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Death Notices for Jefferson County, Kentucky, and Other Areas


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From the author....
Back in the 1800s, obituaries and death notices were detailed and sometimes quite interesting. They contained information on both the life and death of the deceased, and often spoke of information on the families of the deceased as well. Most of these records are now archived on rolls of microfilm and stored at various locations like public libraries. As a service to my fellow researchers and genealogy buffs, I have compiled a large selection of these notices. Volume 1 is only the first of at least 3 planned compilations of this type.

From the publisher....
This large format (8 x 11") research tool contains 232 pages and has every name and place indexed for reader convenience. In addition, all death entries are listed in alphabetical order.

Additional Notes....
This book contains death notices, obituaries, and articles concerning the passing of individuals in the 1800s. A small sampling of inscriptions from tombstones of local cemeteries has also been included in this volume. Information was gathered from various sources, including "The Annual City Report for Louisville" and a variety of newspapers from Jefferson County, Kentucky.

While documenting Jefferson County deaths, notices of deaths outside of Jefferson County, but reported in Jefferson County sources, were also documented and added to this volume. These notices include members of families that were left behind as others moved westward. Thus, a family may have members spread along the Ohio River from Pittsburgh all the way down to New Orleans. In consideration of these facts, all death notices from source newspapers were included, regardless of the actual place of death.

Final note from the author....
An effort was made to insure that text placed in this book mirrors that of the source document. Therefore, spellings (and misspellings) found in this text, along with some archaic terms, are recorded as used in the original document. Also, when text was illegible or difficult to read, transcription was attempted and is marked as such.

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