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Thanks for coming in to look at some of my favorite stuff. Like the rose below, we are all constantly blooming. So are my web pages.

My main focus for my pages is writing, and family, so I thought I'd share some stuff here about some of my favorite people in my family. I love ALL of my family, though, so eventually they will ALL be listed on this page. But, that is a huge task, so it will take awhile.

Here's the current thought...

"I can complain that my rosebush bears thorns, or....I can REJOICE that my thornbush bears roses." (I don't know who said it, but I like it.)

Below you will find my first list of SOME of my favorite people. I have used the letters in their first names to say something about them, but often the amount of letters, or the words I can get from the letters, simply doesn't describe them accurately or completely. Plus, I am trying not to duplicate the same descriptive words under any two people. I don't know how long that will last, but I will keep trying as long as I can find new, yet fitting, words to use. The names are NOT in order of importance, except the top 3...Yahveh my Creator, Yah-shua my Redeemer, and my husband, Alan, my true love for forever and three days.

NOTE: To do this with your name, or someone you love, just consult a Thesaurus. A good project for kids is to have them find a noun, verb, adjective and adverb for each letter of their name. That list (or the same for any word--even the entire alphabet) is great for playing "Mad Libs" type games and for story writing.

A Partial List of PEOPLE I KNOW & LOVE...mostly family on this first list. (Thank the Lord I have FAR TOO MANY special people in my life to list here.)

Some of my favorite places (to visit, vacation, and even live.)