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Most of the spells listed here will probably be for use with AD&D,
but many of them have no statistical info provided.
As such you'll have to figure that out on your own.
It would be useful on further submissions to include such info.

Payload Carrying Magic Missle
As suggested, this spell of about sixth level is three spells in one. The missle created will carry another spell effect within itself, and the secondary spell is released upon impact.
Only ONE missle is created. The range of this spell is line-of-sight, and as such it is very handy for increasing the range of other spells with normally shorter ranges.

Globe of Timelessness
This spell, of high level, creates a small, hollow, crystal globe around the target. Time does not pass within the globe, but resumes if it is shattered. Rather pretty.

This causes the target to come to an absolute complete stop for one second per level of the caster. The effect is devastating, for the target then seems to plunge in the opposite direction of the movement of the planet. This is usually fatal, as he will plow through anything in his way, taking LOTS of damage, or falling from a great height once the spell wears off. Remember, the world is moving in three different directions at once.

This causes everyone within the area of effect to forget any rumours they recently heard. This can affect an entire city.

This very high level spell is usually cast only by gods and saints.
This spell causes a change in a species or family line, which is forevermore passed down to future generations, to commemmorate some event. Some known examples include:

  • The holy writings in the tailfin of the Koran Angelfish
  • The fact that the honeybee's sting is fatal to the bee who would use it
  • Rainbows ( super high level--changed the very laws of physics )
  • Fig trees no longer flower
  • Some mulberries are white, but some are blood-red
  • Dogwood trees are now spindly and have symbolic blooms
  • Sand dollars are full of symbolic structures
  • John Dory fish have fingerprints on their sides
  • Tabby cats have the letter "M" on their foreheads
    The list goes on and on, and this is just Earth. Imagine how many examples a world with many gods competing for it would have.

    Well, that's it for MY contributions, so send me YOURS!

    Submitted by:James Renn
    This is both a priest and wizard spell. It is a first level spell which grows more powerful when cast by higher level casters.
    Level = 1st
    School = Alteration
    Sphere = Elemental
    Range = Touch
    Components = Verbal, Somatic, & Material
    Duration = Permanent
    Casting time = 1 Round
    Area of Effect = 12 characters or 1 sqare foot per level of the caster
    Saving Throw = Special

    This spell allows the caster to engrave a surface with any desired characters or images. The design is drawn upon a specially prepared parchment which is destroyed during the casting of the spell. A miniature hammer & chisel set made of fine steel is also used, but is not destroyed. The caster must be able to touch the target surface, that is, to place the parchment upon it during casting. The design or writing is then magically transferred to the target surface in the form of engraving, 1/4 inch deep. Should the target surface be less than 1/4 inch deep, the engraving will stop just short of going all the way through it. Note that an object may be considerably weakened by the process.
    Only non-living surfaces can be affected. Magical objects, like a golem or sword for example, are allowed a saving throw at a bonus of one for each "plus" that it has.
    One square foot of surface area can be carved per level of the caster, or up to 12 characters may be engraved. In addition, harder surfaces may be carved at higher levels, to wit:

  • 1st level = wood
  • 3rd level = soft stones--pumice, limestone, soapstone, etc...
  • 5th level = hard stones--granite, marble, jasper, jade, etc...
  • 7th level = soft metals--gold, silver, lead, etc...
  • 9th level = medium hardness metals--iron, bronze, etc..
  • 11th level= hard metals--steel & some other alloys
  • 13th level= very hard surfaces--mithril, admantium, diamond, etc..
    ( Telustis here. I'm not sure if magical runes or symbols can be carved, but I tend to think not. Perhaps some experimentation is in order. )

    Belar's Acid Balls
    Submitted by:Daro Silverwood
    This isn't a very convenient spell, but it can be devastating!

