my small collection of new pictures

coexist women at the prince
casey and i
from left to right: sara, eva, casey, and me

the juliana theory 06/09/01 atlanta
me n brett
mat doesn't like me
brett again
and yes brett once more

coexist show 06/08/01 tazewell
mat, chris, aruther, and lamar before the show
me n tonya
mean face bethany
training for the matrix
crazy mat and spinning ken
chris n mat

the infamous atlanta trip
me n mat at a gas station
my neat glasses
someone's up to something
what's that you're lickin?
what next?

us and some animals
me and a cute little goat
mat and a llama

newest pics mat put up on his page 04/11/01
collage of photo booth pics
random photos of us

some new pics of mat and i 03/19/01

mat's masterpiece
me n mat on my bed

my kitty mat got me for x-mas


me and mat are beautiful

and MORE beauty

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