last updated 07/19/01

OK, since i had a rawr section to my page i thought you all deserved to read about my joyous moments as well...

happyhappyjoy for burt's bees wax lip balm in a tube!!

yay for the sanrio online store!


would you like to hear a funny story? mat and i were in my room last night, he was playing final fantasy on ps2 and i was watching "the best of" on the food network. the show was featuring a couple who owned a restaurant together in atlanta, they show off their house and farm and then all their animals, they even had pigs!! then the camera zooms in on one little piggy gobbling up some slop and the owner says "this is miranda!!" mat and i burst out laughing uncontrollably. i swear we were cracking up for at least five minutes non stop.


yesterday i finally got my vertical labret!!! it was quite an adrenaline rush....mat, tonya and i drove down to passionfish studio and cafe before the coexist show to check things out. none of them there had ever done a vertical labret although when i called earlier that week they said "ohhh of course we can". however, the female piercer and tatooist said that she could do it no problem anyway...that made me quite nervous but i was willing to go ahead and try it since i had wanted one for so long. i stepped in the little room the magic was to take place in and i immediately began shaking from head to toe...for a moment i thought i was going to have an anxiety attack but alas i shrugged it off being the strong woman that i am. really though...i was shaking so bad the girl could barely mark my lip! the clamps were put on and without warning i began to feel the worst amount of pressure and pain EVER!!! i won't lie to you and try to look like a hard ass. it hurt! i swear she put the needle in s o f r e a k i n s l o w. finally the pain was over and i had the cutest little barbell strait up through my bottom lip. everyone there thought it was so perfect and adorable they had to take my picture to frame and put up in the peircing lab. neat!!


yes...the fall recording is now done and complete....and yes....it is the most awesome thing ever...fall is great


guess who I get to go see this saturday?????




what especially makes me happy ALL the time is my wonderful, caring, giving, sacrificing, gorgeous, thoughtful, etc. boyfriend (scratch that) fiance mat. he is my best friend in the entire world and i love him more than anything..it's amazing how you just happen upon someone who is so much like yourself that you go so perfectly well together it's almost sickening for all those around to see. he's amazing... really. so talented. intellegent. selfless. he takes such good care of me when i'm sick or feeling down...and i try my best to take care of him just as well... aren't you all so jealous?

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