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New Classes & Jobs

"Adventurer" is rarely seen on an IRS form under "occupation." Characters should have real jobs to keep them busy in between adventures. Ideally, their jobs will lead them into all sorts of trouble.
This page hasn't really gone anywhere since it's original creation, but I'll leave it up for the time being just in case. It occurs to me that some examples may in useful in order to get things going, so here are some:
WATER FETCHER-- Are your PCs living on a desolate desert world like Athas, where the only source of water is the snow atop the mountains? One good "real job" for a character may be as a snow packer who goes up and down the mountain collecting snow and selling water. All sorts of things could happen along the way.

MESSENGER-- This one is a beauty! Think of all the crazy intrigue your PCs can get into by delivering mysterious packages to mysterious people, and don't forget the dangers associated with travel and knowing too much....."Look, it's a simple job. All ya gotta do is go down to the dock, book passage on the good ship Harm's Way, sail to the Isles of Immaculate Doom, pick up the Orb of Despair, which is already waiting for you, and bring it back here to deliver to that crazy old coot who lives in that tall obsidian tower down in the Swamp of Dread. What could possibly go wrong?"

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