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Kinkade/Kincaide/Kinkead Together

Kinkade/Kincaide/Kinkade Together

Hello' All !
This is one page where you can locate us ,
From Tennessee to ?
I am putting each one of us where we live at
and where we have found our family so far
in our search for our heitage.

Sooooo we have far to go but we have came
a very long way to.I hope as we go along
more and more will soon join us on our
hunt and quest to find where our families
are from and where they are located now.

Please join us as we travel hour by hour,
Day by day,
Year by year.
In our search for our families.

John Kincade Bond -Front
with David Kincade's name along with John's.
Side by Side>
This was sent to Elaine from Tn. Archives
it was very difficult for Elaine's
husband to make it plainer than
what it is.
"Thanks" Elaine ~ for sharing

We still do not know who John's Father
is So we assume he is David's father.

John Kinkade b.1760-1780 VA ?
John appears 1820-1830 Wilson Co. Tn. Census.
John was bond & witness at marriage of son ?
David Kincade to Sarah/Sally McWhirter
His son ?
David Kincade-Born 1802 Tn.
d.aft 1860

Married Feb 27 1824 Wilson Co,TN.
Sally/Sarah McWhirter--Born 1808 Tn.
d.aft 1860

Their Children:
(1) Elizabeth E Kincade b.1828 Tn.
d. aft 1900 Ky.

(2) Hugh A. Kincade/Kinkade b.1827 Tn.
d. May 1860 Butler Co. Ky.

(3)John T Kincade b.Oct 29 1829 Tn.
d.May 4 1911 Ohio Co,Ky

(4) Elias J Kincade b.1834 Tn.
d.aft 1880 Spencer Co. Ind.

(5) Mary A Kincade b.Feb 2 1835 Tn.
d.Oct 9 1878 Spencer Co. Ind.

(6)William Kincade b.Tn..

(7) Henry H Kincade b.Oct 7 1842 Tn.
d.Feb 8 1915 Warrick Co Ind.

(8) David Blackburn Kincade b.1845 Tn.
d.aft 1880 Ky.

(9) Andrew I Kincade b.1847/48 Tn.

James F Kincade b.1854 Ky
(possible grandson son of Hugh &
Zentha Suttle Kinkade

Mary Kinkade and John Owen/s Daughter
Christina Owen/s
Daughter of Mary Kinkade, and John Owen/s.
Married: John Siegel Frank
September 11, 1865., Spencer County, IN.

John and Christina Owen Frank family.
Children L-R:
Pina, Edith, Felix, Walter, Mary-lap
Helen, Esther, Olga, and Alpha.
Taken about 1908.

Christina Owen Frank-John Siegel Frank family:
Children Front L-R:
Felix L. Frank,-Mary Frank.
Center L-R:
Edith Frank Blythe-Pina Frank Rudisill-Walter Frank.
Back Standing L-R:
Esther Frank Rudisill-Olga Frank Hamilton-Helen Frank Gemlich.
about 1914.

John and Christina Owen Frank
Abt. 1930.

Darlene's Genealogy

Darlean with her aunt in background.

David KINCADE b. 1802
m- Sally McWHIRTER

Hugh KINKADE b. 1827
m. Levica Jane JONES

Samuel Preston KINKADE, b- 1856.
m. Sarah Ann HOPE

Preston KINKADE.
b-1896 KY.
m. Lura Bell KIRBY

m. Paul MORAN

Darlene MORAN
m. Kenny EMBRY

Darlene Embry

Connie's Genealogy

b-1802 TN.
m. Sally/Sarah MCWHIRTER

Father:David Kincade Mother:Sally/Sarah McWhirter:
b.Oct 29 1829 Tn
d.May 4 1911 Ohio Co Ky Farmer
m.1 May 6, 1859 Butler Co Ky.
Sarah Jane Haws b.? d.bef 1860 Ky

One Child-a son
John T. Kinkade (JR) b.Aug 1 1859 Butler Co Ky
d.Feb 9 1909 Spencer Co Ind.
m .April 2.4 1884 Pike Co Ind.
Rachel Shepard
April 2.4 1884 Pike Co Ind.

Marriage 2
Lurissa Cole McFarland
m.2 July 9 1860 Butler Co Ky
b.1835 d.Jan 13 1913 Ohio Co Ky m.2 July 9 1860 Butler Co Ky
She was the widow of Robert M McFarland b.1833
Lurissa and Robert had 2 sons.

