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The Lost Marriage Bonds Of Adair Co. Ky. 1840-1870 N-S

NELL, JOHN, over 21, and FRANCIS STAPLES, dau of Jas., bond dated 12 Sept 1842, surety Valentine Colbert.

NELL, WILLIAM, of age, and SARAH LLOYD, her father was Thompson C. by note, bond dated 20 Dec 1842, surety William P. Lloyd.

NOEL, WILLIAM H., over 21, and MARY JEFFERSON WALKUP, over 21, bond dated 12 July 1845, surety John C. A. Strange.

*NUNN JOHN M., over 21, and JANE C. BREEDING, dau of James by note, bond dated 4 Sept 1845, surety Edgar B. Gaither.

NUNN, THOMAS, son of Ingram Nunn by note, and NARCISSA ROWE, her father consents personally bond dated 8 Nov 1843, surety Thomas Rowe.

ORR, WILLIAM V., over 21, and MARY J. CATHARINE BOTTS, dau of Thompson Botts by note, bond dated 28 Dec 1852, surety William T. Moore.

PATTESON, ALLEN D. and MARY ABRELL, dau of John by note, bond dated 16 Nov 1850, surety Robert Lyon.

PATTERSON, ELI J., over 21, and CHARLOTTE NELL, over 21, bond dated 18 June 1850, surety Dory Nell.

PENDLETON, ABNER J., son of P. M. by note, and NANCY J. STEPHENS, dau of Elijah by note, bond dated 30 Oct 1845, surety Joseph Holland.

PENDLETON, CHESLEY, son of Polly M. Pendleton who is his guardian, and ELIZA JANE PULLIAM, dau of Absalom C. by note, bond dated 26 Sept 1842, surety James Y. Browning.

PENDLETON, GREEN, over 21, and TELITHA NEET, over 21, bond dated 19 May 1845, surety William Gadberry.

PENDLETON, JOHN H~ over 21, and SARAH FRANCES PULLIAM, over 21, infant daughter of Absolom C. Pulliam, dec'd",her guardian-John W. Beauchamp-consents, bond dated 5 Nov 1850, surety James T. Yates.

*PENICK QUINTUS H., over 21, and SALLY B. ESTES, dau of John Y. by note, bond dated 5 Nov 1846, surety Joseph Holland.

*PENICK, WILLIAM S., over 21, and ANN J. HAMILTON, dau of Margaret by note, bond dated 18 Oct 1852, surety Austin Cooksey.

PERRYMAN, JAMES H. and LUCINDA DUDLEY bond dated 11 Nov 1852, surety John Dudley.

PICKETT, JEFFERSON, over 21, and MARTHA ANN SUTTLES, her guardian personally consents, bond dated 13 Oct 1843, surety Charles Hall.

PIKE, PRESTON P., over, 21, and SARAH SMITH, over 21, bond dated 24 Nov 1843, surety Joseph Biggs.

*POINTER JAMES, over 21, and PATSEY YATES, over 21, bond dated 5 Sept 1846, surety William Yates.

*POLLARD JOSEPH H., over 21, and MARTHA C. BUTLER, dau of Creed by note, bond dated 12 Sept 1830, surety John P. Deaton.

*POOR MARTIN, over 21, and SARAH C. BREEDING, over 21, bond dated 6 Jan 1844, surety Andrew Jackson Curry.

POORE, THOMAS G., over 21, and MISS SUSAN H. MOSS bond dated 23 Nov 1852, surety James W. Moss.

*POWELL ELIAS, over 21, and ELIZABETH JANE MCELROY, her father consents personally, bond dated 23 Aug 1844, surety Francis McElroy.

*POWEL_, JOHN F., son of James by note, and MARY ANN BRIANT, dau of Win. Briant, bond date 2 Nov 1844, surety William Briant.

POWELL, WILLIAM, over 21, and CAROLINE WARMACK, her father consents (no note), bond dated 9 Aug 1842, surety William Warmack.

