Serena Williams is presented
with Harry Winston's latest creation,
'Twelve to Midnight,'
a $29,000 diamond and platinum bracelet.

ALSO from NYPOST, Liz Smith column:
That tennis bracelet Serena Williams
got from Harry Winston?
It was a little large.
She had Winston hack off
two end clusters and
make them into earrings.
This lady also wins at jewelry . . .

From Harry Winston:Press Release: Blinded by the Light: Serena Williams to Play in U.S. Open Wearing Harry Winstonís

New York, NY August 23rd Serena Williams today appeared at the legendary House of Harry Winston to receive the firmís new diamond tennis bracelet, inspired by her grace, strength and flawless accomplishment. Williams will wear the $29,000 Twelve to Twilight tennis bracelet on and off the court during the U.S. Open.

Winston added an extra secure safety clasp to the bracelet to make sure the flexible and fluid piece will stay securely on Williamís 7 and one-half inch wrist. Additionally, they added an extra inch of length to the bracelet to accommodate her wrist measurement and killer swing. Williamsí bracelet contains 242 colorless diamonds and totals 12 carats. The gems are set in platinum, the strongest of all metals.

Williams will follow in the footsteps of tennis star Chris Evert, who also wore a diamond bracelet while playing in the U.S. Open. When Evertís bracelet fell to the ground, the press coined the term, diamond tennis bracelet. "Today, Harry Winston has created a design that is as elegant as it is strong," said the firmís Chairman, Ronald Winston. Unlike the line design worn by Evert, Winstonís updated creation has an ultra-feminine cluster floral motif that is as romantic as it is approachable. The cluster design has been making headlines since Halle Berry wore one from Harry Winston to accept her Academy Award for Best Actress. Similar cluster designs from Winston have recently been spotted on Jennifer Lopez, Calista Flockhart, Whoopi Goldberg and Madonna.

Williams can be sure that she will receive the royal treatment from the jeweler to the stars. Back in 1998, ĎHomer Kingí Mark McGwire got a prize fit for a king a one-carat diamond baseball ring created by Harry Winston to celebrate McGwireís major-league home run record.

For young tennis fans, the jeweler arranged another surprise. Three young Williamsí aficionados had the opportunity to meet their idol at Winstonís Fifth Avenue location. The Fresh Air Fund arranged for ten and eleven year old sisters, Naomi and Shabyea Adams and ten year old Victoria Ortiz, to come and meet Serena and get a few tips from the pro. "It all starts with the kids," said Ronald Winston. "Meeting a hero today could change their lives forever and thatís what dreams are made ofÖ"

The Twelve to Twilight tennis bracelet is available at Harry Winston salons worldwide. For further information call 1-800-988-4110 and ask to speak with a sales representative.