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Latest News About Robbie

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Well bad news for our dearest Robbie, he was offered a chance to do the theme song for the next James Bond flick but alas he didn't land the esteemed gig. It is rumoured that Shirley Manson of Garbage may become the next Bond girl.

Also, Robbie's US release "The Ego Has Landed" may be pulled from the shelves due to a copyright enfringement, he used lyrics from a song and gave credits to the singer of that song but failed to give credits to the artist who did the song before that. I am hoping that the judge who will preside over this case will let it slide, America needs Robbie.
Well that's it for now if anyone has any news e-mail me and let me know!

I have heard romours of Robbie possibly doing a deut with Kylie Minogue. The song is supposedly due outon his next album which is due some time in 2000

Robbie is doing a PSA about Testical Cancer. In the commercial he is wearing breasts and telling men to pay less attention to them and more to these as he grabs his croch

Robbie announces one-off UK show Robbie Williams has announced a one-off UK show ahead of his appearance at the sell-out Slane Castle festival in Ireland at the end of August. Robbie will play the 18 000 capacity Watford Colosseum in North West London on Wednesday 25 August. The gig sold out in two hours on the strength of an advert placed in a local paper, the "Watford Observer" . A spokesman for the venue said:" Robbie really likes the venue after he played here a couple of years ago. The last time it sold out in under four hours."

Robbie is playing his sell-out 80 000 capacity Slane Castle gig on August 28 where he will be joined by Stereophonics, Happy Mondays, Gomez, Placebo and Cast.

Guy Chambers got married a few weeks ago and to celebrate their marriage Robbie along with a twelve piece orchestra sang Angels to the newly-weds. Congradulations Guy and best of luck!

Updated August 26th, 1999

On Saturday August 28th Robbie held a concert at Slane Castle in Ireland. This concert was broadcast worldwide via the internet and SKY and SKY one.

Updated on August 29, 1999

On Saturday October 9th Robbie preformed at Webmley Stadium in London as part of NetAid. NetAid is a charity organization that helps fight world hunger, Preservation of the Rainforests, Enforcing Civil Rights, Dropping World Debt, and other such things. If you want to help go to
Updated on October 17, 1999

On Wensday October 13th Robbie was on TRL on MTV. He premiered his new video for Angels. He also told Carson that he had yet to his own video and that he had aquired two Rodesian Ridgeback dogs. He said that they were lion fighting dogs. Hmm...maybe a wee bit of a lion outbreak in Stoke?!? He told Radio 1 that he got the dogs to help him relax.
Updated on October 17, 1999

SKY 1 is being slammed by the Independent Television Commission for showing the live Robbie Williams concert due to his use of the F-word and actions on stage. To read more about it go to
Updated on October 18, 1999

Robbie Williams had a nervous breakdown in August just before his massive Slane Castle show in Dublin. Robbie told Radio 1 that during his breakdown he was agoraphobic and so the gig in front of 80,000 fans was a nightmare for him. The gig was televised live but he admitted he can't even watch it on the TV as he is so scared of it. He said he coped because he's good at putting a front up. He added that he is currently feeling bored with music and that it doesn't make him happy.

Updated October 18, 1999

Robbie Williams is buying a couple of dogs to help him over his recent nervous breakdown and to chill. The new 'responsible' Robbie was like an expectant father when he revealed to Radio 1 he'll soon be the proud owner of two Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

Updated October 18, 1999


Robbie was given the well deserved "Rear of the Year" Award. It's about time. All of Rob's fan's will surely testify to that. Congrats Bob enjoy your award cause we all enjoy the reason you got it!! ;-)

Updated November 6, 1999

On Wensday November 3, 1999, Robbie made his debut apperance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He was a bit nervous but he did a good job.

Updated November 6, 1999

Robbie voted sexist man in the world!! England's Cosmo held a survey in which the readers where asked to vote for their favorite celebrity. Robbie won hands down! Good Job Robbie. We love ya!

Updated November 7, 1999

Robbie joins Generation Next! Robbie has signed on to be an advertiser for Pepsi. His Pepsi commercials should air in England sometime next spring.

Updated November 7, 1999

Robbie Joins UNICEF

Robbie vowed to do all he can to assist troubled children. A press confrenece at Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood, in East London, where he announced his commitment to the charity.
Before the press confrence Robbie made his own hand paint prints which he then smeared all over his face and joined and embraced a group of children that had come to see the star. He told the children not to let their situations get them down. His advice to them was follow your dreams and stay srong to them. That is what he did. He says he's lucky he has a talent and can sell records, he wants to do all he can to help.

updated on November 18, 1999

Robbie a fat dancer from Take That?!?

Upon hearing Oasis' new album "Standing on the Shoulders Of Giants" Rob sent Noel Gallagher a Funeral Wreath with his sypmathies about the new album. Noel was furious and said that he and Rob were never friends because Rob was a "Fat Dancer from Take That". In respose to the insult towards his brother Liam told the papers that he would "break his &$^*ing nose" next time he saw him in a club.

updated on March 13 2000

Robbie Challenges Liam

At the Brit Awards Robbie announced that he would fight Liam in a pay perview fight as long as both parties offered up 100,000 of their own money to go to charity.

Updated on March 16 2000

Liam says No

Liam says that he will not fight Rob in a pay per view match for charity because he didn't think that that was a good way for the kids to get money and that he didn't believe in "Blood Money". He said that he would meet Rob in an alley or an abandoned train station if need be, but he would break Rob's nose.

Updated April 4 2000

Robbie Challenging the Euro 2000 Anthem

Robbie is writing a new track to be the un-official anthem for Euro 2000. "United" is being heavily backed by Pepsi and is believed to possibly brush aside the official anthem as happened in '98 and '96.

Updated April 5th 2000

We've Been Expecting This

Rob is taking a few months off from touring and such to relax and speand time with his family and write a new album. Rob and Guy are working on the new tracks and recording them and expect the new album to be out around August or September.

Updated April 5th 2000


According to the Official RW website Rob and Crew were crusing along after an interview in their Bentley and Rob decided that the car wasn't complete without a pair of fuzy dice hanging from the rearview mirror. As luck would have it a car passed them with none other than a pair of fuzzy dice from teh rearview mirror. Rob yelled after that car and they chased the car until they could get beside it. Rob popped his head out and asked if he culd buy the dice. The woman driving the car was in complete shock because she was listening to his cd. After almost wrecking her car she yelled you can have them! She threw them into the bentley and drove off. While Rob was fully prepared to pay for the dice he accepted the gift and he and his mates drove off laughing to themselves.

Updated July 14, 2000


Rob's long awaited new single "Rock DJ" is finally out. It debuted on Friday June 29th at the RW website and even has a promo video on there to watch!

Updated July 14 2000

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