people who deserve a white chocolate and walnut blondie from applebees

06/27/01 -
believe me when i say i know how to pick great friends. recently my wonderful cool ass girl friend tonya made me n mat cool people of the week on her website....she has very nice things to say about us...if you would like to know what exactly click here. she's quite the cool person herself, since she hangs out with me and all....just kiddin :) she's a unique woman all her own. and single!!! all you guys should line up for dates....check the above link for her e-mail addy.

06/15/01 -
first an excitement filled hug and kiss for my wonderful fiance mat who is at this very moment at miah's recording studio making the fall demo and singing all about me! i love you so much!
an extremely large thank you for lamar!! thanks so much for the sweet little kitty. you're awesome!
06/13/01 -
a great big thanks goes out to my good friends chris and casey for driving mat and i down to the juliana show. you guys are awesome!!

04/25/01 -
a big thanks goes out to ken who let me and tonya invade his new home while he pierced us with sharp metal objects for a minimal price!
next another thanks goes to chris who sent me all the dates i needed to ask off for work so i can go to some cool shows

04/05/01 -
first of all i have to give a big imaginary hug to my babe mat. the entire time i was in the hospital this past week he not only took care of me, he slept by my side, rubbed lotion and massaged my feet for me, washed my face, and even cut my toe nails!! hehe. he is so awesome. i couldn't ask for anyone more perfect.

also i have to give a shout to susannah for coming and visiting me while i was in the ghetto hospital and bringing me the coolest powerpuff girl activity set. those puzzles, word searches, crayons, markers, stickers, and projects kept me busy for hours and also kept me from going insane. thank you!!!

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