Written by Bluey, 1998

I constructed my brick wall; Built it up strong. Immortal stone and mortar Coccoon with security. I am protected A heart cannot break If it is coated with rock. I reach out to no one And no one will reach me. But then you came. I let down my guard; Emerged from within, Filled with curiosity As to who you were. Hypnotized by your smiling mask, I severed all defenses, Opened my door, Let you in. Such perfection! Your entrance had to be worth The risk Of my possible downfall. Except, You let me down. Your aura of godliness shattered Like the glassy face I could not see past You turned tail and smashed Through My Wall. And in your wake, Left me crumpled to my knees . . . Devastated. How did you get past? Why did I let you in? How am I so blinded by trust? I am crying amidst my terracotta ruins. I will sadly stand, and set about Building up my wall again. Only this time, It will be thicker. Taller. Stronger. And I will think twice Before ever letting anyone In Again.

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