.
Relford Robert sp head 31 MO TN TN
Hettie wife 24 IN
Herbert son 4 MO MO IN
Eil dau 2
Chas son 3/12

Henry and Nancy's Son,
Everet H. was born in 1872 and
died July 6, 1891 of Pnuemonia.
He is buried in a unmarked grave at Grave Brown Chapel

Henry and Nancy's possible daughter that has not been proven.
Nellie Kinkade
married George J. Leingang on April 26, 1892 in Warrick County, Indiana.

Obituary Boonville Enquirer Feb 10 1915

Henry H. Kinkade was born Oct 7 1842 and died Feb 8 1915
Aged 72 Years and 4 months and one day.
He was married January 1864 to Jane Marsee and to which this union
brought seven children. The wife and four children preceded
him to the other shore. The living are D.A Kinkade of Corning Ark
Hettie Relaford of Palerma Mo and Mrs Homer Goad of Boonville

Where he made his Home and where he died.
He Professed his faith in Christ when young and was a
faithful member of General Baptist Church at the time of his death.
He leaves to mourn three children 17 grandchildren and one Great grandchild
Besides a host of other relatives and freinds.
In his death the Church loses a good member and the town
A good citizen. Short Services were held tuesday at the home
Rev J.R Edwards officiating.

Brown Chapel Cemetery,Boonville, Indiana

Indiana Poor House History

The poor and the sick migrated to the new settlements
along with the pioneers who had money and health.
These less fortunate had to be cared for.

Poor House By State


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