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Rugby League Rules

Well if you live on the Central Coast and maybe even Sydney then you would probably know that the North Sydney Bears are re-locating Grahame Park. What do I think of this? IT SUX!! Now don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of the Bears so I don't mind the fact that they're moving to within walking distance of my house BUT the council are demolishing the Grand Stand which has seen more than 50 Central Coast Grand Finals fought and won by Central Coast clubs. It has seen amazing comebacks made in the last 4 secs of a minor semi-final and has seen that team go on to make the grand final for the first time in over 15 years. It has seen many Junior players go on to play in the NRL competition and others return to coach or even play.The Council want to re-develop the park int a 20,000 seat stadium, forcing the clubs that already occupy the park to move, Permanantly!! .

As you can see this place means a lot to me. It is where I watched my first game of Rugby League and have continued to watch footy for the past 15 years.

There are many sports that use the Park and many events have been held there. It is home to the Gosford R.S.L Townies Rugby League Club, The Gosford Giants Junior Rugby League Club, The Gosford Red Devils Rugby Union Club and the Gosford Cricket Club. Each year Carols by Candlight is held in the grounds and it has played host to a number of concerts.

It puzzles me as to why the CCJRLD ( Central Coast Junior Rugby League Division) and the Rugby Union Division can arrange a draw so that when one code is playing away, the other one is playing at home, but the CCRLD and the NRL can't arrange the draw so that when the Townies are playing at home, the Bears have a friday night game or a Saturday game or even an away game.

27/10 Well redevelopment has begun on the park. At the moment the grandstand or the scoreboard is still standing but they have started to dig in the middle of the park and outside the fence.

5/11 The latest updates on the redevelopment are as of yesterday, The front toilet block has been totally demolished, the scoreboard has been totally demolished and two fo the back panels on the grand stand have been knocked down.

11/11 It's all gone!!! The Grandstand, The Scoreboard, The Front Toilet Block. Gone. Now the clean up begins in preparation for the new stadium.

5/12 Concrete pylons have been erected around the park to support the new stadium.

28/7/99 Well North Sydney were expeted to be playing on the ground in May then it was June and now they've decided that they won't be playing on it this year. This left Norths with out a home ground for a while before deciding to play on Bear Park for the rest of the season which leaves Norths with a big gap in the fianancial department from gate takings etc. The big question now is Will Norths Survive? Bears president Ray Beattie has threatened legal action if North Sydney are axed from next years proposed 14 team competition.

Now I've decided that this page isn't just about North Sydney and the redevelopment, I've decided that I'm going to put up other Rugby League News.

The NRL have decided to reduce the 1999 competion to 17 teams. Adelaide were the first team to fold early in the week, with the News Limited stating that they weren't doing as well as expected. Gold Coast were the second team to go later in the week. This time the NRL said that even though they had the money now, further on down the track the club would not be financially stable.

The NRL have announced that next years competition will consist of 14 teams. This has left many teams in dire straits, deciding whether to merge or risk being axed by standing alone. So far the 1999 competition has consisted of 17 teams due to the merge between St George and Illawarra. Next years comp has so far been reduced to 16 teams as Western Suburbs and Balmain have comfirmed their plans to merge after members in board meetings from both clubs voted on the joint venture last night. That leaves just two teams to be cut. Clubs in the clear are the likes of Sydney City, Parramatta, Brisbane, Newcastle, whereas teams like Norths, Souths, Cronulla, and Penrith have uncertain futures. More News Later...

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