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Our Baby Gerbils

Welcome to our baby gerbil website. We hope you enjoy watching our baby gerbils grow and develop through the days, weeks, and months on this website. This is a class project where we are observing the daily development of the babies and how they change. The web site is maintained by the class. The students write brief summaries, take the pictures and put them on the site. Write us with questions,comments or if you have information or stories to share about gerbils.

This is the mom just before babies were born.

Day One Observations: When our eight baby gerbils appeared this morning they were diminutive, sightless, and had no fur.

Day Two Observations: By Tuesday, they were walking better. Their colors were a bit more distinct. They looked healthy in their physical appearance.

Day Three Observations: On Wednesday, we noticed that the gerbils ears were maturing and starting to stick out. Also, their eyes started growing slits.

Day Four Observations: On Thursday we, finally got to pick up the babies. As we cradled the babies they felt small and delicate. They are more energetic and are begining to crawl both front and backwards

Day Five Observations:We noticed that dad usually has 2 or three babies under him, all the babies aren't always under mom. All eight babies are healthy and their fur colorings are more distinct.

Day Eight Observations:When we came in today, we found that the babies had grown alot over the weekend! They now were covered with fur. They also have developed quick movements. One black one should be named Speedy Gonzales because of his speed.

Day Nine Observations: We noticed that the babies are climbing, walking faster and are up on four legs. We noticed that they sniff before they go exploring now. The babies suck on our hands when we hold them. Physically, their eyes look like they are ready to open and their hair seems twice as long as yesterday. Their balance still hasn't developed, when they lose balance - they roll over.

Day Ten Observations:Today we found that they can curl up into a ball because the backbone has not developed yet. Our black baby gerbils have now got white around its paws - all three of the black gerbils have white paws today. Their bodies are now big enough to hold up their heads but balance is still a problem. They can sort of run, their back legs are like kangaroo legs! Their eyes are now smaller with clearly visible lids, they looked like the lids were trying to open.

Day Eleven Observations:The babies are all shaking more than they did yesterday while they are walking. The reason for this may be that they are trying hard to stand straight up and walk or run with rigid bodies and their tails sticking straight out. The babies also have distinct personalities. One baby likes to act like a little baby, one likes to crawl, one digs all the time and one runs rapidly. We measure them and found their body is an inch long and so is their tail. They are 2" long.

Day Twelve Observations: We are noticing that all of the gerbils have their own personalities. One should be named Speedy Gonzales, one is still a baby -a runt-, one is a climber and another is a digger. There is an explorer and then there is a baby that still likes to nurse on people's hands. Most of them can keep their balance, but we have one that always seems to be rolling over. One group did a project and found out that the average heart rate of the baby gerbils is 160 beats per minute. Another group found out that at full speed they can go 6 inches in six seconds. The babies are now washing themselves. They are starting to fight back if you try to move them and they don't want to be moved. The baby gerbils have better balance now and they walk better but they are still more comfortable on a rug than on a slippery desk.

Day Fifteen Observations : Welcome to another day of our gerbil website,today we are going to tell you about the changes .The first change is that the babies are starting to be potty trained. Another change we noticed was that they started to stand up straight for at least fifteen seconds! One person noticed that the gerbils have five teeth. Speedy Gonzales traveled one foot in three seconds,today! One of the baby gerbils dislocated the hip, maybe from getting on the wheel, or an injury from the parents. The baby's heart rate was 180 today and the mother's heart rate was 188.

Day Sixteen Observations:Today half the babies opened their eyes! They didnt do this till the afternoon class came in though! Their teeth are growing noticeably longer today and spacing is closer together. All the gerbil babies are getting faster. They are wonderful to hold, the babies get held a couple times each day and fall asleep in your hands near the end. With their eyes open today we noticed less sniffing and more walking without the initial sniffing. The gerbils are more playful and play with things they find on the desks. They occasionally will even make little sqweeking sounds. There was no change in heart rate.

Day Seventeen Observations:

Day Eighteen Observations:During our popcorn party and moive today, we fed the baby gerbils some popcorn and they ate it! It was fun to see the babies finally eating. We havent seen them eat anything before.

Day Twenty-eight Observations:We have just returned from vacation and found that they are bigger and are eating and drinking just like their parents. The baby runt who hurt its hip has healed up completely but now has an eye infection. All the babies are very active and hard to hold. We wont be able to hold them for a few days till we observe them more so we will be ready for their behavior.

Day Thirty-two Observations: The baby gerbils don't really like to stop moving. they are constantly moving! They use the bathroom on the desk when excited they like to nibble. They act like minature adults. The funniest thing about the baby gerbils is that they know when you are going to get them. They run like obsticle course to prevent you from capturing it. The gerbils have tufts of fur on their tails like their father. They all are acting about the same with one or two taking rest breaks from moving so much. You cant tell their personalities as good because they are all active now. They are now eating and drinking just like there parents. Then they take a bath afterwards. we didi notice thay there ears are now sticking out more now. The mature babies are now using the wheel but there feet are falling through the large openings. They are now developing depth preception.

Day Thirty-eight Observations: When you pick them up they try to find a way out so they dig, but when they know you are by there cage they would jump . But sometimes when the are with you and you pick them up they get scared and they poop right in your hand. Though when they poop it stays hard like a pelet and wont smuge of spread and i t will stay together like a ball. Finally the gerbals seem to be getting bigger every 2 to 3 days more often and there not being nursed more often any more because they are now eating the food there mom and dad are eating and there drinking more water now. Thank you and we will soon have more information and pictures for you to be amzed of. Bye!

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