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The Tower Of Telustis
The GM's Trading Post!

Welcome gamers, and GM's in particular, to the Tower of Telustis!
( That's pronounced Tel-oos-tiss, by the way )
No matter what your game, you're bound to find something to make
your next campaign just a little more interesting!

Where does this stuff originate? From GM's like you, of course!
Feel free to use anything you find here as you see fit,
but please, leave a little something for others to use and enjoy.

By now your bag of tricks is surely overflowing with stuff,
things of which you are quite proud, no doubt,
that you'd like to share with others for a little fame among your peers.
Your players are already tired of them anyway,
so why not trade them in for something new?

I suppose you could send your creations to some big game company or magazine,
but it could take months before you got so much as a rejection letter from them.
But no more! Here's your chance for nearly instant gratification!
Send in your diabolical designs via the e-mail link,
and your new ol' pal Telustis will make you and your creation famous!
( Be sure to include your name and info for full credit )
This trading post will surely grow and grow, so be sure to bookmark this page and keep coming back for more!

By the way, I suppose you realize that every game in here is
the trademarked, copyrighted property of some company or other.
Being avid gamers, you already know to whom each game belongs,
and probably better than I do. As such, I'm not going to bother
with all of the TM's and copyright symbols.
(How do you even type a copyright symbol?)
So, be smart and don't try to make any money from
anything you find on these pages. This site is
meant only to be an idea exchange for people running those games.
I, of course, am in no way affiliated with any of these companies.

Below you will find the categories into which the submissions have been, well, categorized.

More will be added as needed, or removed, for that matter.
The first few entries on each page are from me, Telustis, unless otherwise
specified. Entries that you submit will have your name on them, as well as your
email address or anything else you may wish to include.
I must also reserve the right to edit any submissions for the sake of style, length, or clarity, or to alter or reject anything which might get me into big trouble.

Click and enjoy!

The Categories ( so far ):


Races and NPC's

New Character Classes and Day Jobs

Ships-Space & Seafaring




Game Worlds and Places


Miscellaneous Magic Items

Monsters and Creatures


Psionic Abilities

Superheroes & Powers

Other Stuff & Links

Submit Your Contributions!

NOTE: The reason this site hasn't been updated for the past several months is that I had browser issues. They are fixed now, and the Tower of Telustis is now back up and running. Send in those submissions!