POWELL, WILLIAM R., over 21, and POLLY MCCLISTER, dau of Andrew, bond dated 19 Oct 1852, surety Andrew McClister.

PRESTON, HARDEN, son of Dosha by note, and ELIZA JANE STOTTS, dau of Jas. by note, bond dated 23 May 1843, surety James A. Stotts.

PRICE, JOSEPH, over 21, and RHODA PULLIAM, over 21, born 19 January 1807 and a widow (by her note), bond dated 18 Dec 1852, surety John W. Shirley.

*REDMAN, GEORGE and MARTHA ANN GRANT, dau of Samuel W., bond dated 7 March 1842, surety Samuel W. Grant.

REDMON, GEORGE, over 21, and MILDRED CORBIN, dau of James Corbin, Sr. by note, bond dated 29 Jan 1845, surety David Corbin.

*REDMON, WILLIAM H., over 21, and ELIZABETH HOLT, over 21, bond dated 27 Aug 1844, surety Jackson Holt.

REES_, GEORGE WASHINGTON, son of David by note, and ELIZABETH ANN ENGLAND, dau of Nathaniel, bond dated 9 March 1842,surety James England.

*REECE, WILLIAM A., over 21, and SARAH ANN SPARKS dau of Jeremiah, bond dated 7 Nov 1850, surety Jeremiah Sparks.

REED, HENRY CLAY, over 21, and SOPHIA ADALINE FRAZER, under 21, her guardian-K. A. Frazer- consents, bond dated 5 Oct 1852, surety Thomas T. Alexander.

RETHERFORD, JOHN, over 21, and ELIZA JEANS, granddaughter of David Jeans, bond 7 Mar 1846, surety David Jeans.

REYNOLDS, JAMES H, over 21, and ELIZABETH HOLLADAY, dau of Mariah, bond dated 2 Oct 1844, surety William Holladay.

RICHARDS, SIDNEY B., over 21, and CYNTHIA SPARKS, over 21, bond dated 4 Jan 1842, surety Frederick S. Wooten.

ROACH, MEREDITH, over 21, and MERLY ANN SPARKS, dau of Jehu, bond dated 20 Aug 1842, surety Jehu Sparks.

ROARK, MARTIN, over 21, and MISS HARRIETT CAMPBELL, dau of Jeremiah, bond dated 10 Sept 1851, surety Jeremiah Campbell.

ROBINSON, WILLIAM N., over 21, and SARAH C. STONE, dau of Manoah, bond dated 7 Feb 1842, surety Albert T. Baker.

ROCHESTER, CHARLES H., over 21, and MARY L. CALDWELL, over 21, bond dated 10 July 1850, surety J. A. Fisher.

ROGERS, ELZY, over 21, and PEACHY KEMP, over 21, bond dated 4 Aug 1845, surety John M. Kemp.

*ROGERS, ISAIAH W., over 21, and MARTHA E. H. CHASTAIN, dau of Joseph by note, bond dated 30 July 1844, surety Valentine (Volley) Garrison.

ROGERS, JACKSON H., over 21, and MILDRED E. CRAIG, under 21, dau of Joseph, bond dated 31 Dec 1844, surety Joseph Craig.

RODGERS, JOEL N. and MISS SARAH A. BAULT, a consent note signed by Cynthia V. Bault, bond dated 30 Sept 1852, surety Charles R. Rodgers.

RODGERS, SAMPSON G., son of James by note, and MISS E. W. KELTNER~ over 21, bond dated 26 Nov 1845, surety James W. Sexton.

*ROGERS, WINDELL, over 21, and GRACY B. ROGERS, "her father having personally given his consent", bond dated 20 July 1843, surety John Bright.

ROSS, WILLIS, over 21, and LYDIA CURRY, dau of Thomas, bond dated 26 Jan 1843, surety Josiah T. Curry.

ROW, THOMAS K., over 21, and NANCY ROSS, dau of Cornelius, bond dated 23 April 1842, surety Cornelius Ross.