    Level= 7th
    School= Conjuration
    Sphere= Elemental
    Components= V, S, M
    Duration= 1 round per level of the caster
    Casting time= 4 rounds
    Area of effect= one target creature
    Saving throw= Save vs. Breath Weapon

    This spell creates and hurls one ball of hot, highly corrosive acid at one target. One acid ball is created for every two levels of the caster, rounded down. Upon impact, each acid ball inflicts 5d4 points of damage upon the target. Thereafter, the acid splashed upon the target continues to burn the victim for 2d6 points of damage per turn per level of the caster. This damage is from the total acid amount, not from each acid ball created. Thusly, the acid created by a seventeenth level caster will continue to burn for seventeen rounds, inflicting 2d6dmg each round.
    The material component for this spell is one gem of at least 50g.p. value for each acid ball created.

    Giant Fireball
    Submitted by: Jesse & Barbara Kopelman
    Level= 3rd* ( * kinda strong for a 3rd level spell )
    Sphere= Elemental
    School= Conjuration
    Duration= Special
    Area of effect= 10' radius around the caster
    Components= V,M
    Casting time= one round
    Saving throw= save vs. normal fire
    This spell magically creates a great ball of normal fire in a ten foot radius around the caster. The caster, along with all items worn or carried by him, are unaffected by the flame. This spell is handy for burning away webbing or rope, arson, Lighting lots of torches en masse, heating up a cold area, and of course for burning nearby enemies. ( Nearby allies will also burn ) In short, it has many possible uses.
    The flames created are "normal", and will not affect objects or creatures which can be burned only by magical flame.
    The Fireball will burn for an amazing 6d6 rounds, plus one round per level of the caster, but any fires lit by the fireball will continue to burn normally. The Fireball will move with the caster, allowing him to burn quite a nice path, the likes of which General Sherman would have been proud.
    Anyone attempting to attack the caster will suffer burn damage, and the flames will negate some spell effects hurled at the caster. Just how much is up to the GM. The Fireball initially inflicts 4d4 points of damage, plus one point per level of the caster. Thereafter it inflicts one point for each round the target remains in contact with the flames.
    The material component for this spell is a very specially prepared gem of 50 gp value. Each use of the spell will burn the gem a bit, reducing it's size by one gp worth. Once the gem is destroyed, can no longer cast this spell, for the very knowledge of the spell is lost with the gem. You see, the spell is stored within the gem instead of within the mind or spellbook of the caster. The casting of the spell merely unlocks the gem for one use. ( It is because of this that you find this in the spells section insead of the magic items section. It is a hybrid of the two categories. Considering how troublesome this spell is bound to become for the GM, I would recommend making it a much higher level spell, and making the creation of a new gem exhorbitantly expensive & extremely difficult.)
    Crushing the gem will unleash a spectacular explosion of 4d4 points for every charge remaining within it.

    Ice Ball
    Also submitted by the Kopelmans.
    This spell creates a great ball of Ice, 20 feet in diameter, around one target creature or object. ( save vs. spell, if applicable )
    This ball of ice will not melt normally. Instead, it will remain until destroyed by shattering blows or magical fire. It is handy for permanently putting an enemy on ice, or for preserving something for a few centuries or more. Only magical heat or weapons can affect the Ice Ball. Anyone trapped inside will rapidly freeze to death or suffocate unless able to escape using only mental ability, for it is impossible to move or speak.
    ( This spell was submitted as being only first level, but I think most GMs would disagree )

    Talus' Pillar of Embers
    Submitted by: Nightwind 11
    Level: 6
    School: Conjuration
    Sphere: Elemental
    Duration: 4 rounds + 1 per level of caster
    Components: VSM
    Casting time: 10
    Area of effect: 10' diameter
    Saves: vs. Dragon Breath
    This spell causes a firey pillar of flaming, smoking embers to spring forth from the ground below the target creature. The pillar is 40' tall, with another 10' added per level of the caster. As such, it is useful against airborne targets, but most effective against large ones on the ground. The spell causes 4d6 damage in the first round, with 1d6 LESS damage during any subsequent rounds the target may still be in the affected area; that is, 3d6, 2d6, 1d6, then none. Naturally, any flammable itens worn or carried by the target must save vs normal fire.

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