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The Lawnmower Men

It started out innocently enough. A couple of guys who had some spare time on their hands. But by the time they were done, they had spent several hours and about $200. The results? Well, see for yourself. It's amazing what 17 cans of spray paint and a lucky find off of Ebay will do for you. We didn't do anything to add to the performance of this machine, besides getting new filters, changing the oil, and getting a new battery. The rest is purely cosmetic. By now you're probably asking yourself why 3 kids from Texas would take the time to do this. Especially since we still use it to mow. The scary part is, between the 3 of us we have about 300 hours of college credit.

Well, lets see the darn thing!

BEFORE: Mr. Pansy Mower
AFTER: Lawnmower of DOOM!!!
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