ROYCE,- HIRAM, over 21, and JANE WHEELER, dau of Archelaus, bond dated 4 Sept 1843, surety Archelaus Wheeler.

*RUSH, JAMES M., over 21, and MARY A. BLAYDES, dau of Walker I. Blades, bond dated 14 Nov 1851, surety James W. Jeffries.

RUSSELL, HENRY, over 21, and MARTHA STILWELL, dau of Elizabeth by note, bond dated 13 Mar 1844, surety A. H. Rice.

SAUFLEY, CHARLES H., over 21, and MARIAM FOLEY, over 21, bond dated 7 July 1842, surety Manoah Stone.

SCOTT, ALBERT, over 21, and AMANDA COX, dau of James by note, bond dated 1 Apr 1846, surety Andrew J. Cox.

*SCOTT, JAMES, over 21, and HELEN ANDERSON, over 21, dau of John by note, bond dated 9 Dec 1843, surety Albert Scott.

SCOTT, ROBERT, over 21, and AMERICA HOPPER, over 21, bond dated 29 Aug 1846, surety Clemon Hopper.

SEXTON, JAMES W., son of Silas B. by note, and MISS SARAH M. KELTNER, over 21, bond dated 26 Nov 1845, surety Sampson G. Rogers.

SEXTON, JOHN WESLEY, over 21, and MISS SALLY WILLIAMS, consent of her guardian-Thomas Rowe, bond dated 24 July 1850,surety Thomas Rowe.

SEXTON, PINKNEY, over 21, and LUCINDA FENTON, dau of Polly, bond dated 4 Aug 1842, surety William Sexton.

SEXTON, SILAS B., over 21, and MISS SARAH R. MORRISON, over 21, bond dated 3 Oct 1852, surety Sinclair Wheat.

SHAW, GEORGE, his father consents, and BARBARY SHAW, over 21, bond dated 1 Jan 1846, surety Joseph Shaw.

SHAW, JACOB, over 21, and SUSANNAH SHAW, over 21, bond dated 2 Oct 1846, surety Joseph Shaw.

*SHAW JAMES M., over 21, and MISS MIRG H. BUTLER, her father consenting, bond dated 23 Sept 1846, surety Champness Butler.

SHEPHERD, MILTON W., over 21, and AMANDA SHARP, dau of Job, bond dated 10 Feb 1844, surety Job Sharp.

SILKEY, JAMES A., over 21, and SUSAN KELTNER, sister of Andrew-- "she having no father or guardian", bond dated 27 May 1845, surety Andrew Keltner.

SIMPSON, MILTON and DICY COFFEE, over 21, dau of Sail Coffee, bond dated 17 Dec 1842, surety George W. Breeding.

SIMS, BEVERLY, over 21, and JANE KING, over 21, widow of Stephen King, bond dated 11 Mar 1845, surety James Scott.

SIMS, REUBEN, over 21, and POLLY COWHERD, over 21, bond dated 26 July 1842, surety John W. Garnett.

SKAGGS, WILLIAM C., over 21, and JANE W. ESTES, dau of Win. by note, bond dated 1 June 1842, surety Meridy Price and W. T. Skaggs.

SKIENS, JOHN, over 21, and ISABELLA LYON, over 21, bond not dated, date on outside of bond is 2 Sept 1850, surety Clayton Harmon. (The minister's return gives John S. Keene.)

*SLINKER, FINDLEY M. and MARTHA HOLLAND, dau of Robert by note, bond dated 2 Feb 1846, surety Pleasant A. Holland.

SMYTH, FRANCIS P., over 21, and ELIZABETH J. BANKS, over 21, bond dated 12 Nov 1846, surety John M. Breeding.

*SMITH, HARDIN, over 21, and ELVIRA SHAW, over 21, bond dated 23 May 1844, surety George Washington Shaw.

*SMITH, ISAM WILLIAM WARDER and SUSAN SKAGGS, dau of Thomas by note, bond dated 23 Oct 1852, surety William P. Bridgewater.

