Lost Marriage Bonds of Adair Co. Ky E-H
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The Lost Marriage Bonds of Adair Co. Ky 1840-1870 E-H

DOOLEY, MILTON and AMANDA F. NEET, dau of David by note, bond dated 16 Dec 1846, surety Reuben S. Winfrey.

DOUGLASS, ROBERT, over 21, and SUSAN C. POWELL, over 21, bond dated 17 Oct 1844. surety William D. Hill.

DOWELL, JAMES A., over 21, and MARY ROSE, over 21, bond dated 24 Dec 1850, surety John S. Dowell.

DOWELL, THOMAS W., son of Harrison by note, and MISS SALLY W. ROSE, dau of Mary A. Rose by note, bond dated 3 Aug 1850, surety Robert G. Evans.

DRYSDALE, SAMUEL J., over 21, and BERLINDA INGRAM, dau of Nancy by note, bond dated 5 May 1846, surety Pilson Smith.

DERETT, ELIJAH, over 21, and SARAH J. DAVIS, dau of Samuel Page, bond dated 1 April 1844, surety Samuel Page.

EAST, JOHN and MISS E. A. COFFER bond dated 27 Dec 1852, surety Samuel Mourning.

EDWARDS, JOHN N., over 21, and KEZIAH JANE FLOWERS, dau of Thomas, bond dated 22 Feb 1845, surety Lysander Walker.

EDWARDS, WILLIAM, son of James P. by note, and SOPHIA PATTERSON, step-dau of Emanuel Reed, bond dated 26 Aug 1846, surety Barnett T. Patterson.

ENGLAND, DANIEL, son of Nathaniel by note, and REBECCA JESSEE, her guardian-William Jesse-consents, bond dated 19 Jan 1843, surety Timothy England.

ENGLAND, SAMUEL, his father consents, and ELIZABETH T? JESSE, dau of Judith Gibson by note, bond dated 10 Oct 1844, surety William England.

EPPERSON, JOHN J., son of William by note, and ELIZABETH MORRIS, dau of Samuel by note, bond dated 19 Dec 1842,surety James A. Montgomery.

ESKEW, AMOS, over 21, and PARTHENA ANDES, over 21, bond dated 20 July 1843, surety John McNeely.

ESTES, HARVEY W., his father personally consents, and ELIZA ANN MCKINSEY, over 21, bond dated 8 Nov 1843, surety William M. Estes.

ESTES, JAMES W., under 21, son of John Y. by note, and MARY HAMILTON, under 21, dau of Margaret by note,bond dated 19 Aug 1844. surety Joseph Holland.

ESTES, LEWIS H., over 21, of Barren Co., and KITTY ANNA WISDOM, of Adair, dau of James by note. bond dated 28 Oct 1843, surety William Demombreaun.

EWERS, WILLIAM T., over 21, and MARY JANE CHEEK, dau of ~Jane by note, bond dated 8 Nov 1845, surety Pilson Smith.

*EWING GEORGE W., under 21, his guardian-Milton P. Wheat-consents, and NANCY J. CRAVENS, under 21, her guardian- Milton P. Wheat-consents, bond dated 13 Aug 1842, surety Andrew Murcer.

*FERRELL, WILLIAM A., over 21, and MARGARET JANE MILLS, dau of Jacob by note, bond dated 7 Oct 1843, surety Bazil A. Wheat.

FILPOT, SAMUEL, over 21, and NANCY CROTHERIN, over 21, bond dated 7 Dec 1850, surety George W. Pickett. (see LIGHTFOOT)

FINN, DAVID, over 21, and LUCINDA FINN, over 21, bond dated 24 Nov 1845, surety Barnet Finn.

FLETCHER, JAMES B., under 21, son of Nancy by note, and NANCY NELL, over 21, bond dated 22 Jan 1846, surety Andrew Edwards.

FLETCHER, SAMUEL W., over 21, and MISS SUSAN BARNES, her father personally consents, bond dated 29 Nov 1845,surety Nimrod Barnes.

FLORO, ALEXANDER, aged 21, and FANNY H. PENDLETON, her father consents, bond dated 19 July 1845, surety James Floro.

FLORA, JAMES, over 21, and MATILDA HARMON, dau of Win., bond dated 25 July 1846, surety William Harmon.

*FRANKLIN NATHANIEL and ELIZA ANTLE, dau of Henry by note, bond dated 28 Dec 1846, surety Willis Antle.

