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What's new about Klingons? Well, if you're gaming in Larry Cross's world, you'll find them in this AD&D setting as a seafaring race. It seems that, a few centuries ago, a large ship full of them wound up there due to one of those pesky temporal rift thingies. Now, although they've lost their technological abilities, they pretty much rule the seas! Try running them as a seafaring barbarian race and watch the fun! Don't tell the players what they are, though. Let 'em figure it out for themselves.

Buttercup is a dragon. Gargantuan. A result of not only magical influence, but hybrid vigor.
He ( yes, HE )is aquamarine in color, the result of his mixed heritage of blue and green parents. He lives in a great forest, shunned by other dragons as a half-breed, where he works as a druid. His alignment is pure neutral, and he is a druid of some renown. Freindly to almost everyone who is peaceful, but those who cross him will wish that they had not. Buttercup's breath weapon is a great green cloud of chlorine filled with electric blue sparks. He can only unleash this attack once per day, but that is generally more than enough, since it does twice the damage of a normal breath attack, and, being a gargantuan dragon, Buttercup has a LOT of hit points. Not many are brave or stupid enough to go around causing trouble in Buttercup's forest. He has an accute knowledge of the local flora & fauna, and is quite an accomplished herbalist.

This is another dragon who is friendly to most humans, except wizards.
This dragon is red, but looks copper. The reason for this is simple enough; he IS copper. Captured and tortured by Tylos the wizard, and slowly looted for body parts, all of his original scales, claws, horns, eyes, teeth, and more were cruelly plucked out of the subdued and broken beast. A party of adventurers found the wretched creature in Tylos' lab, took pity upon him, and freed him. (they shared a common enemy, Tylos, and Logabos asked to join in the quest for the sake of revenge.)((Logabos, by the way, is the nest-brother of Bagalos, The Flying Flame, a dragon of some notoriety)) The party found a sage who knew of a dragon healer, and before long the healer took Logabos to his clinic on another plane. When he returned, the adventurers were amazed. The dragon's claws, horns, and teeth were of shiny new adamantium, and each of his scales had been replaced with one made of real copper. His eyes had been replaced by some sort of artificial contrivances which not only allowed him to see, but surely had other properties along with the red beams which issued forth from them.
The dragon, who had renamed himself Cuprilogabos, joined the party. He had a great deal of trouble getting airborne, but no trouble smashing through Tylos' tower walls! The battle was short. The adventurers went back to town, and the dragon just disappeared.

Telustis the Mad is a wizard who really means well, but things just seem to go wrong.
It should first be noted that he was once known as Telustis the White, due to his hair and long beard. However, that was quite the misnomer, for the 20th level necromancer was as blackly evil as is possible this side of Ravenloft. That was before the, er, accident. Today he suffers from multiple personality disorder. As Telustis the Mad, he is a 9th level wizard of chaotic neutral alignment. His main areas of study involve plants, forces, crustaceans, jellies, and "technomancy", which is the integration of machinery into magic. His underground lab complex is really something to see. He is very friendly, and a lot of fun at parties, but very weird. Once, at the Happy Harpy lounge, he carried on quite an animated conversation with a stuffed goblin's head that some soldier kept as, well, a conversation piece. He once almost leveled a town when he spilled his Earthquake Potion. He accidentally created the Vampire Frog by spilling his "vampire serum", which could have been a cure for vampirism, into the swamp during the aforementioned earthquake. In battle he has the power to terrify friend and foe alike with his wild rantings. Have you ever seen an enemy regiment flee at the sight of a DANCING LIGHTS spell? Telustis had everyone convinced that his "death globes" would show no mercy.
The funny part is that he actually believed it himself at the time!
The funnier part is that sometimes his odd ravings prove all too true. Remember that earthquake potion? It wasn't one at first. A dragon was attacking his old tower while Telustis was mixing up some preservative potion for use in home canning. The dragon's blows exactly coincided with his stirring, and thusly he thought that he had created an earthquake potion. The dragon was driven off before Telustis ever knew he was there. Later, due to an unknown phenomenon, the potion spontaneously became enchanted as an earthquake potion. This was forgotten for months until one day it got spilled, destroying the tower and much of the surrounding town.
That's the thing about Telustis. His mad delusions have a wonderful, yet annoying habit of coming true. Those dancing lights didn't turn out to be "death globes" that time, but might one day.
Occasionally, He has a bout with sanity, usually as a result of a blow to the head. That's when he becomes the Lawful Evil Telustis the White. This is bad. Very bad. Especially for any party he may be adventuring with at the time...

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