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Our Trophy Room

Here are some of the ones that didn't get away! Sit back and enjoy the pictures.

Dynamite Buck

Here co-owner of Cedar Hills, Mark Lyons, displays his 1999 Opening Day Buck. Mark said, "I was hunting in the evening when the buck came out, the buck was following a doe."

Filled Tags

Here Amy Waterfill shows how to fill your tags on the opening morning of the 1999 modern rifle season. Amy was hunting with her husband Stephen Waterfill and was using a 7mm magnum rifle.

Hunted Hard

Stephen Waterfill displays his 2000 spring turkey. Stephen said, "I had put in a lot of hours scouting and hunting and finally connected when the bird came in to gun range with two hens. It was a border line jake/gobbler but I was really hard pressed at that point."

More pictures coming soon....