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The Lost Marriage Bonds Of Adair Co. Ky. 1840-1870 T-Y

*TAYLOR, GEORGE M., over 21, and MARY JANE MC CLAIN, dau of Robert by note, bond dated 28 Aug 1850, surety Simon P. Taylor.

TAYLOR, HARVEY, consent by mother Doly(?) Owens, and JANE DOOLEY, her father consents, bond dated 17 Jan 1843, surety Isham B. Dooley.

TAYLOR, JOHN H., over 21, and CAROLINE J. BAKER, over 21, bond dated 26 July 1842, surety James A. Butler.

*THOMAS, JNO. L., over 21, and MARY V. A. STRANGE, dau of A. A. by note, bond dated 7 Oct 1846, surety Winston A Strange.

THOMAS, MARTIN M., over 21, and MISS ELIZABETH ANN PATTESON, "her father having given his consent personally", bond dated 8 June 1844, surety James M. Durham.

THOMAS, NICHOLAS and MARY ANN JUDD, her father consents (no note), bond dated 23 June 1846, surety Joseph Judd.

THOMAS, SHELBY, over 21, and MISS SUSAN NEET, dau of Jacob by note, bond dated 19 Oct 1844, surety Daniel Settles.

THOMAS, WILLIAM, over 21, and JANE BLAIR, dau of John M. by note, bond dated 21 Oct 1850, surety Alexander W. Blair.

TIBBS, WILLiAM J. and HARRIET N. HUGHES, dau of Betsey A. by note, bond dated 12 Feb 1842, surety John M. Hughes.

TOWNSEND, WILLIAM J., son of W. by note, and MARY ANN TUTT, dau of John by note, bond dated 10 Jan 1843, surety Merritt Hamilton.

TRIPLETT, LEWIS, over 21, and MISS FRANCIS ANN MURRELL, dau of John by note, bond dated 14 Nov 1844, surety William A. Cheatham.

TUPMAN, JOEL, over 21, and HARRIET F. SMITH, under 21, dau of John and Polly by note, bond dated 23 Dec 1845, surety James Smith.

TURNER, CHARLES, over 21, and MINERVA ROACH, dau of David, bond dated 5 March 1842, surety David Roach.

TURNER, DAVID A., over 21, and REBECCA HUGGARD JANES, dau of David Janes, bond dated 31 Dec 1846, surety David Janes,

TURNER, GREEN B., over 21, and SALLY ANN ROSS, dau of Cornelius, bond dated 9 Oct 1844, surety Cornelius Ross.

TURNER, THOMAS W., over 21, and MISS MARTHA NELL, over 21, bond dated 25 June 1844, surety Robert Walkup.

TURNER, WM. M. HENRY, over 21, and AMANDA PATTERSON, over 21, bond dated 15 June 1846, surety Blackmore Patterson.

TUTT, CYRUS P., over 21, and MISS MARY ANN SUDDARTH, consent note signed by Daniel Suddarth, bond dated 4 Oct 1851,surety G. C. Hughes.

*TUTT JOHN, over 21, and POLLY G. RODGERS, over 21, bond dated 22 March 1842, surety Joseph Chastain.

TUTT, LUDWELL M., over 21, and LOUISA J. KEEN, under 21, granddau of James W. Carr, her parents both dead, bond dated 11 June 1850, surety Marion N. Carr.

TUTT, THOMAS H., son of Richard, and SUSAN ANN MURCER, over 21, bond dated 8 Jan 1846, surety Henry C. Townsend.

VIGUS, JORDAN, over 21, and SALLY JANE CUMPTON, bond dated 24 Oct 1842, surety William Polly.

WAGGENER, WILLIAM M., over 21, and MISS ELLEN FRANCES ROBERTS, dau of Benjamin by note, bond dated 24 June 1850, surety William Thomas Roberts.

*WAGG~ER WILLIAM W., over 21, and MATILDA EDRINGTON, over 21, dau of Thomas by note, bond dated 17 May 1842, surety Edmund T. Willis.

*WALKER HOWARD R., over 21, and JANE THOMAS, dau of Reuben by note, bond dated 17 Feb 1842, surety George S. Thomas.

WALKER, LYSANDER, over 21, and SALLY FLOWERS, dau of Thomas, bond dated 22 Feb 1845, surety John N. Edwards.

WALKER, WILLIAM L., son of Alex, and MARY ANN L. KINNAIRD, dau of Polly- by note, bond dated 2 Nov 1844, surety Herbert F. Kinnard.

WALKUP, WILLIAM, over 21, and ELIZABETH A. STRANGE, dau of A. A. by note, bond dated 8 Sept 1842, surety Winston A. Strange.

*WALLACE MORTIMER B., over 21, and MISS ELIZA BLAYDES, dau of Walker J. by note, bond dated 14 Oct 1850, surety John J. Blaydes

WALLER, WILLIAM E., over 21, and SARAH ANNE JOHNSTON, dau of Thos. B. by note, bond dated 9 Feb 1842, surety James L.Johnston.

*WATSON ALLEN, over 21, and SARAH ANN PRESTON, dau of Doshy Preston by note, bond dated 23 Dec 1846, surety Stephen Watson.

