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Hi Missy  

Most of my time is devoted to technological  pursuits, so keep in mind that my artistic side has never been fully developed.  I'm not Frost, or Longfellow, or even Mother Goose, but here goes:


           Missy's rose


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              Roses are red
                     Violets are blue
              This poem is dedicated
                     to the great Missy-poo
               Missy is the loveliest
                     woman I've seen
               She has the beauty, grace
                     and style of a queen
               Her cheeks are like roses
                     Her hair's like spun gold
               She has the prettiest heart
                     and the sweetest soul
               Missy is the greatest,
                     of that I am certain
               If she ever tires of me,
                     I will surely be hurtin'
               To truly express
                     how wonderful she is
               I must seek out
                    the world of show-biz
               To borrow a phrase
                    from Seinfeld's vernacular
               Missy's not only real
                    She's spectacular!

Hopefully that wasn't too mushy.  I am probably the goofiest fool you've ever met, but hey, ya gotta luv me I love you, Missy-poo  

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