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The message that Jesus brought

to the world was so new

to all the people that

they had trouble understanding

them. Jesus's Disciples

also had trouble understanding

these things. But Jesus wanted

everyone to learn. Not just

the ones that were educated

and wise, but all people.

Including those who thought

little at all except about

their everyday problems.

Jesus knew that the people

would have a hard time

understanding so he told stories

that would help them to

understand more easily.

These stories are called parables.

The first parable that is

in the Bible is about a

farmer and it is called the

Parable of the Sower. In

those days, some plants

were planting by scattering

or sowing the seeds upon

the ground.

Jesus told the people about

a farmer who was sowing

seeds. As he sowed,

some of the seeds fell

beside the road where they

were trampled by people and

destroyed. Some of the seeds

also fell where the soil

was thin and rocky.

These seeds grew quickly,

but in the summer when

the sun was too hot the

rocks made the plants dry up.

There was not enough

soil to hold the moisture in

for them to grow. Some

seeds also fell where weeds

were growing. Since there was

so many weeds these seeds

could not grow either. But

some of the seeds fell

into the rich earth that the

farmer had prepared. These

seeds grew and produced

far more wheat and grain

than the had planted as


The Disciples were not sure

of the meaning of this

parable. When they were

alone with Jesus they

asked Him. And He explained

the Parable of the Sower

to them, so that they could

truely understand it's meaning.

Jesus told His Disciples

that in the parable, He

Himself was the sower,

the One who spoke God's

words. And that the seeds

were the words that He


The seeds that fell by the

road were His words heard

by people who did not really

listen. The truth was quickly

taken away from them by

the evil forces of life.

The seeds that fell on the

rocky ground were His

words as heard by those

who responded to them with

joy and excitement, but

who had so little depth

of thought that they were

soon distracted by other

interests. The plants died before

they bore grain.

The seeds that fell among

the weeds and thorns were

His words heard by those

whose lives were to crowded

by the little problems of living.

They could not think about

new ideas and went on worrying

about their petty affairs.

But the seeds that fell

on the fertile ground were

His words heard by those

who listen, who care, who

take the truth into their

hearts and keep it alive.

Through them the seeds will

bear beautiful grain.

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