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Welcome to the Kentucky Eta Chapter of Phi Delta Theta's webpage. Fraternity life offers many opportunities in numerous areas for a college male. Among these areas are: Athletic/intramural, social life, most importantly friends and brothers for life. Each individual fraternity strives to excel in as many of these areas as possible. Therein lies the strength of Phi Delt. Our Chapter focuses on continuing to be the best overall fraternity on this campus (as evidenced by the M. Reed Morgan Award) not setting for mediocrity in any area mentioned above. We also do not limit ourselves to excelling in one area alone, such as intramurals of; rather we strive for excellence in all phases of Greek life and in everything we do. We have great athletic teams and forward to winning the All Sports trophy and the Intramural Award for an unprecedented fifth consecutive year; the fraternity parties are held "off campus" which allows us to do some things that the other fraternities are not permitted to do and to draw bigger crowds as well as bands & DJs; the fraternity GPA is currently second on campus and continuing to rise; the chapter leadership is not only unmatched by any other fraternity but exceeds all other chapters combined; and our attributes the successes and awards solely to the closness of the brothers. On this campus the Phi Delt's are THE STANDARD FOR BROTHERHOOD.


Our House

This is our house at 1260 State St. in Bowling Green,KY. It hold approx. 13 Phi Delts each semester and is inhabited during the summer by a random number of guys. This summer we took it upon ourselves to do what ought to be done and put major time and money into the house. We patched, fixed,& replaced and the house looks better than at any point since i've been here. New carpet for the bar room, flooring for the kitchen, new bar top for the kitchen, new ceiling tile for the TV room, New paint everywhere, reworked the downstairs bathroom, almost entirly redid the upstairs bathroom, new lighting for front porch,& new benches for front porch. Thanks to the housing corp for all their funding, but a special thanks to all the brothers that put in their own time to get this done.

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