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Yes, I Really do believe in Angels. If you ask me why, the answer is not an easy one. I cannot prove they really do exist. There is no solid proof. Just as I cannot prove there is a God I cannot provethere are angels. I can only believe. And that I do! I can tell you why I believe there are angels. I can tell you what I think they stand for where I think they come from and what I think they do Again, I cannot prove any of this. I can only give you my opinion. Of course, if you choose not to believe in them, then, that is your choice. I cannot change that. I can only state what I feel. I can only state what I have seen. I can only state what I think. It's not anything that can be proven. But, if we could proveangels really do exist, would they still perform their precious miracles? Would God allow them to help us through life if we could prove they are there? Would their miracles be expected if we could prove their existance? Faith in them would no longer be the determining factor. Have heart though, they are there. They are watching and waiting for all of us. What exactly is an angel? Is it the wingedcreature we picture? That I do not know. I have never actually seen one with wings. Does that mean I have never seen an angel? No. I have seen them. I have felt them. I have felt their love. If an angel is not this beautiful creature we imagine cloaked with wings then what do they look like? If you ask me,they look just like you and I. When we can see them they look like every other human on this earth. They do not stand out. They are not flamboyant or extreme in any measure. In fact,they are usually the ones that go un-noticed by you and I until it is too late, they are gone. Angels are the ones that help us to make the right decisions when we do not know where to turn for help. They are the ones that surprise us with helping us to be generous for the sake of helping others alone. They are the ones that remind us that worldly possessions are notreally necessary to survive in heaven. They are the ones that listen to us when we have no one to talk to, but problems galore eating at our heart. Those are our everyday type angels. Then, there are special angels. They residedeep inside us. They are our Guardian Angels. They speak to us from our heart. They help us to do the things that we don't even think about. They guide us to the right places and the right times. We usually call them luck, intuition, gut-feelings, a hunch, and even chance. But, they are there They show us the way with our heart. If we choose to hear them, they will help us to be where we should be. If we ignore them, then, we shall never know what might have come of that feeling to slow down a bit, to turn left instead of right,to answer a strange phone call, to talk to a stranger. Angels have helped me in my life. When I have let them show me the way, things have been wonderful. They have led me to Love. They have saved me from harm. They have kept me from trouble. Never are the things that they do profound. It is usually subtle things that go un-noticed until after the fact. Have you ever said; "I don't know what made me drive this way today. If I wouldn't have there was an accident where I was suppose to be and I would have been in it!" Have you ever thought about how you met a stranger that is now a friend? Would they be that friend now if it were not for one action from you? So, I do not ask that you believe they are there. I do not ask you to show me what they really look like. All that I ask is that if you happen to come across one in your life, welcome them with open arms and an open heart. They will show you the way to happiness. The only thing you have do to is just Believe!
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