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"The difference between the old ballplayer and the new ballplayer is the jersey. The old ballplayer cared about the name on the front. The new ballplayer cares about the name on the back." - Steve Garvey .


November 29, 2004 Tuesday


As many of you know, I am currently working on the 1984 Topps set. If you have any extra autographed 1984 Topps, email me and I will send you a list of 5-10 cards to chose from my autographed collection. If you would like to trade, email me.


NOVEMBER 29 HAL MORRIS Not a household name but he was always one of my favorites. He would always bat .300+ and give it all. Played from 1988-2000 for the Reds and Yanks. Was sent c/o his home on Sept. 17th.
Lifetime .304 76 HRs 513 RBIs.

NOVEMBER 13 BUDDY BRADFORD Played from 1966-1976. He is one of the few players to hit a home run over the Comiskey Park roof. Was sent c/o his home on Oct. 30th.
Lifetime .226 52 HRs 175 RBIs.

NOVEMBER 4 RICK PETERS Played few games in parts of 1979-1981, 1983, and 1986. Was sent c/o his home on September 8th.
Lifetime .277 2 HRs 80 RBIs.

NOVEMBER 1 J.C. MARTIN Played from 1959-1972 for the White Sox, Mets, and Cubs. He usually signs much quicker than mine. Was sent c/o his home in early August.
Lifetime .222 32 HRs 230 RBIs.


OCTOBER 29 STEVE BOROS Played off and on from 1957-1958 and 1961-1965. Was used a back up. He also managed two seasons with the 1983 A's and 1986 Padres and finished with 74-88 records with both clubs. Was sent c/o his home on October 6th.
Lifetime .245 26 HRs 149 RBIs, W168-L200 .45o% as a manager.

OCTOBER 27 JOHN STEARNS Played from 1974-1984 for the Phillies and Mets. Was a 4 time All-Star because he was good on defense and quick on the bases. Was sent c/o his home on Sept. 25th.
Lifetime .260 46 HRs 312 RBIs.

OCTOBER 23 FLOYD RAYFORD Played in less than 400 games as a reserve from 1980-1987. His best season was in 1985 when he hit .306. Was sent c/o his home on Oct. 13th.
Lifetime .224 38 HRs 117 RBIs.

PAT ZACHRY Pitched from 1976-1985. He won the 1976 Rookie of the Year award. I lost my record on this one. I think I sent it c/o home but do not know when. Sometime in 2004.
Lifetime W69-L67 3.52 ERA.

OCTOBER 16 BERT CAMPANERIS Played from 1964-1983 and was a six time All-Star. He played good defense and was a speedster on the bases. He lead the American League six times in steals and retired with 649 stolen bases. He also is one of the few players to hit a home run off the first major league pitch ever thrown to him. Was sent on Sept. 23rd.
Lifetime .259 79 HRs 646 RBIs.

BRYN SMITH Pitched from 1981-1993 and was an above pitcher. His best season was in 1985 when he went 18-5. Was sent c/o his home on September 11th.
Lifetime W108-L94 3.53 ERA.

OCTOBER 13 HANK BLALOCK Only 23 years old and already plays a pretty good third base. He finished the season in the top 10 in homeruns (32) and RBIs (110). Sent c/o team on Sept. 11th.

OCTOBER 7 TOM VERYZER Played from 1973-1984. Was the Tigers' everyday shortstop until someone called Alan Trammell replaced him. Was sent c/o his home on Sept. 7th.
Lifetime .241 14 HRs 231 RBIs.

OCTOBER 4 CHARLIE HOUGH Probably not a HOFer but, an excellent pitcher with a heck of a knuckler. '86 All-Star. Was sent c/o his home on September 17th.
Lifetime W174-L157.

RON GARDENHIRE Only year he played full time was 1982 with the Mets, then used as a utility man going between Triple-A and New York until 1985. He is currently the Twinís manager. Was sent c/o team on September 13th.
Lifetime .232 4 HRs 49 RBIs.

OCTOBER 2 ROGER REPOZ Played from 1964-1972 for the Yankees, A's, and the Angels. He was a backup but once was considered to be an everyday player. Was sent to his home on September 17th.

JOSE MORALES Played from 1973-1984 for several teams. Had a lot of success as a pinch hitter and ranks in the top 5 of All-Time in pinch hits. Was sent to his home on September 22nd.

DICK WILLIAMS Played from 1951-1964 and managed from 1967-69, 71-88. The only manager to win pennants with three different teams (the Red Sox, A's, and Padres). Was sent to his home on September 22nd. He also sent a signed postcard.
Lifetime .260 70 HRs 331 RBIs as a player, W1548-L1418 .522% as a manager.


SEPTEMBER 18 GREG BROCK Played from 1982-1991. He took over first base replacing a popular Dodger, Steve Garvey. Was sent c/o his home on Sept. 7th.
Lifetime .247 102 HRs 406 RBIs.

VANE LAW Played from 1980-1991. Son of former MLB player Vern Law. He made the All-Star team in 1988. Was sent c/o his home on Sept. 5th.
Lifetime .257 71 HRs 433RBIs.

SEPTEMBER 15 GARRET ANDERSON Anaheimís all-time hits leader. One of the finest players in the game that has always been an All-Star signer thru the mail. Was sent c/o Angels on August 29th.

