Even if I'm not really conversing in psycho-babble, lots of people have trouble understanding what the hell I'm talking about half the time anyway. This is true for chatters and real-life people alike. You might want to print out this field guide, of sorts, so that next time we encounter one another, you'll be prepared.


This is by all means non-inclusive; in addition to the words listed below are the many which I misspell intentionally.


I am a frequent user of typewritten facial expressions. Here's a list of what emotions they are conveying.

Just my regular happy face--I am feeling happy, proud, positive, etc.
Those semi-colons are "sweatdrops". It's when I am feeling embarassed, nervous, flustered, or sheepish about something.
I'm raising my eyebrow at you. It means I am doubtful, confused, or skeptical.
I'm winking. Usually denotes a private joke between the person I am winking at and I, or follows some sort of silly statement.
I am ashamed, sad, depressed, or feeling downright crappy when I use this face.
I'm tired as anything.

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