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From time to time there appeared among the Hebrew people men who were known as Prophets. They talked to people the same way as if they were talking for God.

There was a Prophet by the name of John who was preaching to the people to give up their evil ways. He told them that they needed to do this because God was going to appear on earth to them very soon. John listened to the people and when they asked to be forgiven of their sins and to live a better life he baptised them. They were made clean and all their sins were washed away. That is why he was called John the Baptist. Because he is one who baptises.

John was related to Jesus. Their mothers had known one another many years before. John and Jesus had never met yet. John had spent most of his life in the desert, learning God's ways. He dressed in rough clothes of camel hair and leather.

Many people came to be baptised by John in the River Jordan. Jesus was told that John was at the River Jordan and He travelled all the way there to be baptised by John the Baptist. When John saw Jesus, he knew that this was the Son of God. He realised that this was the very person that he had preached of and that He would appear.

John did not think that he should baptise Jesus. He didn't think he was worthy enough to do this. John asked Jesus to baptise him instead. But Jesus replied that it was proper for John to baptise Him. John knew that this was the greatest day of his life. He had prayed for years for God to show him what he wanted him to do. This was the day he had been preparing for.

John baptised Jesus. When Jesus came out of the water a wonderful thing happened. The sky seemed to open up and a beautiful dove came down and settled on Jesus. At that moment the people heard a voice from Heaven saying: "This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased."

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