Jesus This Is Jimmy

Jimmy was a little boy that loved Jesus with all his heart and he loved going to church. He was always the first one there and set on the front seat every time church had services.

Jimmy didnít know how to pray and when the church prayed Jimmyís prayer was "Jesus this is Jimmy, Jesus this is Jimmy, Jesus this is Jimmy", over and over again, and the more he prayed the louder he got. Well this disturbed the church members and the preacher.

The Church members went to the Deacons complaining, and the Deacons meet with the preacher over the members of the church being annoyed with Jimmy and his praying. They decided to tell Jimmy that he would have to pray a real prayer, instead of the prayer he was praying time and time again.

The following Sunday morning before the church services started the preacher took Jimmy to the side and said, Son you are going to have say a real prayer instead of saying Jesus this is Jimmy, over and over.

Then during the church services Jimmy started praying "Jesus this is Jimmy, Jesus this Jimmy", over and over, and getting louder and louder again.

After the church service was over the preacher took Jimmy to the side again and said, Son, the church members are very annoyed with your praying we are going to have to ask you not come back to church again. You are disturbing everyone.

Jimmy started walking across the road with a very sad heart, a car came around the curve out of no where. Jimmy didnít even know what hit him, it all happened so fast.

The preacher and all the church members rushed to little Jimmyís broken body laying in the middle of the street. They all felt so bad because of what they had said and done to the little guy. They said, Jimmy we are so sorry, you can come and pray any way you want too, please be alright. But it was too late for little Jimmy. They watched as the life slipped away from him there on the ground in front of their eyes. Suddenly he took his last breath.

A soft gentle voice said "JIMMY, THIS IS JESUS."

Original Author unknown. Unable to find original text. Jesus this is Jimmy, is at least 22 years old. Story rewritten by Johnny lee Hall 3-12-2000
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