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Valentine's Day Romantic Quiz

This Questionnaire should be used by people with a heart only,
Attempted use by grouches may result in painful injury....  Or worse.
Just how romantic are you?  Take the test!

What do you consider a romantic night out?

1 - Dinner at a restaurant, then dancing.
2 - Going to the Local bar.
3 - Sporting event

How often should you send your lover flowers?

1 - Once a week
2 - Once a month
3 - Once a year

How would you like your lover to propose to you?

1 - Horse-and-carriage ride in Central Park
2 - During a romantic dinner for two
3 - At the Movie theater

What would you prefer as a Valentine gift?

1 - Jewelry and Candlelight dinner
2 - Candy and a Card
3 - Card

Which is the most romantic to you?

1 - Moonlight walk on a beach
2 - Going to the movies
3 - Watching TV together

How many times a week
would you like to make love?

1 - 7+
2 - 3-5
3 - 1-2

What do you consider romantic music?

1 - Classical
2 - Rock
3 - Alternative

Where would you prefer to make love?

1 - In front of a fireplace
2 - In bed
3 - Backseat of a car

Where would you like to go on your honeymoon?

1 - An Island in the Caribbean
2 - Disneyland
3 - Local Motel

What do you find more relaxing?

1 - Massage
2 - Bath
3 - Going to sleep


Add up your score and see how you rate.

1 - 3 points
2 - 2 points
3 - 1 point

Your Results of a True Love


Wow, you sure are the Romantic: Will you be my Valentine?


Hey I can tell your tryin, Just have to try a bit harder: Maybe next year!


I know why you took this silly test: Need lessons?

The Valentine's Day Romantic Quiz is very popular, intersting, and FUN, but I do not know who the original author is.  If you know the original author's name, please email me.  Thank you.
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