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You have reached this page because you are using a very old browser (probably Netscape Navigator 2.X or Microsoft Internet Explorer 2.X or 3.X). As you have probably already found out, you will get some javascript errors on this site if you are using one of the browsers listed above. The errors are caused by the advertisement popup windows that we have to put up with since we are on a free web server. I have complained about this and hope to get it rectified soon.

We have also disabled the use of the pulldown menu's for these browsers. And thumbnails will create javascript errors on opening. Unfortunatly older browsers don't support new and exciting features that are included in recent browsers.

We would like to understand the number of people trying to access this site with older browsers. So please send the webmaster an email at if you have reached this page. Please include your browser name and version in the email.

To update your browser go to Microsoft's web site or Netscape's web site. You can try to enter the web site if you are using older browsers, but remember that you will get a bunch of javascript errors. This can get very annoying. Contact Bart if you are using an older browser, but want to check out his work.