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Steven Regal, Marcus Bagwell, and Scott Norton. All were flying first class, only Regal was drinking heavly. He got in an arguement with the stewardess and ended up urinating on her. Bagwell and Norton were not involved at all. The pilot landed in Alaska and had cops there take Regal off the plane. They also took Bagwell and Norton off since they were traveling with Regal. Only Regal was arrested and will probably get deported since this was a federal crime.

Sting ripped up another contract from JJ Dillon, this time JJ offered him a contract to fight syxx.

Eager to have Sting return to the ring, JJ Dillon offered Sting a contract to wrestle Curt Hennig during last nights monday nitro. Sting took the contract and ripped it in half without a word. Dillon stunned by Sting's actions, promised to do whatever it takes to get Sting in the ring wrestling again.


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