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Here is my list of what I have for sale at the moment I have a few other Anthurium that should be listed soon. THANKS Most Alocasia are small one to four leafs. At 4 to 8 inches tall.

Alocasia white knight 13.00 not in yet

Alocasia nobilis 18.00 not in yet

Alocasia Corozon' 8.00

Alocasia 'New Guinea Gold' 8.00

Alocasia cuprea 9.00

Alocasia gagaena 10.00

Alocasia Imperial 17.00 large 9.00 small

Alocasia longiloba 10.00

Alocasia loweii grandis 10.00

Alocasia frydek 17.00

Alocasia portidora 9.00

Alocasia macrorrhiza 9.00 large

Alocasia sanderiana 'Nobilis' large 18.00 small 8.00

Alocasia Hilo beauty 10.00

Alocasia sedenii 9.00

Alocasia loweii Veitchii var. 'Argentea' 9.00

Alocasia plumbea (black stem) X 12.00

Alocasia plumbea (white stem) 15.00 when available

Alocasia sinuata 15.00 only a few

Alocasia frydek variegated 29.00

Alocasia Philippines may be a natural hybrid? 20.00

Anthurium Veitchii 55.00

Anthurium warocqueanum not in yet

Anthurium superbum 35.00

Anthurium jenmanii 24.00

Anthurium Hoffmanii 24.00 not in yet

Anthurium rezadoliski 25.00

Anthurium Hawaiian butterfly 25.00

Amorphophallus konjac 15.00

Amorphophallus kerrii 30.00

Amorphophallus SP. 25.00

Caladium bicolor 9.50 Caladium ? 4 different kinds 8.00 a piece

Colocasia affinis Jeningsii 10.00

Colocasia black magic 10.00

Colocasia esculenta (green) 7.00

Colocasia fallax (Silver) 12.00

Colocasia illustris 12.00

Colocasia violacea fontiessii (violet stem) 12.00

monstera ? cutting 7.00

Philodendron ? cutting 8.00

Philodendron ? cutting 8.00

Philodendron williamsii 15.00

Philodendron Florida beauty varigatium 28.00 not in yet

Philodendron Congo 12.00

Remusatia vivipara?? sold to me as this may be something else 16.00

Syngonium Syngonium mutation 8.00

Urospatha Sp. 35.50

Xanthosoma lindenii magnificum only a few 17.00

Xanthosoma jacquinii lineatum 15.00

Xanthosoma atrovirens 14.00 when available

Xanthosoma Roy 24.00 not in yet

Zantedeschia green goddess 9.00

Zantedeschia white 9.00

Zantedeschia rehmannii 9.00

Ask for other rare aroids and more. THANKS


Stronglodon jade vine

blue form not in yet

red form not in yet

Bananas Musa 'Basjoo' 9.00

Musa 'Ele Ele' 20.00 large

Musa 'Lasiocarpa' 9.00

Canna Canna Bengal tiger 10.00

Canna Tropicana 10.00

Canna Stuttgart 20.00

Canna purple leaf form?? 10.00

Will have new forms soon. Also assorted carnivorous plants will also be available soon.

Venus fly trap

picture plant




I love to trade and I have a lage number of aquatics and other tropicals. Ask for these!!!


Non-Aroids for Sale!!

small Yucca recurvifolia $10

Hardy -15 F or Zone 5

Picture from Hardy Palm International.

If there is any problem with me publishing this picture please contact me at

Orders will also be taken at:

Brian Williams

6350 North Preston Hwy

Louisville, KY 40229


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