FRANKUM, GEORGE W., over 21, and LUCINDA BRYANT, over 21, bond dated 13 Jan 1845, surety Alexander Briant.

FRAZER, ZABULON M. P., son of Win. by note, and EDNA HAMILTON, dau of Margaret by note, bond dated 25 Sept 1844, surety Curtis G. Wheat.

FROST, NIMROD B. and HARRIETT PAGE, dau of James, bond dated 2 Jan 1843, surety Allen D. Patteson.

GADBERRY, JAMES and SARAH ANN COWNOVER, over 21, bond dated 14 Nov 1842, surety William D. Murrell.

GARMON, ADAM, over 21, and LUCY ANN HOLLAND, dau of Robert, bond dated 6 April 1846. surety Robert Holland.

GARNETT, RICHARD T?, son of Mary A. P. Garnett by note, and MISS CAROLINE M. TAYLOR, over 21, bond dated 4 March 1846, surety Robert McClain.

GARRETT, JAMES P., son of Pleasant by note, and LOUISA ROE, dau of Abner by note, bond dated 11 Aug 1851, surety William R. Garrett.

GARRETT, WILLIAM R., over 21, and MISS ELIZABETH GARMON, over 21, bond dated 22 Sept 1851, surety George W. Garmon.

GAY (GUY?), CORNELIOUS, over 21, and SUSAN CATHERINE THOMAS, dau of Nancy by note, bond dated 25 Oct 1842, surety Pleasant Horten.

GHEEN, WILLIAM E., over 21, and ELIZA JANE MINTON, over 21, bond dated 3 Sept 1845, surety Orson Ames (see Green).

GILES, WILLIAM J., son of Elijah by note, and ELIZABETH BROCK, dau of John, bond dated 10 Aug 1842, surety John Brock.

GILPIN, JAMES, over 21. and SARAH ADKINS, dau of Mary by note, bond dated 18 Oct 1843, surety Isiah Tucker.

GILPIN, SAM'L, over 21, and SALLY HARMON, over 21, dau of Polly by note. bond dated 10 Nov 1845, surety John Rhodes.

GOALDER, MICAJAH P., over 21, and POLLY A. PERRY, dau of Edward by note, bond dated 23 Oct 1852, surety Ward Perry.

GOLAHER, MARK, over 21, and ELIZABETH JANES, under 21, dau of T? Janes by note, bond dated 3 Dec 1846, surety William Roe.

GOWEN, ALLEN, son of Frederick, and MISS JARETTA JANE TARTAR, dau of Alfred by note, bond dated 27 Sept 1851, surety Frederick Gowen.

GRADY, PHILIP R., under 21, son of Win. F., and SUSAN CATHARINE YATES, under 21, dau of John B. by note, bond dated 7 Dec 1844, surety George Yates.

GRANT, BENJAMIN, over 21, and ELIZABETH EMILY BANKS, her guardian- George R. Watson-consents, bond dated 30 Sept 1844, surety George R. Watson.

GRANT, SAMUEL W., over 21, and NANCY ARNOLD, over 21, bond dated 19 Oct 1844, surety John Hendrickson.

GREENE, HIRAM, over 21, and MISS GRACY JANES, dau of Spencer by note, bond dated 20 Dec 1852, surety Thomas G. Walker.

GREEN, WILLIAM E. (see Gheen)

GREGORY, THOMAS E., over 21, and MISS ANGELINE W. PITTMAN, over 21, bond dated 9 Sept 1845, surety Isaac Caldwell.

GRIDER, FREDERICK and MISS MARTHA E. WHEAT, dau of Samuel, bond dated 18 June 1844, surety Samuel Wheat.

GRISSOM, ELCANEY, over 21, and MANERVY JANE WILSON, dau of David by note, bond dated 8 Nov 1845, surety Andrew Wilson

GUESSFORD, WILLIAM, over 21, and EMILY SMITH, over 21, bond dated 19 Aug 1846, surety Rice Smith.

*HAGAN, ASA C., over 21, and MARIAH C. MOORE, over 21, bond dated 29 Nov 1844, surety John J. McCarta.

HAMILTON, WILLIAM (Bond contains only the signatures of groom and surety and the date on the outside: 6 Sept 1852),surety S. H. Kinnaird.

HANCOCK, JAMES M., over 21, and AMANDA FINN, over 21, bond dated 13 July 1850, surety Elijah Rutledge.

HANCOCK, OLIVER H., over 21, and AMANDA M. CUNDIFF, over 21, bond dated 6 Aug 1842, surety Joseph M. True.

