e-mail from mat on 06/15/01

my sheena
Hey my precious angel...i miss you a bunch, i wish i were with you right now and forever, i wish i never would leave your side...ever! I was just looking at my picture of you in my mind and yo uare the most perfect thing ever, god was in great spirits the day he created you. I am sooooo thankful for my baby every day i live of my worthless little life. Thank you for saving me and keeping me happy everyday, even though i do not seem happy i am.... I love you so much....I will never lose you....i can't lose you..... You make me so happy even though i am a jealous freak who doesn't believe anything...i am doing everything in my life for you.....Fall is for you....life is for you....without you i fall.....

I love you so much, be good without me ok....don't do anything i wouldn't do! i will see you tomorrow my perfect little angel baby.... :-)

love you forever, mat

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