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*Season 01 Kari Pics*

What do ya think of the collage-thingy I made? Kind of cute huh? I made it one day while I was horribly bored... Anywhoo, I have all the Kari pics I could find. If you can find a good one I don't have, please e-mail me. If you can help me out finding more pics, I'll mention you somewhere on this page. I found most of these pics at Kari's Digital World, The Digimon Screen-Shot Archive, Pink Light, LELOLA, and Toei's Digimon Site. Thanks for great Kari pictures! ^_^

Kari talking to Koromon

"You can come in if you want to. Mom's not home."

Kari and Gatomon learn their destiny

I love this part of "Gatomon Comes Calling" ^^

A normal pic of Kari

Black and white flashback of when she's sick. Stupid Tai..

Kari and Gatomon meet! A very special moment ^^

Poor lil Kari's sick.. :(

"You're party poopers."

Kari's glowing! Cool ^^

Touch the digivice already!

Kari's letting the spirit-thingy go in her

Wowwy. A rainbow thingy in the sky.

All the kids have to say bye-bye to their parents.

MetalGarurumon saved them!

A pic of Gato and Kari floating in the air

Has Matt gone nuts?!