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Miscellaneous Magic Items

The Cloak of the Elements
This cloak is capable of unleashing devastating, yet unpredictable attacks.
To use it, the wearer has to face the target and open the cloak wide, using both hands, in a manner rather like a flashing pervert. A storm of furious elemental energy is released in the form of either ice wall,ice storm, cone of cold, firestorm, wall of fire, wall of stone, meteor swarm, fireball, gust of wind, a torrent of water, a torrent of mud, lightning, etc.. The GM decides what is unleashed, for the wearer of the cloak has no control over it. ( the use of a chart may well be in order) The wearer is immune to the immediate attack, but will suffer on the next round just like anybody else caught in the lasting afteraffects, if there are any. It conferrs no other benefits, although some of these also act as a standard displacer cloak.

The Amulet of Lothar
This amulet radiates a field of DEFECT MAGIC at all times. Any spell cast within 30' of the thing will be flawed, with often bizarre effects. Many strange spells have been created by it's use, as well as a few very strange magic items. Although using it can be extremely dangerous, it is often quite amusing to hide one on a wizard's person and watch the fun. The amulet has no magical aura, and cannot be identified by any normal methods. WALL OF FROGS, LIME OF OPENING, FEATHER BALL, TRANSMUTE ROCK TO BLOOD, and others are some known results. The Amulet only corrupts Wizard spells, including those cast from nearby items. ( unless the nearby item is an artifact ) Clerical spells are unaffected.

Dagger of Monster Detection.
This magical dagger+1 has the nifty ability to detect monsters at a range of 120'. The dagger alerts the party to danger by loudly bleating like a sheep. The bigger the monster, the louder the bleating. It is nearly impossible to get rid of the thing, as it becomes very, very sticky once activated.

Well, That's it for MY stuff. Send in YOURS!

Corn of Blasting
Submitted by: Dwayne Moran
This looks like a perfectly normal ear of corn, with 2d20-2 kernels of corn on it. However, that's where the similarity stops. Each kernel can be plucked from the cob and thrown at a target item or creature. A successful hit will cause the kernel to explode with amazing force, usually quite sufficient force in fact to completely demolish doors and punch holes in walls. Since flesh is more capable of deflecting/absorbing kinetic energy than a wooden door, the damage done to creatures is only 1d10+6.
The kernels must be removed from the cob to be activated, so throwing the entire cob would have no effect. HOWEVER, biting into the cob will have a spectacular effect, with the biter's head being blown to smithereens.

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