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Kentucky National Guard Page *****HHC 1/123 Armor*****

As a member of The KY National Guard here are some of the benifits you receive!

Interested in joining? Here are a few of the positions we have available in the Fort Knox/Louisville area.

19D Scout-As a Scout you will serve as a member of an observation and listen post, gather and report information on terrain features,enemy strength, disposition and equipment as well as apply principles of escape and evasion.

19K M1 Armor Crewman -

96B Intelligence Analyst -

54B NBC Specialist Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare, as well as decontamination methods and use of protective equipment.

31C Radio Operator/Maintainer -

92Y Supply Specialist

31U Signal Support Specialist

11C Mortarman -

88M Heavy Wheel Vehicle Driver - Operate a 10 ton (HEMTT) or a (HET) over varied terrain and roadways in support of combat operations. Oversees loading/unloading of cargo as well as securing cargo against inclement weather, pilferage and damage.

77F Petroluem Vehicle Driver - Receives and stores bulk and package petroleum, oils and lubricants products. Operates equipment associated with petroleum and water distribution systems. Fuels and defuels vehicles and statioary equipment.

92G Cook -

91B Medic - Admininsters emergency and routine medical treatment. Assists with patient care and treatment under the supervision of physician, nurse or physician's assistant.

92A Equipment/Parts Specialist

44B Welder -

63E M1 ABRAMS Tank System Mechanic - Maintains Hydraulic/Mechaical brake systems, Vehicle suspension systems, mechaical/hydraulic steering systems, auxiliary power units, fire extiguisher/suppression systems and gas particulate systems as well as a host of other systems associated with the M1 Tank.

63S Heavy Wheel Vehicle Mechanic - Performs unit maintenance on heavy wheel vehicles (above 5 ton) This includes the ignition, fuel, compression, exhaust, electrical and other systems associated with these vehicles.

52D Power Generator Equipment Repairer - performs maintenance on tactical utility and power generation sets as well as associated items of equipment.

63T Bradley Fighting Vehicle Systems Mechanic -

45E M1 ABRAMS Tank Turret Mechanic - Diagnoses and troubleshoots malfunctions and performs other unit maintenance on vehicular mounted armament, associated fire control, and related systems and components of M1 Tanks.

63B Light Wheel Vehicle Mechanic - Troubleshoots and performs unit maintenance on the automotive systems of the HUMMV and other light wheel vehicles's

63J Quartermaster & Chemical Equipment Repairer -

These are just a few of the positions available. To find out more call SSG Murray at (502) 637-1250 x 2641 or A National Guard Recruiter at (270) 352-KYNG.

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