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Star Bodies
Experts reveal the moves that keep their clients in top condition
By Julia Chance

Tennis Star Serena Williams’s strong, taut abs. Singer Beyonce Knowles’s big, beautiful legs. Actress Elise Neal’s lean, sturdy arms. What do these fit and fabulous celebs have in common? They’ve made maintaining their well-toned bodies part of their stock in trade.
ESSENCE asked their trainers to reveal their secrets for keeping them looking so great.
“Serena is in great shape to begin with,” says Kerrie Brooks, who has been keeping the top-ten player in center-court condition for two years. “But because tennis is so physically demanding, she still has to work to keep her abdominals strong.” To get Williams-worthy abs, Brooks recommends a routine that includes doing crunches on an incline bench, and while holding a medicine ball. She also suggests playing tennis or swimming. “The movements really give your abs a good workout.”

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