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About Me

I have recently posed some pictures of my vacation to Hilton Head.
click here to see them.

I am 16 years old and love to drive. I have a '96 Accord that I just recently added 17" Enkei Sho-guns to, and a Kenwood CD player. My next step is ground effects and lowering.

I enjoy many sports and plan to be on the Campbell High School Varsity Golf team this upcoming Spring. As well as golf I enjoy golf, tennis, baseball, and paintball. I have my own paintball gun, and at the moment I will not share what kind it is in fear of being teased.

I also love to collect Pez dispensers. If you go to the Pez section of my page you will see an old listing of my dispensers. I have gotten many more since then

I also love to make computer graphics and write HTML. Even if you love something does not necessarily mean you are good at it, but if I do say so myself I get by on this sort of stuff.

I have posted some pictures. There is a link here to get to them. My friend Chad was nice enough to scan them for me.

Anything I left off? Please e-mail me at