SMITH, JOHN, over 21, and MISS ISABEL GRIDER, over 21, bond dated 7 Oct 1852, surety William L. Fletcher.

SMITH, JOHN F., of age, and NANCY JANE HENDRIXSON, her father con senting, bond dated 18 Nov 1846, surety Michael Hendrixson.

SMITH, REUBEN A. and MARY H. TINSLEY, dau of David bynote, bond dated 1 Feb 1842, surety Win. B. Caldwell.

SMITH, WILLIAM T., son of Margaret by note, and JEMIMA RODGERS, dau of William, bond dated 6 July 1846, surety ReubenW Smith.

*SMITH, WILLIAM W., over 21, and ELIZABETH BALT, over 21, bond dated 22 Dec 1852, surety Jacob Balt.

SOLOMON, ALEXANDER, over 21, and MARY JANE MC LARNING, dau of Hugh, bond dated 12 Dec 1843, surety Sam'l B. Field.

SPARKS, JOSIAH A., over 21, and HARRIET POWELL, over 21, bond dated 5 May 1846, surety William B. Field.

*SQUIRES, LEVI, over 21, and MARY ELIZABETH CALDWELL, dau of Henry by note, bond dated 30 Dec 1845, surety Henry C. Townsend.

STATON, JOHN J., over 21, and MYRA S. HURT, dau of Alban by note, bond dated 24 Feb 1846, surety Elijah Medaris.

STATON, WILLIAM, over 21, and MALINDA JANE MONDAY, dau of Christopher by note, bond dated 10 July 1845, surety William H. Monday.

STILWELL, ELISHA, over 21, and ELIZABETH M. TIMBERLAKE, consent of her guardian-- D. M. Timberlake--by note, bond dated 20 Aug 1844, surety Jame~ Coffee.

STONE, WILLIAM F., over 21, and ELIZABETH STOTTS, dau of William, bond dated 16 April 1842, surety Joseph G. Atkins.

STOTTS, BENJAMIN and MARTHA STOTTS, dau of Thomas, bond dated 7 March 1842, surety Hiram Royse.

STOTTS, BENJAMIN B., son of James, and MRS. SARAH WHITE, over 21, bond dated 6 Sept 1851, surety John C. White.

STOTTS, JAMES, over 21, and NANCY JANE HUNDLEY, dau of William, bond dated 4 Sept 1850, surety William Hundley.

STOTTS, JAMES A., over 21, and MISS AMANDA SWIFT, her guardian-- Margaret Turk--consents by note, bond dated 22 April 1842, surety Caleb P. Turk.

STOTTS, JOHN, over 21, and MANURVY H. REED, dau of Philip by note, bond dated 9 Feb 1842, surety: clerk wrote Willis B. Reed, signature was of Amos K. Reed.

STOTTS, OLIVER, over 21, and ELIZABETh MOORE, dau of Henry, bond dated 15 May 1843, surety Henry Moore.

STOTTS, SOLOMON, over 21, arid MARGARET EMELINE GOLIHER, over 21, bond dated 3 April 1843, surety Nathaniel Bratcher.

STRANGE, ARCHELUS A., over 21, and MISS POLLY ANN POWELL, over 21, bond dated 16 Nov 1852, surety Jas. A. Powell.

STRANGE, LARKIN A., over 21, and MARY ANN SYMPSON, dau of Samuel, bond dated 6 Nov 1843, surety Samuel Simpson.

STRANGE, WILSON C. A., over 21, and SALLY TURNER, infant and heir of Joseph Turner, deceased-- consent given by her guardian Levi Turner, bond dated 15 June 1843, surety Green Turner.

STREET, WILLIAM, over 21, and SALLY JEANS, dau of Thomas by note, bond dated 7 Oct 1846, surety Mark Gollaher.

STULTS, WILLIAM D., over 21, and LUCRETIA JEANS, under 21, dau of Allen and Elizabeth Chambers by note, bond dated 15 July 1846, surety John Retherford.

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