Welcome to Tranquillity’s Spiritual Evolution
and Ascension Universe…

We Are Each Creator And Co-Creator:

We each Create Our Own Reality!

Together We Combine to Create Our Universe!

All-That-Is is in each of us And Each of Us is part of All-That-Is!

We Are Each Divine, For We Each Contain A Divine Spark of A-T-I (All-That-Is)

Consciousness is the Font of Life..the Creator of all Reality.
Consciousness exists in every atom, molecule, cell--in every nanosecond of simultaneous time.
Consciousness is the thrust of the Universe, the Awakening of All-That-Is. There is nothing--seen or unseen--that is not conscious,
Consciousness is--in all.
Consciousness animates all.
Without consciousness, nothing exists; for without consciousness, there is no reality.

In 1963, an "energy personality essence" who called itself "Seth" began to speak through writer/psychic Jane Roberts, and continued until her death in September 1984. The resulting material spanned thousands of handwritten and typed manuscripts, and to date have resulted in 11 books of material (in addition to the works produced by Jane Roberts).

Seth himself stated on multiple occasions that he chose to speak only through Jane (in response to the growing claims of several psychics and mediums that they also channelled the Seth personality essence). From a limited, time-founded viewpoint, Jane's death, as well as a personal loss, would seem to have terminated any further reception of the Sethian concepts. In actuality, Seth's teachings live on, as they should, in the hearts, spirits, and lives of the readers and listeners of his material. As we indeed strive to CONSCIOUSLY create each our own reality, we pay homage to the Energy Personality Essence who came through as Seth..and we fulfill the desire of All-That-Is to recreate itself, endlessly, in each spark and atom of Conscious Existence.


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