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by Johnny Lee Hall

Christian Short Stories
You stand before God on judgment day with hands shaking and knees a knocking. Many of those who stood before you were cast into the lake of fire, right before your very eyes. You saw their faces and you heard their screams as they entered the flames. Many of the things they had done- you have done too. Even those that had done far less than you have done, were being tossed in the fire left and right. And then.... its your turn. They only thing that matters now is Jesus saying "Hey, I know you!"

The Story Teller (7 Pages)
Brother Lee (9 Pages)
The BackYard (7 Pages)
Suicidal Susan (10 Pages)
A Child's Faith (6 Pages)
Not Getting To Hold Him, Not Even Once (4 Pages)
The Chaplain (6 Pages)
The Bicycle Race (4 Pages)
The Volunteer (4 Pages)
Alaska (7 Pages)
High School Sweethearts (7 Pages)
One Shall Be As Ten (5 Pages)
Guest Speaker (4 Pages)
The Carpenter (7 Pages)
Grandpa's Christmas Tree (6 Pages)
The Grandson (8 Pages)
The Angel (6 Pages)
Words Written Long Ago (6 Pages)
The Trip To The Mall (8 Pages)
The Babysitter (7 Pages)
A Child's Prayer (4 Pages)
The Bell Ringer
The Dream (6 Pages)
Love (3 Pages)
The Fig Tree (5 Pages)
The Christian Soldier (4 Pages)
Saving The Rotten Apple (2 Pages)
Brother Lee Jumps Again (8 Pages)
The Janitor (11 Pages)
The Revival (5 Pages)
The Well (5 Pages)
Brother Lee's Tithes (14 Pages)
God's Church (4 Pages)
The Easter Fisherman (1 Page
The Smile(2Pages)
His Voice(1 Page)
The Plan(2 pages)
Silence In Church (2 pages)
Special Delivery(3 pages)
Halloween Night(2Pages)
A Thanksgiving Story By Grandpa(2Pages)
Gang of Thieves (2 pages)
That Old Time Religion(2 pages)
Clothes Not Good Enough(8 pages)
The Devils Meeting House
Easter Lilly
Carpet Cleaning Preacher
Falling Rain
Take It To God In Prayer
The Shepperd
Mustard Seeds
All Around Us
Please Give Me Bread
1902 Silver Dollar
Blind Leading The Blind
The Deer Hunter - A Halloween Tale
Sin Alley
Feed My Children
Thanksgiving At Grandma's
Naughty List or Nice List?

Other good short stories that are suitable for all ages to read and enjoy!

A Call For Help (6 Pages)
The Camping Trip (13 Pages)
John 3:16 (The Walk A Short Animation)
Jesus, This Is Jimmy (2 Pages)
Jimmy's Last Wish (1 Page)
Classroom of Angels(1 Page)
The Garden(1 Page)
The Lords Work(1 Page)
Should Have Gone Fishing
Forrest Gump Goes To Heaven
I hope that you have benefitted from reading these stories. Tell your friends to visit this web site.

Thank you for taking the time to read these stories and checking out my site, we really hope that you have benefited from reading these. MAY GOD BLESS YOU!!

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