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Entrance to the Unknown Home Page

Welcome to my first home page! I didn't know what the heck I was doing when I started this, and still don't really, so bear with me. (Of course, that's why my wonderful wife does most of the updating I need ;-) Anyway, this page will always be...

While I've started with this site being mostly dedicated to cemeteries in Jefferson County, Kentucky, in the future I plan to have a personal genealogy page. Please continue to check back and see what all I've done. In the meantime, please allow me to tell you about my new book - available as of March, 2005.

I have compiled over 200 pages of death notices, obituaries, and articles concerning the passing of individuals from Jefferson County in the early 1800s. For my online flier with a complete description and order information, click on or type

And, always feel free to E-mail me at the address linked on the bottom of this page if you have any questions or comments. For now though, I've gotta run....

Page updated 27 January 2005

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