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2000, November 19 (Sunday)
Ten remarques have been added for the new Egret print. Go to the prints section or click on the egret image below to check them out. You can choose from Great Blue Heron, Snowy Egret, and Reddish Egret - white and red phase. Pricing for these remarques have not been established yet.

2000, September 24 (Sunday)
We have made several updates to the site. The basic navigation menu has been updated with pull-down menus to allow easier access to all the gallery options. We have also added better support for screen sizes less than 800 X 600.

But most importantly, we have added new images of Bart's artwork in several galleries. Visit the Mammals category in the Art Gallery, and the Mammals, Birds of Prey, Grouse, Shorebirds, and Waders sections of the Art For Sale gallery to see new additions. Bart also has a new Egret print coming out soon. Go to the "Prints" section for more details on pricing. The Egret print is shown below. Click the thumbnail for larger view.

2000, August 13 (Sunday)
Bart has been accepted into the Arts for the Parks Top 100 for 2000. The painting that got him on the list, Into the Light - Yellowstone National Park Region III, is shown below. Click on the thumbnail for a larger view.

Stay tuned! We are planning a bunch of new additons to the web site soon.

1999, August 07 (Saturday)
Many new additions to the "Birds" section of the art gallery - more art and new menu. Now you can browse the "Birds" gallery by type of bird. If you haven't been here since the end of July, check out the update for August 2.

1999, August 02 (Monday)
Major overhaul! And more to come in the near future. We have added several new paintings - both old originals and ones that are for sale. Navigation is different. Each gallery contains more information to help you navigate. This hasn't happened in a few places, but should very soon. There are also plans to revamp some of the old pictures to make image quality better and speed better also. Check it out really soon. Do you want to know what Bart is up to (where his work is being displayed, where he is teaching classes, etc.)? We hope to add some information about Bart and his paintings whereabouts.

1999, March 19 (Friday)
More information and excerpts from Bart's new book, "Artists Photo Reference - Birds", have been added to the Books section.

1999, March 14 (Sunday)
Two new paintings were added to 'Gallery 6'. If you haven't visited the site in the past week, scroll down to see some of the more recent updates. There has been a lot of additions since February 23.

1999, March 13 (Saturday)
Go to the 'For Sale' section in the gallery to see some new available paintings. Remarques were added to the Hummingbird and Spoonbill pages in the 'Prints' section. Don't forget to check out the cover of the new book (shown below).

1999, March 11 (Thursday)
Bart's new book has arrived! Click on the thumbnail picture below for a larger picture. The price of the book is $28.99 + shipping. Come back soon for more details from the book. Also, if you missed last month's update, scroll down and check out the new spoonbill print. Check back soon - more original paintings and remarques will be added soon.

New Book

1999, February 27 (Saturday)
The new print "Roseate Spoonbills at Low Tide" (shown below), featured on the front cover of the March/April issue of Birdwatcher's Digest, is now available! Pricing is the same as the other prints - $40. Color remarques are available for $50. Contact Bart directly if you are interested in purchasing a print or remarque.

Click on the thumbnail below for a larger view. Please note that the image quality of the scanned reproduction is very poor in this case. The actual print contains much greater detail and more vibrant colors.

Spoonies Thumb

Bart on the "Spoonbill" painting:

"Roseate Spoonbills are among my favorite birds to watch and paint. They are a strange combination of beautiful colors and unusual looks. They have a face that only a mother could love, but the rest of their appearance makes up for it. On a recent research trip to Florida, with my friend Kalon Baughan, "spoonies" as we call them, were on the top of our list of target species to photograph. In this particular situation we were wading out in the waters at low tide with the spoonbills as they fed around us in the shallow bay, along with snowy egrets, white ibis, and reddish egrets. The spoonbills' gregarious nature provided us with many different group situations and behaviors to paint from. This painting sums up one of the rare quiet moments when the birds took a break from morning feeding to hang out on some driftwood."

1999, February 23 (Tuesday)
What's new? For starters, this page is new. The web site is still in the early stages so new things will be added at a rapid pace for a while. If you have been to this site before use this page to check out the latest additions. I will precede each update with a date so you can track the changes with your own visits.

Things that are coming soon include:

  • New book
  • New print
  • More original paintings (available and collection)
  • More remarques for the prints

Thanks for visiting the site and please come back soon!