Their Daughter
Vilena Belle Kinkead/ Kinkade:
b April 27, 1868 Ind.?
d .October 27 Ohio Co.Ky :
Married unknow

Daughter :
Pearl Beatrice Kinkead
b-Febuary 6, 1897 Ind?: Ky?
d.Mar 17, 1923:
Married: June 23, 1917
William Home Poole

Orville C. Poole
b.April 1918:
October 1968:
Married: :
Virginia D. Knight
b. October 23, 1923:
d-April 1991:

Children of Orville and Virginia Knight Poole
Connie D. Poole
Married; Ind.
Larry W. Hurley
Sons , Larry jr. , Michael, Christopher


Mitchell C. Poole


Pearl Beatrice Kinkead and William Homer Poole
We think this may have been a wedding day.

Orville C. Poole and Virginia D.Knight Poole, perhaps a wedding Day.

1950's Ft. Meade ,Maryland , recieveing medals for saving
3 men's life..

Poole Family in the 50's. No Dad, must have been the time he was in Iceland or Greenland or ?
and we were state side.

1) Mitch and his wife Mary.
2) Mitch

Poole Family 1990's
L-R. . Connie D. Poole Hurley- Mitch C. Poole
-April Poole is in red-- Brinda F. Poole Bishop.

New names on the Wall in Greenville, Kentucky.
Mitch C. Poole

1) Name's on the Wall:
Orville C.Poole & my borther's Mitchell C. Poole, this was not supposed to be like
this. And what a surprise it was !
I had my brother's name added , my dad's was
added to this new plaque also. "but" his was already
there, it had been placed there many years ago,
now it's there twice. 2) Dad's Military Marker

Standing: Esmer Knight- Downing"Tuddie"
Seated-L-R- Carlean Knight -Revlett
My mother : Virginia D.Knight-Poole
Children of:D.D.Knight & Gertrued Knight-Knight

1) My cousin Joyce and I in the 60's. 2 ) My cousin Joyce and I , 2000's.

My sons:
1) Larry W.Hurlet jr. "Wayne" 2) Michael R. Hurley.

Christopher "Scott" Hurley

Mitch, Connie, Brinda and Brinda's husband John Bishop.

Children and grandchildren of Brinda.
Brinda's youngest son is in the military
his picture is below with our military families.

1) Brinda's oldest son Dwayne and his wife Liisa
and their four young ladies
2) The twins- Alicia and Felicia

1) Casey-PC wizard
2) Whitney.

Sannon"Shan" and Michelle
Son of Brinda.

1920 Census Ohio County, Kentucky
The Kinkade sisters, Mary, Belle Kinkade , and Eliza J Kinkade-Mauzy-Walker N Mauzy.

1920 Census Ohio County, Kentucky
Rachel Hatcher Kinkade & son Columbus Kinkade.

Tamara's Genealogy

Hugh Kincade/Kinkade:
b.1827 Tn d. May 1860 Butler Co Ky Gunshot:
Father:David Kincade Mother:Sally/Sarah McWhirter:

Marriage 2 Louisa Jane Jones /Levica
Married: 14 Apr 1856 Butler Co,Ky
Born: abt 1835 Ky
d.bef 1900

Samuel Preston Kinkade
Born 4 Oct 1859 Butler Co,Ky
Died 27 Nov 1932 Henderson Ky
Wife 2: Married: 20 Oct 1897 Butler Co,Ky
Lillian D. Arendell
b.14 Oct 1869 Butler Co,Ky
d. 2 Aug 1924
Muhlenberg Co,Ky

Otto Kinkade
b. 15 Oct 1899 Butler
d.15 Aug 1932 Muhlenberg
Married Nov 6,1923 Muhlenburgh Co,Ky
Hallie Gish
b.June 22,1906 Muhlenberg
d.Feb 21,1980 Evansville,In
Both Mt. Pisgah Cemetery Mlnbg Co Ky

Samuel Kincaide
b.Sept 28,1924 Muhlenberg
d. Aug 14,1990 Ind
married 1954 Evansville IN
Ruth Johnson
b.1930 Michigan

Tamara F McDaniels
Daughters Samantha and Tabitha Kincaide

Charles and Tamara.

Samatha and Tabaitha.

Hallie and Tam
Charles and Tamara's pride and joy"Hallie"
A first grandchild for them.

Tam's Family ~ The McDaniels.

1 ) Tam-Joy and Mary.
2 ) Tam and Joy.


