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A gift for Bonita in memory of the Attack On America.
For all the lives lost and effected by this horrific tragedy on our nation.
We will stand together, mourn together and somehow
we will get through all this together "United As A Nation"...
God Bless Always,
Patricia (aka) Aqua

This page dedicated to those that lost their life
September 11, 2001 in *Attack on America*

Lets pray for the victims and for our Country.
Pray that out leaders make the right decisions.
This was a horrible attack on all
the people of the United States.
To All That Believe in A Higher Power:
Do you remember when there was a time
in your life when you didn't think
you would make it through the next day.
Then somehow God
stepped in a made a way for you.
Well Now is the time to put our faith
together and show our God that we do Believe.
Please take a few minutes out
of your busy day to ask God
to touch those that really need him right now.
There are Thousands injured and hundreds
died because of some evil act against the country.
so lets pray together and help those
that might need it more than ourselves.
Go one will laugh...
no one will judge you...
They need us right now!
Please make a stand!!!!
God Bless the USA
In Jesus name we pray

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