Elias J. Kincade

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Elias J. Kincade

Elias Kincade
The third son of David Kinkade and Sarah McWhirter.

Elias was born in November 1834? Tennessee.
Elias died in Spencer County Indiana on
October 19,1883 at the age of 49 year's old.
He is buried at Shiloh Cemetery in Spencer County, Indiana

We find Elias along with his parents in 1850
on Sumner County, Tennessee Census.
At this time Elias was a young man of 16.
12287 Kincade, David 48 M
12287 Kincade, Sarah 42 F
12287 Kincade, Hugh 25 M
12287 Kincade, Elizabeth 21 F
12287 Kincade, John 20 M
12287 Kincade, Elias 16 M
12287 Kincade, Mary 14 F
12287 Kincade, William 12 M
12287 Kincade, Henry 9 M
12287 Kincade, Blackburn 8 M
12287 Kincade, Jackson 4 M

Sumner County, Tennessee Federal Census Index

After the 1850 Census for Sumner County, Tennessee
.Elias some how or another ends up in Spencer County Indiana
and joins the Civil War there.He is now 21 years old. And more
than likely headstrong and want's to do his own thing in his own
way and so took off and has joinded the ,
42nd Indiana Infantry there on October 30, 1861.He was discharged
on Feb 28,1865. with injuries he recieved while fighting in the Civil War.

E.J Kinkead Buried Spencer Co Shiloh Cemetery.
Inscription No Dates CO B 42ND IND INF.

Enlistement Spencer Co Ind Oct 30 1861.
Re-enlisted Jan 7 1864 Chatanooga TN.
Wounded in right shoulder and arm in the battle at Altoona Ga.
Veteran discharged Feb 28, 1865 disability.
Received 2 $ pension and was given
Raise in pension to 4 $,
Elias applied for an increase of 6 $ in 1879 but was rejected.

If you would like You can see his discharge papers at:
Tamara's Kinkade in Civil War

We then find Elias in Spencer County, Indiana at his marriage to,
Eliza J. Johnson on September 18, 1864 in Spencer County, Indiana.
By this time Elias is 30 years old.A young man in his prime and ready
to settle down
Eliza J. Johnson Kinkade died ?
I would almost believe it was in childbirth,But could not say for sure as
we do not have any information on her at this time.They had no children.

We find Elias living in Spencer County , Indiana ,having married for the
seconed time to Rebecca M. Woods Roberts on September 1, 1867.
Rebecca was born in about.1840 IND.?
Rebecca is found on the 1860 Spencer County Indiana, along with her
first husband Thomas Roberts, she is 25 years of age and Thomas is
28 years of age.They are both born in Indiana according to the census,

In the 1870 Spencer County, Indiana Census we find in their home.
several memebers of the the family.
# 379 Elias Kinkade 36 M W Farmer 300 TN.
Rebecca Kinkade 30 F W Keeping house IND.
William D. Kinkade 1 M W At home IND.
Mendora Roberts 10 F W At home IND.
Elizabeth Woods 34 F W Housekeeper KY.
By this census we do know that Rebecca Woods Roberts
and her first husband had one child, a girl.Her name is
Mendora Roberts and was called "Dora"
By this census we do know that Elias and Rebecca had one son
.And we assume Elizabeth Woods to be Rebecca's mother.

William David Kinkade is found on the
1930 Buther? Couny, Missouri Census.
April 30, 1930.
Wm. Davd Kinkade
Kinkade, William head 60 married at age 33 this marriage born Indiana
Father TN Mother Indiana farmer Farm #245
Kinkade, Rebecca wife 48 married at age 20 Missouri
Parents born Missousi
Kinkade, Leonard son 11 born Missouri

William David Kinkade was born in May1869.
And died in 1956 Missouri.
He married Rebecca Doolin
Rebecca was born in or about 1882
William David and Rebecca had two children.
(1) Alma Kinkade
(2) Leonard Kinkade

William than married
Katie Dean ?

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