Dyane's Genealogy

b 1802 m Sarah Sally MCWHIRTER

b-1842 TN.
m. Nancy Jane MARSEE

Martha (Mattie) KINCAID.
b-1870 KY.
m. William F. HOPPER

Arvile C. HOPPER.
b-abt.1893 IN.
m. Mary BREEN 1917

Helen HOPPER .
b -1919
m Joseph RAFTERY

Joe- Mary Breen Hopper(wife of Arvil)
Dyan (bride)(granddaughter of Martha Kinkade Hopper) Joe(groom)
Merle (granddaughter of Martha Kinkade)
Gail sister of the bride and grandaughter of Martha Kinkade Hopper

The family of Martha J Kinkade Hopper
The daughter of Henry Kinkade 1842-1915
Seated her husband Wm F Hopper b.1870

Their Sons
Gilbert Hopper
Arville C Hopper
Roy W Hopper
Earl Hopper

Son Arville C Hopper
Arville C Hopper & wife Mary Breen

Andy , wife Carol and son Kevin.
Virgil Andrew David Kinkade
Child of Noble H & Elsie Kinkade
Grandchild of Virgil & May Kinkade
Gr Gr Grandchild of Henry & Nancy Kinkade

1 ) V.A. Kinkade
2 ) V.A. Kinkade's son Leonard Kinkade ,V.A. Kinkade's wife Tincy Hendrix , thier son Noble

V.A. Kinkade , his wife Tincy thier children and grandchildren

Heather's Genealogy
Our newest member of our little group
Here is some little tid bits of information that Heather writes to us.
Extra Info:
I am a new genealogist, and slowly trying to aspire.
I am a Freshman in College pursuing a degree in
Business Administration with a major in Marketing and
a minor in Communications in order to be a
Public Relations Specialist

Henry Kincaid
Son of David Kinkcaid and Sarah"Sally"McWhitter
B. October-7-1842
P. Sumner County, TN
M. Jan-7-1864
P. Pike County, IN
D. Feb-8-1915
Nancy Jane Marsee

Hettie Kincaid/Kinkaid
B. 1876
P. Indiana
M. Twice, dates unknown
P. Unknown, One believed to be New Madrid County, Missouri
D. ?
P. Missouri
Married Robert Relaford
All dates Unknown

Jewel Juanita Relaford
B. August-27-1919
Note: This is the date in her obituary,but in the 1920
Census she is listed as 4 and 1/2 months .
P. Fagus, Butler County, Missouri
George E. Callahan
B. June-17-1919
P. Bismark, St.Francois County, Missouri

Robert J. Callahan
B. March-15-
P. Polar Bluff, Butler County, Missouri
Sharon Fairley
B. June-27- P. Mexico, Audrain County, Missouri

Heather R. Callahan

Sherry L. Callahan

Jewel Juanita Relaford Callahan and graddaughter Sherry

Heather and Sherry.


Elaine's Genealogy

David Blackburn Kinkade
b-1842/45 Tenn
d- March 18, 1881 Ky
m-October 10, 1870 -Sumner Co.Tenn
Martha "Mattie" C. Kimbel
b-December 27, 1855 -Ky
d-July 6, 1940 - Logan Co. Kentucky.

Their children:
1). Sallie Catherine Kinkade.
b- Oct 21, 1871.
2) James William Kinkade.
b- Dec 22, 1873.
3) Joseph H. Kinkade.
b- Oct. 1876.
d- Feb 7, 1966 in Logan Co., KY, 89 years of age.
4) Ollie Florence Kinkade.
b- March 1, 1879.

Elaine and Family

.Mattie Kimbel Kinkade Hays wife of David B.Kinkade ,
Ollie Kinkade Moran,
Ollie's husband Benjamin Franklin Moran
Ollie is holding their first child Joseph.
The little girl is Nannie Hudson.

1-Mattie Kimbel Kinkade Hayes,
2-Mattie Kinkade Hayes, mid 1930's.

Joseph Henry Kinkade son of David Blackburn and Mattie Kimbel Kinkade.

1-James and Carrie Hayes Kinkade
2-Charlie Kinkade son of James & Carrie Hayes Kinkade.


Our young men who are in the Military Sevice.

Rick Kincaide
He is a Marine in the 26th Exp.Unit from Fort Bragg,NC

Kenneth Nathanie Givens(Nathan)
A U.S. Army Green Beret
Ft.Cambell , Kentucky

Sgt. Kennth Givens & Family "Nathan"
Youngest son of Brinda.

September 25, 1999
Kincaid Reunion
Morgantown Kentucky, Butler County
September 25th 1999 ( Saturday)
12:00 to ?
Charles Black Park.
and was at The 1st. picnic pavilon
on your right as you entered the park.

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