HARDEN, JOSEPH, over 21, and VERNETTA HARDEN, under 21, her guardian Enoch W. Harden-consents, bond dated 18 May 1844,surety Samuel T. Wilkerson.

HARMON, JOHN, over 21, and SARAH NEAT, over 21, bond dated 15 Jan 1845, surety Clayton Harmon.

HARVEY, JOHN M., over 21, of Adair, and NANCY JANE POWELL, under 21, granddaughter of Nancy Lewis by note, of Adair,bond dated 12 Oct 1846, surety John Lewis.

HATCHER, CHARLES HENRY, son of C. H. by note, and MISS GENNETTA J. EWERS, under 21, consent by her guardian-G. W. Cole by note, bond dated 8 Nov 1842, surety Isaac H. Caidwell.

HATCHER, HASKINS, over 21, and MARIA PATTESON, her father consents, bond dated 26 Feb 1845, surety Patrick H. Ingram.

HELM, WILLIAM D., over 21, and PHEBE LUCRETIA CALDWELL, over 21, bond dated 24 May 1843, surety James B. Johnson.

HENDERSON, KILMANURT/KINNANWIT, son of William, and REBECA L. MURPHY, her father consents (no note), bond dated 18 Jan 1843, surety William Henderson.

HENDRICKSON, WILLIAM, over 21, and LUVENIA HENDRIXON, over 21, bond dated 19 Sept 1846, surety Cluff Thomas.

HILL, ABRAHAM, over 21, and MARY LEACH, over 21, bond dated 11 Feb 1845, surety John N. Damron.

HILL, WILLIAM, over 21, and MARY M. SPARKS, dau of Thomas, bond dated 5 Jan 1846, surety Thomas Sparks.

HILL, WILLIAM A., over 21, and MISS MATILDA GRISSOM, over 21, bond dated 9 Sept 1850, surety James F. Ewing.

HOLLAND, JOSEPH, aged 21, and FRANCES ESTES, dau of John Y. Estes by note, bond dated 5 Jan 1846, surety Thomas Estes.

*HOLT, ALLISON, his guardian-John Hill-consents, and SERENA BAILEY, dau of Lewis, bond dated 3 Dec 1846, surety Lewis Bailey.

*HOLT, CLINTON, over 21. and POLLY TURNER, her father consents (no note), bond dated 12 July 1842, surety Benjamin Dice.

*HOI.~T JACKSON, over 21, and NIAGRA TURNER, over 21, bond dated 26 Jan 1843, surety Powell Halt.

HOLT, JOHN, over 21, and PURGERSON, her father present and consenting, bond dated -- Nov 1852, surety Thomas Purgerson.

HOOD, JESSE, over 21, and EMILY E. SMITH, dau of Mary by note, bond dated 25 Jan 1844, surety John P. Smith.

HUGHES, BLACKMORE, son of Margaret, and SUSAN ELIZABETH NELSON, her guardian-James B. Craig- consents, bond dated 23 May 1842, surety James B. Craig.

HUNDLEY, JAMES M., over 21, and HELENA PATTERSON, dau of John by note, bond dated 3 Dec 1850, surety Francis M. Stotts.

HURT, BOEN P., son of Elizabeth by note, and MELISSA F. BRIDGEWATER, dau of Win., bond 15 July 1846, surety John C. White,Jr.

HURT, CURRAN 0., over 21, and MISS MARTHA ANN RODGERS, dau of Joseph East, bond dated 20 Nov 1852, surety William D.Montgomery.

*HURT, FRANCIS M., under 21, and MARY STOTTS, under 21, "their parents consent", bond dated 2 Feb 1846, surety Boen P.Hurt.

HURT, JACKSON, over 21, and JANE ANDERSON, over 21, dau of John by note, bond dated 26 May 1851, surety Elzy Hurt.

*HURT, JOEL, over 21, and POLLY A. CAVEL, over 21, dau of Samuel by note, bond dated 18 June 1842 surety Robert Montgomery.

HURT, WILLIAM W., over 21, and NANCY WARE, over 21, bond dated 21 Apr 1845, surety Manoah Stone.

HUTCHINSON, WILLIS, aged 25, he and both parents born in Adair, and MISS FRANCES W. (or M.) FEESE, her father present, aged 21, born Adair, both parents born Kentucky, both bride and groom single, bond dated 4 May 1861, surety Samuel Feese.

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