JIM BARR Pitched from 1971-1983. A decent pitcher that spent many seasons with the Giants. He set amajor-league record of 41 consecutive batsmen retired which was later broken. Was sent c/o his home on August 3rd.
Lifetime W101-L112 3.56 ERA.

SEPTEMBER 13 JAKE WESTBROOK Pretty decent pitcher for the Indians. Made the All-Star and is currently second in ERA and complete games. He is 12-8 with a 3.27 ERA. Was sent to Cleveland on Aug. 17th.

SEPTEMBER 10 DICKIE NOLES Right handed pitcher that pitched from 1979-1988 for the Phillies, Cubs, and Rangers. His best eason was 1982 when he won 10 games. Was sent c/o his home on July 23rd.
Lifetime W36-L52 4.56 ERA.

TOM BRUNANSKY Played from 1981-1994. He had some great years and popular with the fans in Minnesota. He made the All-Star team in 1985. Was sent c/o his home on August 4th.
Lifetime .245 271 HRs 919 RBIs.

SEPTEMBER 8 TERRY FRANCONA Played from 1981-1990 and is the son of Tito Francona that played in the '50s and '60s. Was the manager for the Phillies in 1997-2000 and now is with Boston. The card was signed by his father earlier this year. Was sent c/o Boston on August 25th.
Lifetime .274 16 HRs 143 RBIs. W285-L363 .440% as a manager.

SEPTEMBER 4 ROBERTO HERNANDEZ Has had a great career as a closer. He ranks ninth all-time in career saves with 320. His career high was 43 saves in 99 with the Devil Rays. Bad stat, he has not recorded a save since 2002. Was sent c/o Phillies on August 4th.

TIM STAUFFER This 22 year old is 6-2 with a 3.45 ERA in 13 starts with San Diego's AAA club, the Portland Beavers. With a little luck, might get the call soon. Was sent c/o Portland on August 6th.

SEPTEMBER 3 KYLE DAVIES On September 1st Davies was promoted to "AAA" Richmond. In 11 appearances with the Greenville Braves, the 20 year old went 4-0 with a 2.32 ERA. Was sent c/o Greenville Braves on August 23.


AUGUST 31 AUSTIN KEARNS This guy can hit the ball a ton but boy, what a year! He has been on the DL almost all year and has returned to the Reds last week. If he stays healthy, 20-30 homers a season is a good bet. He usually does not sign but he did when he was with the Louisville Riverbats. Was sent there on August 14th. Kearns, Dunn, Casey, Pena (needs defense) is a bunch of young guys that makes a Red fan proud, now only if they can dump Griffey and get one decent pitcher.

AUGUST 30 ZACH DUKE This 21 year old is developing well in the minors. He is 4-1 with a 1.55 ERA so far this season with the Altoona Curve. Was sent a week ago today c/o Altoona.

AUGUST 27 CASEY BLAKE He has had a breakout year so far with his career high in homers (21). Might have 30 or so at the end of the season. Improving with time. Was sent c/o Indians on Aug. 16.

AUGUST 23 BARRY BONDS Will go down as one of the best 5 players ever to walk on the field hands down. I have sent to Mr. soon to be 700, every spring training and during the season the last 6 years while rubbing my rabbit's foot. In 2000, the foot worked, as I got Bonds while he was on the DL which is above on the right. The black and white on the left is what I received today with a form letter from Bonds, both pre-prints. Have to admit, it is one of the best pre prints I have seen in a while or maybe my glasses need adjusted. Last season a few collectors recevied a pre print and this season, not many have been reported. I can't understand why he only sends a few. Oh well, like the Reds, there is always next year....where did I put that rabbit's foot? Was sent in spring training on March 11th.

* I have received several emails from collectors that have also received the card the past week. They have reported that theirs is a little different which has made it interesting. I have seen 5 scans so far and now I am leaning to a possible success.

AUGUST 20 JERRY DYBZINSKI Played from 1980-85 for the Cleveland Indians. Sit mostly on the bench during his career. Was sent c/o his home on July 24th.
Lifetime .234 3 HRs 93 RBIs.

AUGUST 13 KEN DAYLEY Pitched from 1982-1993 for the Braves, Cardinals, and Blue Jays. He was used as a reliever. Was sent c/o his home on July 22nd.
Lifetime W33-L45 3.64 ERA.

JERRY AUGUSTINE Pitched from 1975-1984. He was used in the bullpen and pitched his entire career for the Brewers. Was sent c/o his home on July 22nd.
Lifetime W55-L59 4.23 ERA.

AUGUST 11 BARRY BONNELL Played from 1977-1986 as a reserve. His best year was 1983, when he hit .318 10 HR 54 RBIs. Was sent c/o his home on July 22nd.
Lifetime .272 56 HRs 355 RBIs.

AUGUST 5 AMOS OTIS Played from 1967-1984 and was elected to the All-Star team 5 times. He also won the Gold Glove award in 1971, 1973, and 1974 and stole his share of bases. Was sent c/o his home on July 12th.
Lifetime .277 193 HRs 1007 RBIs.

AUGUST 3 RANDY JOHNSON Not the lefty from Arizona but played from 1982-1984. Played very little but again, it helps me fill the 84 set. Was sent c/o his home on July 11th.
Lifetime .267 6 HRs 53 RBIs.

7 Hits off Nolan Ryan and never scored!

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