WATSON, LINDSEY J., over 21, and HANNAH JANE TRABUE, dau of William, bond dated 20 May 1843, surety Micajah Oglesby.

WATSON, WILLIAM, over 21, and AMANDA F. KINNARD, over 21, bond dated 2 Nov 1846, surety Herbert F. Kinnard.

WEST, CALVIN GIDEON RUFUS, over 21, son of Isaac West, and SUSANNAN BUSBY, over 21, dau of William, bond dated 31 Dec 1842, surety William Busby

WHEAT, GRANVILLE A., over 21, and SUSAN E. MOSS, dau of John W. by note, bond dated 23 Oct 1843, surety Otho Miller.

WHEAT, JOSEPH Z., over 21, and MISS MYRA ELLEN SMITH, dau of Wyatt, bond dated 18 Sept 1851, surety Sinclair Wheat.

WHEAT, OTHO/OTHY, over 21, and CYTHA WHITE, over 21, bond dated 17 Nov 1842, surety James B. White.

*WHEAT, VOLNEY G., over 21, and MISS DOROTHY M. JOHNSTON, dau of Thos. B. Johnston by note, bond dated 17 Feb 1846, surety Granville A. Wheat.

WHEAT, WILLIS, over 21, and AGNESS C. CHAPMAN. over 21. bond dated 13 June 1844, surety Win. Henry Johnston.

*WHEAT ZACHARIAH, over 21, and MARGARET ANN FRAZER, under 21, dau of Kitty Ann Frazer, bond dated 1 May 1845, surety Robert P. Trabue.

WHEELER, JAMES, over 21, and SALLY MARTIN PATTERSON, dau of Ann Patterson by note, bond dated 12 Oct 1842, surety John Bratcher.

WHITE, ABRELL J., over 21, and GENNETTA Y. WINFREY, dau of Sims A. by note, bond dated 2 Sept 1842, surety M. W. Cartwright.

WHITE, ALBERT, over 21, and POLLY STOTTS, dau of Solomon, bond dated 12 Nov 1842, surety Solomon Stotts.

WHITE, EUPHRATES C., over 21, and SALLY HURT, "her father consents personally", bond dated 16 July 1842. surety Alban Hurt.

WHITE, WILLIAM, over 21, and MALINDA GRIDER, over 21, bond dated 16 April 1845, surety Young E. Hurt.

WILCOX, BENJAMIN, over 21, and MARY ANN SPARKS, "her father having given his consent", bond dated 6 Nov 1843, surety Mathew Sparks.

WILKINSON, THOMAS, over 21, and PATSY FORBUS, over 21, bond dated 23 Feb 1846, surety Braxton Pelly.

WILLIAMS, DRURY, over 21, and MARGARET BREEDING, over 21, bond dated 15 Oct 1845, surety William Bradshaw.

WILLIS, MERRY, over 21, and JANE CROUCH, "her guardian, said Nally", bond dated 28 Sept 1842, surety William Nally.

WILSON, JAMES, over 21, and MISS SARAH JANE JUI~D,"her father present nad consenting", bond not dated, date on outside of bond was 20 Dec 1852 (minister's return stated married 21 Dec 1852), surety Squire Judd. (One of the two minister's returns gives groom as James Willen)

*WILSON, NATHANIEL, over 21, and SARAH ANN YORKE, over 21, consent note signed by Armstead York, bond dated 3 Nov 1845, surety Doctor W. McGlasson.

WINFREE, ANDERSON, under 21, son of William by note, and LUVENA MEDARIS, over 21, dau of Charles, bond dated 10 Feb 1845, surety Colbert Medaris.

*WINSTON, JOSEPH K., over 21, and HARRIET 0. TRABUE, over 21, bond dated 10 June 1856, surety Edgar B. Gaither.

WOMACK, JOHN, over 21, and ELVIRA LEACH, "her father having given his consent", bond dated 25 Dec 1844, surety Mathew Leach.

WOMACK, WESLEY, over 21, and ELIZABETH COFFEY, dau of Vileta Coffey by note, bond dated 5 Aug 1850, surety Green B. Acre

*WOOD, JOHN, over 21, and MISS HARRET CHRISTERSON, over 21, bond dated 13 Feb 1844, surety John Christerson.

WOODWARD, JULIUS, over 21, and JANE MARRS, dau of Sam'l W. Marrs, bond dated 4 Dec 1843, surety James F. Marrs.

WORKMAN, PETER, over 21, and MATILDA J. REED, over 21, bond dated 2 Feb 1846, surety Amos K. Reed.

*WREN, ISAAC N., over 21, and CAROLINE TAYLOR, over 21, bond dated 18 Dec 1850, surety Samuel B. Cheek.

YATES, JAMES L. , over 21, and MISS ELIZABETH A. YATES, "her father having given his consent", bond dated 3 march 1846, surety Jno. B. Yates.

YOUNG, HARVEY, over 21, and MARTHA ANDERSON, dau of John by note, bond dated 6 May 1842, surety Mathews Anderson.

YOUNG, JAMES E., over 21, and ELIZABETH SIMPSON, over 21, bond dated 19 June 1845, surety George W. Breeding.

YOUNG, SAMPSON A., over 21, and SUSAN BARRON, dau of Elizabeth by note, bond dated 21 Feb 1842, surety Silas Barron.

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