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After 40 days of being in

the desert with no food

or drink, and dealing with

the temptations of evil, Jesus

was ready to bring His

message to the people. He

began talking to the few people

that seemed to be interested

in Him.

One day John the Baptist

was teaching by the River Jordan.

He saw Jesus pass by and said,

"Behold, the Lamb of God".

There was two men standing near by

that heard John's words. They

realized that this was the Christ

that John the Baptist had

preached about.

The two men began to follow

Jesus. Jesus saw them and

stopped. He asked them,

"What is it that you seek?"

They wanted to talk to Jesus.

They asked Him where He was staying.

Jesus said, "Come and see."

So the two men went with Jesus.

Both of these men were

fishermen. One of these fishermen's

name was Andrew.

Andrew stayed and talked with

Jesus for the whole day.

He was learning from Jesus.

When the day was over,

he was certain that he had

met the Son of God and

The King of Israel. Andrew,

as well as all the Jews of

that time, knew the Bible said

there would be a man who would

save them from sin. They

believed that He would be the

King of their nation.

Andrew came to see Jesus again.

This time he brought his

brother Simon with him. Jesus saw

them coming and before Andrew

could tell Him who Simon was,

Jesus said, "So, you are Simon,

Son of Jona?" Then Jesus gave Simon

a new name. "You shall be called 'The Rock'."

He told Simon. So, from then on,

he was called Simon Peter,

or Simon the Rock.

The next day Jesus decided

to travel to Galilee. On His

way He met Philip. Jesus said,

"Follow Me". Philip could sense

the power that Jesus had in Him.

Philip immediately followed Him.

Philip had a friend by the

name of Nathanael. When Philip was talking

to Nathanael about Jesus, Nathanael

remarked, "Can anthing good

come out of Nazareth?" Philip did

not argue with Nathanael.

Instead he said, "Come and see."

He knew Jesus would show Nathanael the truth.

When Jesus saw Nathanael

coming He said, "Here is an

Israelite indeed, in whom

there is no guile."

This comment suprised Nathanael.

He said, "How did you know me?"

"I saw you under a fig tree

before Philip called you,"

Jesus replied.

Nathanael didn't understand how

Jesus could have seen him

miles away. Immediately he knew that

what Philip had told him about

Jesus was true. "Teacher,"

he said, "You are the Son of God!

You are the King of Israel!"

Jesus gently said to him,

"Because I said to you I saw

you under the fig tree, do you believe?

You shall see greater things

than these. You will see Heaven

opened and the Angels

ascending and descending upon

the Son of Man."

Later Jesus found John and

his brother James in their

boats mending their nets. They

were with their father Zebedee

and their hired servants.

Jesus called to James and John

to follow Him. They left

their father with the hired servants

in the boat and followed Jesus.

Jesus now had 6 followers.

They were Andrew and Simon Peter,

who were brothers; John and James,

who were brothers; and

Philip and Nathanael.

These men were called Disciples.

They were called this because

they were students of God.

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